Title: Phoenix Tears

Author: slytherin-nette

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters you recognize from the HP books in this story. All I own is the plot. Everything else belongs to JK Rowling.

Full Summary: To Draco Malfoy, his orders from the remaining Death Eaters were simple. Turn Harry Potter into a woman. Get her pregnant. Resurrect Lord Voldemort's soul into the baby's body. The plan was flawless. He just never planned on falling in love. [DM/femHP]. Post-DH Hogwarts.

Pairings: DM/femHP, Past HP/GW, RW/HG, others.

Warnings: Tormented!Draco and Bitter!Harry. Spoilers from Books 1-7. Contains pregnancy and VERY dark and mature themes. POSSIBLE non-con in main pairing but I'm not sure yet.

Additional Warnings: This has NOTHING to do with my other femHarry story and is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in genre altogether. Also, this is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS depending on reader criticism and reception. To the readers of my other series, don't fret. My main attention is STILL on TPW which I fully intend to finish before this. I just wanted to try writing angst and horror for a change. ;)

A/N: Stupid plot bunny wouldn't go away so I had to write it. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to study. T_T Unlike TPG/TPW, this story takes place after Deathly Hallows with only ONE CHANGE: Bellatrix Lestrange is ALIVE. Other than that, every thing picks up from CANON. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Visitor

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

We are pleased to inform you that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be re-accepting all qualified seventh year students who have failed to complete their magical education degree last year due to the unanticipated events pertaining to the war. Please be informed that all students who have completed their sixth year at Hogwarts have been asked to retake their seventh year under a newly improved curriculum drafted by the new school board of teachers. This means that not only will you be asked to repeat all your uncompleted seventh year subjects but you will also be asked to return on the first day of September for another FULL year as a Hogwarts student.

Should you be interested in returning, please be warned that all students will be re-taking the same year so the number of first year Hogwarts students for this particular semester will be more than usual. As such, the Hogwarts Express will be providing TWO trips to accommodate the increased number of students. All seventh years are asked to ride the morning shift at 9AM.

Attached is the list of new books and materials that are needed for this year's curriculum for your reference. Please confirm as soon as possible as to whether or not you will be joining us again.

Respectfully Yours, Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

Aristocratic eyebrows arched lazily above a pair of bright silver eyes as 18-year-old Draco Lucius Malfoy looked up from the parchment in his hand and stared intently at his eagle owl. Abraxas stared right back at him as though in boredom, hooting indignantly and perching on Draco's left shoulder when his owner didn't seem to be acknowledging his presence.

Blinking himself out of his thoughts, Draco shook his head and quickly reached into the pocket of his robes to offer him a treat. After being stroked a couple of times, Abraxas finally hooted again and flew back off towards the private owlery up in one of the towers of Malfoy Manor.

Draco was just about to walk back inside from where he stood on one of the Manor balconies when something fell out of the envelope in his hands and clanged onto the marble floor. Curious, he stopped and bent down to pick it up – his eyes going wide with surprise a few seconds later as he stared at the distinguished Head Boy badge of Hogwarts sitting on his palm.

Hmm…What do you know…? McGonagall actually grew a brain and decided that I should be Head Boy this year…I wonder what happened to Boot— Draco stopped his own train of thought in belated realization. The reason he had been appointed Head Boy that year was because the previous Head Boy – a Ravenclaw by the name of Terry Boot – had been murdered during the war.

As expected, Hogwarts had selected him as the next academically high-ranking seventh year male qualified to be Head Boy. Reaching into the envelope again, he pulled out another smaller slip of parchment and read the inscribed note regarding his possible Head Boy responsibilities – along with the added information that the Head Girl was Hermione Granger.

Draco sneered at this, his eyes narrowing in bitter contempt. It figures I would have to return to school and share head responsibilities with the mudblood. It's bad enough I have to stomach watching Potter walk around this year with a bloody halo on his head. He thought angrily, shoving the slip of parchment back into the envelope and finally stepping back into the Malfoy living room.

Once inside, he shivered and pulled his cloak tighter around his lean frame – his eyes circling around the room in exhaustion. Walking over to the nearby table near the window, he spied the latest edition of the Witch Weekly and scowled again, snatching it up and reading the front page cover with as much hatred as humanly possible flashing clearly in his dark gray eyes.

Harry Potter Given Honorary 'Order of Merlin: First Class' Title For Defeating the Dark Lord…He read silently, his eyes glinting maliciously as he sneered at the taken picture of Harry Potter splashed onto more than half of the entire front page. It figures the entire bloody world would praise him like some stupid saint. A pity he and the Dark Lord didn't finish each other off. He thought to himself, hurling the paper back onto the table and sinking down onto the couch.

He felt the familiar feelings of self-contempt and regret welling up inside his chest when his eyes accidentally came upon the ugly, black Dark Mark engraved permanently onto the pale skin of his arm. Wincing to himself, he hastily pulled his shirt sleeve back down to cover it, forcing himself to look away just as he heard a soft scuffle entering the room.

Turning around, Draco blinked in surprise when he was met with the older face of his father walking silently into the living room. The Malfoy patriarch looked just as exhausted as Draco felt. His father's exhaustion, however, was shown more clearly in the circles under his eyes and the way his footsteps sounded heavy as he walked over to sit down silently next to his son.

Draco didn't say anything and simply nodded in greeting, waiting in silence as his father seemed to hesitate and sighed uncertainly.

The younger Malfoy understood his reluctance and spoke up for him first. "How was your hearing, Father? Are they willing to let us go without a sentence in Azkaban?" He asked quietly, watching as Lucius' eyes dimmed even more in exhaustion.

He buried his face into his hands, took another deep breath before finally looking up and forcing a grim smile. "You have nothing to worry about, Draco. I talked to the Wizengamot and I explained your case…Given that you were underage at the time you received the Dark Mark and that you committed no serious crime other than alliance, they're willing to let you go with just a year sentence of regular community service at St. Mungo's." He explained and Draco nodded silently, keeping his eyes trained intently on his father's face.

"And you and Mother…?"

The reassuring smile on Lucius' face faded slowly and in its place formed a small, apologetic frown. "That's…That's a different matter. Your Mother and I…Well we…" He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "We did so much more under the Dark Lord's orders…Things we aren't proud of but were forced to do out of fear for our lives…Most of all, yours." Lucius opened his eyes again and stared sadly into Draco's younger silver orbs in bitter regret.

"Although we were never classified along the same ranks of the other more dangerous Death Eaters like your Aunt Bellatrix, we did commit crimes that have very serious consequences. As such, the Wizengamot will need more hearings to work out our case properly and determine our sentence." He paused at this and watched as Draco's eyes dimmed in realization.

Sighing heavily, he flicked his eyes to glare silently at the open window in front of them.

"You'll be fine though right, Father? I—I mean…the two of you will be okay, right?! They can't lock you up in Azkaban! M—mother saved Potter's life when she could have clearly handed him over to You-Know-Who! I—I mean—That's just unfair of them to—" Lucius reached over and placed a firm hand on his son's trembling shoulder in a silent offer of reassurance.

"Draco…I promise you I will do everything I can to keep out of Azkaban. Your Mother and I will never leave you and if anything, it was our fault in the first place for getting you involved in all this." He squeezed Draco's shoulder lightly, drawing his son's attention back to his face.

Draco looked up imploringly at his father, nodding as though to make himself believe Lucius' words more than anything else. Lucius offered him a weak smile. "…When all this is over…I promise you that we'll be a proper family again. I realize now how much a real life I have deprived you as a father all these years…" His face sobered and he sighed sadly, looking away.

"I'm truly sorry, Draco…Blindly following the ways of the Dark Lord, I put both you and my wife through so much pain and danger. I know that now and I'm so sorry for everything…" He looked back at Draco again and met his son's surprised eyes with a small, uncertain smile.

"Like I said…When this is all over… We'll pick ourselves up from the ashes and become a proper family again. Just the three of us. Who cares about what the Wizarding world thinks…We'll work hard and restore honor to our family name. We'll never look back." Lucius' eyes softened slightly when Draco looked back up at him with a small ghost of a smile on his own face.

"…….Then you should be proud to know, father, that I finally got the Head Boy position in Hogwarts this year." He boasted mildly with a weak grin, finally causing the exhausted bleariness to drain out of Lucius' face as the Malfoy patriarch blinked and smiled proudly at him in response.

Smirking, he shrugged and reached over to pat him on the shoulder again. "…but of course you did, my boy…Did you honestly expect anything less? You are MY son and a Malfoy after all. I'm proud of you." He drawled arrogantly and at this, his words earned a genuine laugh from his son.

"I figured McGonagall would have a better head on her shoulders than that old loony Dumbledore. I truly hope the quality of Hogwarts education hasn't declined since—"

Lucius' sentence ended abruptly when Narcissa Malfoy suddenly rushed into the living room with a look of absolute panic on her elegant face. A copy of the Daily Prophet was in her hands.

"Lucius! Look at this! Hurry!" She rushed out, her voice a shaking whisper as she pulled her husband to his feet and placed the newspaper into his hands. Draco stood up as well and watched his parents in worry, his eyebrows creasing together when he saw the fear in his mother's blue eyes.

"Mother, what is it? What's wrong?" He asked suspiciously, his young features marred into a frown as his mother looked back at him in growing anxiety. She didn't have to answer Draco's question, however, as Lucius paled and read the contents of the newspaper article in his hands.

"Bellatrix and Greyback have escaped from Azkaban…" He whispered in a stunned voice, his face paling in nervousness as his eyes flicked back and met Narcissa's wide, blue orbs. Draco froze in horror, his gaze flicking back and forth between his parents in fearful concern.

"M—Mother, I—"

"I'm scared…What do you think this means, Lucius? Surely, she can't possibly try to avoid the Aurors now, they're everywhere." Narcissa's voice shook as she took Draco into her arms and pulled him close to her, enveloping her son in a tight, protective hug. "If they try to contact us again—"

Lucius growled and slammed the newspaper onto the table in front of them. "They will NOT! I won't have it, Narcissa! It's over and done with and I no longer want any part of this! I've paid my dues!" He shouted, grabbing the vase from the table and hurling it furiously against the wall.

Narcissa and Draco both grimaced when they heard the vase shatter and cascade into tiny pieces onto the carpeted floor. "This house isn't welcome to them anymore! I don't care if that wretched woman is your sister! She almost got my son killed!" Lucius ran a hand through his hair in exasperation and began to stride out of the living room.

"I'm going to go and write a letter to the Ministry right now to request protection around the Manor. If anything, this is the first place they'll try going and perhaps if we catch them, the Ministry will go easier on us during our trials." He disappeared into the other room and once he was gone, Narcissa turned back to Draco and cupped both her son's cheeks with her soft hands.

Draco sighed when he saw her tear-stained cheeks. "Mother, please don't cry—"

Narcissa sniffed and hugged him tighter to her chest, another tear slipping from her eye. "Don't you worry, my darling…No matter what happens, I'm not going to make the same mistake of ever letting you near your Aunt Bellatrix or any of those Death Eaters again. Once was enough…You almost got killed and you suffered so much—"

"I was young then, Mother…I'm not a child anymore. I'm not as scared as I was, I'll be fine." Draco reassured her with a firm but gentle smile. "The Dark Lord is gone now and the Death Eaters have been disbanded. Nothing's going to happen anymore." He leaned up and kissed her cheek.

Another tear fell from Narcissa's eyes as she sniffed again and held him tighter. "I know, sweetie…I'm just so sorry you went through so much because of our mistakes." Draco didn't say anything and hugged her tighter instead, one of his hands squeezing hers.

"It's okay, Mother…It's all in the past…It's over."

When Narcissa finally smiled at him through her tears and looked as though she was going to agree with him, they both heard a familiar, high-pitched cackle echoing from the doorway of the living room – followed by what sounded like a Lucius' loud, panicked shouts of anger.

"Things aren't over JUST yet…My little darling nephew…"

Draco's eyes widened and all the blood in his face suddenly drained out of his cheeks. He felt his mother's hand tighten very painfully around his arm. Looking up, the Malfoy Heir felt the much hated feelings of nervousness and fear rise in his chest when he was met with a familiar, sneering face.

"Aunt Bellatrix…" He whispered, allowing Narcissa to pull him back a couple of steps away from the approaching woman just as she entered the living room towards them.

Bellatrix was sneering excitedly as she sashayed into the living room with exaggerated familiarity, her pale face exactly the way Draco had always remembered it – gaunt, maniacal, and hideous. Her hair was more tangled and frizzy since the last time he had seen her, no doubt due to her stay in Azkaban, and her teeth were turning a rotten yellow – poking out from her mouth as she smiled crookedly at them with a glint of malice in her black eyes.

She took one look around the living room before giggling happily and plopping herself down onto the couch. "My, my, my! I've already forgotten how LUXURIOUS this place is, 'Cissa! Do you think my friend and I can stay a couple of days?"

Narcissa didn't answer her, her form stiff and her eyes wide as she pulled Draco back a few more steps from Bellatrix' sneering form. Bellatrix ignored their reactions and leaned down languidly on the couch, propping her booted feet up onto the glass coffee table.

"You remember my friend don't you, 'Cissy? Oh…Fenrir! Come over here with Lucius and join us!" She hollered out towards the other room, turning back to smile sweetly at Narcissa and Draco as another dark-robed figure sauntered noisily into the living room.

Draco had only time to pale in fear as he turned his head and was met with the sight of Fenrir Greyback entering the living room with a loud laugh – his large, hairy arm wrapped tightly around Lucius' throat and his other hand pointing the other man's wand threateningly against his throat.


He almost rushed out to help the other man when Lucius gave him one fierce glare of warning, shaking his head frantically for him to stay away. "DON'T go near him, Draco!" He growled firmly, wincing in pain when Fenrir's hand tightened around his throat as though to silence him.

Draco froze and clenched his hands into fists, his entire form trembling with unkempt anger as he flicked his eyes back to Bellatrix' face. "Aunt Bellatrix…Let my Father go and we won't report you." He ordered calmly, ignoring the way his Mother was trying to pull him back again towards the door.

"Still so arrogant, young Draco…? You're not exactly in a position to order Bella or me around, are you?" Fenrir hissed back tauntingly, sneering wider as he pressed the wand he held against Lucius' throat. "I get more cheek out of you; I'm going to turn your father into a werewolf just like me—"

"NO!" Narcissa screamed out, finally letting go of Draco's arm and rushing forward to help her husband. Bellatrix stopped her by a single flick of the wand in her hand, instantly summoning both Narcissa and Draco's wand from their pockets and into her outstretched hands.


Bellatrix pretended to pout and shake her head in dismay at her sister's furious scream.

"Aw…I'm hurt…Come now, 'Cissy…Don't be like that! I only came here to talk." She nodded to Fenrir and sat herself down on the end of the coffee table. "We are family after all…And I only wanted to hang out with you three for a couple of minutes…Please. Let's all sit down and have a nice, chitty-chat alright?" She grinned cheerfully as Fenrir shoved all three trembling Malfoys into the couch.

Lucius sneered at her instantly, trying to stand back up. "Why you good-for-nothing, insane—"

Bellatrix' eyes hardened like steel and she pointed all three wands she held at his face. "Watch your language, Lucius…Before I cut off your sharp little tongue." She hissed back, her eyes narrowing into tiny slits and her lips curling into a derisive, ugly snarl.

Lucius fell silent after that and Narcissa grabbed his hand tightly, squeezing his fingers in fear. Draco swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Fenrir walk over to stand behind Bellatrix. The werewolf crossed his arms over his chest was glaring and snarling his teeth warningly at three blondes in case they made any move to escape.

When Narcissa paled even more at the sight of his pointed teeth, Fenrir smirked and winked at her – causing Lucius to growl loudly with anger. "WHAT DO YOU WANT, BELLATRIX?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! IF YOU WANT MONEY OR ANYTHING—"

"Money is the LAST thing on my mind right now, my dear Lucius." Bellatrix interrupted him coldly, folding her hands primly over her lap and playing with the wands she held in her hand. Draco's eyebrows fused in confusion at this while Narcissa simply stiffened in anticipation.

"Sister, please…If you could just leave me and my family alone. We no longer want to be a part of this mess. We want to live our lives in peace—"

Bellatrix smiled at her, cutting off her softly spoken words by walking over to her and stroking her hair in exaggerated comfort.

"Oh nothing you have to worry about my dear 'Cissy…You and Lucius don't have to do anything anymore. Who I actually came over here to talk to…is my handsome little nephew, Draco…" She sneered manically at Draco's ashen face, sniggering even more when Narcissa and Lucius both reacted vehemently in protest.


Fenrir growled loudly and walked over to grasp Lucius warningly by his neck, silencing the blonde man's shouts instantly. Tears began running down Narcissa's cheeks again as she pulled Draco into her arms again, hugging him tightly in impending fear.

"Please don't do this again, Sister…"

Bellatrix ignored her cries and continued, turning her attention to Draco's pale form. "We need you to help us execute a very important plan involving Harry Potter." She began cheerfully, standing up and walking over behind the couch to stand right behind Draco's stiff figure. She reached a hand and began to tauntingly stroke his hair, her voice echoing in the silent living room.

Draco stiffened even more at her touch in disgust and tried to move away.

"Why should I help you?! The last time I tried to do something like that, I nearly destroyed my life! I no longer want any part of this rubbish! The Dark Lord is DEAD and this is done—" He was cut off by Bellatrix bursting out into hysterical, high-pitched laughter – her reaction causing Fenrir to smirk in amusement and laugh out loud as well.

Confused, the Malfoys stared nervously at their cackling faces and waited for them to explain themselves. After she recovered from her amusement, Bellatrix giggled again and wrapped her arms around Draco's neck from behind.

"VERY GOOD, Draco! That is EXACTLY what the plan is about! It involves the Dark Lord! You're just as smart as your father aren't you…?" She mock cooed, nuzzling his cheek.

Draco tried to move away from her, his eyes widening even more in panic when he heard her words. "The Dark Lord is DEAD, Aunt Bellatrix! You're INSANE and pretty soon, the Aurors will find you and they'll bring you back to Azkaban with all the others! I WON'T HELP YOU AGAIN!" He shouted, flinging her hands off him and trying to bolt up from his seat.

Bellatrix nodded to Fenrir in signal. The werewolf growled once and seized Narcissa from behind by her neck, using his other hand to grab one of the wands Bellatrix held and pointed it securely at Lucius' throat.

Draco froze instantly and turned wide eyes to the scene, feeling a twinge of fear as he watched Fenrir sneer maliciously at him and lean down to sniff Narcissa's neck. Narcissa immediately stiffened in disgust and tried to move away. "Mmm…I always did find Narcissa's smell enticing. I wonder if she's as beautiful as she is when she becomes a werewolf –"

Lucius eyes darkened in uncontrollable anger. "YOU SON OF A BITCH! GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF MY WIFE BEFORE I KILL YOU MYSELF—"

Bellatrix silenced him by lazily pointing another wand at him – this time at his chest – before turning her dark, leering eyes to Draco's upright figure several feet away. The Malfoy heir looked torn and his eyes were filled with panic as he eyed the hairy arm Fenrir had around his mother's throat. Bellatrix sensed his concern immediately and cackled again.

"My dear, sweet Draco…You should really listen to my plan first before you walk away. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to your wonderful parents now…Would you, darling? I know I wouldn't…" She asked sweetly, reaching down and adding further insult by stroking Lucius' cheek.

Lucius' eyes flashed and he looked up at Draco in warning. "Don't let her taunt you, Draco—" He winced when Bellatrix pressed the wand harder against his throat, cutting off his sentence.

One look at his Mother and his Father's pained, ashen faces was all it took for Draco to close his eyes and cover his face with his hands in defeat. Struggling to keep the tears of frustration from welling up in his eyes, he fell back down onto the couch in surrender and looked up at Bellatrix's face.

"…What do you want me to do?" He whispered weakly, flinching away when Bellatrix' smudged face broke out into a hideous, eerie smile of excitement.

Lucius and Narcissa both protested and struggled against Fenrir's grasps. "NO, DRACO—"

"The plan is simple, my darling nephew…" Bellatrix walked over to stand behind him again and placed her hands on his trembling form. Leaning down, she wrapped her arms around his neck and dropped her chin down onto his shoulder so that she could whisper into his ear.

"We're going to resurrect the Dark Lord..."

Draco gasped out loud and nearly jumped from his seat in horror, flinching away from Bellatrix' arms as he stood up and looked at her as though she was insane. "Wh—what are you talking about?! Th—that's IMPOSSIBLE! N—no wizard can r—resurrect the dead, Aunt Bellatrix! Th—that's one of the most fundamental laws of magic – you're talking NONSENSE!—"

Bellatrix interrupted him by pulling something from the pocket of her robes – an old, tattered book, the sight of which caused Lucius and Narcissa to stare at her in shock. "There is but ONE dark spell, my darling Draco…It is called the Invocation of the Spirit…" She and Fenrir both sneered at each other in silent agreement. "And it's written in here…It's ALL in here…" She gestured to the book she held, giggling loudly when Draco opened his mouth to protest.

"B—But that's just a MYTH! No witch or wizard has ever tried to p—perform such dark m—magic in centuries! It's ILLEGAL a—and—" Draco was cut off when Bellatrix sneered at him and shoved the book back in her robes. "It was the Dark Lord's, Draco…And he assigned me the SOLE responsibility of summoning him should something like this happen…I will NOT fail him!" She screamed, her shrill voice echoing around the room and making Draco wince.

Lucius spoke up as again, shaking his head in adamant refusal at her words. "It won't work, Bellatrix! Even if you DID know how to perform the spell properly, you need a physical artifact or entity with a REMAINING SPIRITUAL OR PHYSICAL CONNECTION of significant value to the deceased!"

Fenrir growled and made to stop him but Lucius continued anyway.

"ALL of the Dark Lord's possessions have been confiscated and BURNED by the Ministry of Magic after his death! He's killed ALL remaining blood relatives and all of the Horcruxes have been DESTROYED! It's IMPOSSIBLE!" He finished just as Fenrir raised his wand and was about to curse him.


Bellatrix beat him to it and swooped down on Lucius' shaking form, leaning in eerily close so she could whisper something into his ear. "The Dark Lord has but ONE remaining connection left in this world, Lucius…ONE REMAINING CONNECTION…" She shifted her eerie smile to Draco and raised an eyebrow at him in question. "…Can you think of what that connection is, Draco? Or…WHO?"

Draco felt a shiver run down his spine at the sweetness in her voice but he answered her anyway, his voice barely above a whisper.

"…Harry Potter…"

Fenrir sneered widely while Bellatrix burst into excited giggles, standing back up and practically bouncing over to Draco in her elation. "WONDERFUL, darling! Your son is SUCH a smart boy, 'Cissy!" She gushed but Narcissa just glared at her in growing anger and disgust.

"Bellatrix, you will not include my Draco in this—"

Draco interrupted her and sighed again, looking back up and meeting Bellatrix' sneer with a calm nod. "Alright…What do you want me to do, Aunt Bellatrix? You want me to help you summon the Dark Lord's soul into Potter? Is that it? If I help you, will you promise to leave my family alone?" He asked firmly but Bellatrix just scoffed in response, shaking her head at his words.

"Oh no, no, no, no…Draco darling, things are HARDLY that simple! If they were, I wouldn't NEED your help now, would I?" She drawled slowly, sighing dramatically and plopping herself right down onto Lucius' lap. The older Malfoy cringed in disgust and tried to push her away but another fierce look from Fenrir stopped him, forcing him to stay put.

Bellatrix ignored Narcissa's hateful snarl and kept her attention on Draco's expectant face.

"You can't summon the Dark Lord's soul in Potter, Draco…That blasted terminated Horcrux connection and Dumbledore's protective magic won't allow for such a thing to be done." Her eyebrows rose and she played with the wand in her hands in idle thought.

"No… I intend for something FAR more ingenious than that…" She smiled at this and stood back up, walking over to Draco and reaching a hand up to caress his cheek.

"Here is what I would like you to do, Draco…"

"Is it weird that I feel so…numb about Fred's death?"

Ronald Weasley brought his weary blue eyes up and met the equally grim gazes of his two best friends – Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. His sister, Ginny Weasley, looked up at him as well from where she was seated beside Harry and offered him a weak smile of comfort.

It had been about five weeks since Fred's funeral and the four young Gryffindors were seated around a small wooden table just outside the Burrow that night, staring intently at the midnight sky in silence as they talked amongst themselves about their impending year at Hogwarts the following week.

The Burrow itself was empty save for the four of them that weekend.

At Bill and Fleur's suggestion, Ron's parents had taken a couple of weeks off following Fred's funeral in order to help Ron's mother get her mind off her son's death. The rest of the family had agreed and since most of the children – save for Ron and Ginny – had lives of their own now, Molly had assigned her two youngest children to take care of the house while they were away.

The rest of Ron's brothers – Bill, Charlie, Percy and George – all lived in their own separate houses. Though the impact of his twin's death was seen clearly in the dark circles under his eyes, George continued to manage Weasley Wizard Wheezes with fierce determination despite the depressing aftermath of the war. Personally, Harry and Ron both agreed with George when he had told them that the Wizarding World needed their shop for laughs and smiles now more than ever.

Reaching over the small wooden table, Ginny placed her hand over Ron's and gave his fingers a firm but gentle squeeze. "You're not the only one who feels that way, Ron…Don't worry. If it helps, I don't even think I've come to full terms with Fred's death yet…I feel as if it's all been a bad dream." She whispered softly and the pain in her voice caused Harry to sigh and raise her free hand to his lips.

Hermione bit her lip and shook her head, reaching into her bag and pulling out the latest copy of the Daily Prophet. "Well…It's not all over yet…Did any of you see the latest copy of the Daily Prophet this morning?" She asked softly, drawing her friends' attention to the article in her hands.

She laid it out on the small wooden table and looked up directly at Harry's grim eyes.

"Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback escaped Azkaban two nights ago." She began, looking uncertain as she eyed the tense expressions on both Ron and Harry's faces. "No one knows for certain how but the Ministry Aurors are currently looking all over for them…They were two of the most dangerous Death Eaters." She continued, stopping only when she saw Ginny's warning glare.

"Hermione, I'm sure we can discuss lighter matters than this. I don't think any of us want to hear about that right now—"

"That's not all that's news right now, Hermione…" Ron spoke up in a cold, hard voice – cutting right through Ginny's protest as he turned his eyes to Hermione's timid expression. He continued before she could answer his question properly. "Did any of you see the news article just after that?"

At their blank looks, Ron spoke up in a louder, growling voice. "The Wizengamot decided that the Malfoys were not as guilty as the other Death Eaters and have allowed for further trials regarding their case." Ron sounded bitter as he said this and shook his head in disgust. "I'll bet you anything that Lucius Malfoy paid one of the judges off as a bribe. Or perhaps even the Minister himself…Merlin knows how much that scumbag and his family will do anything to stay alive and keep out of prison." He slammed his fist into the table, causing both girls to jump.

Hermione was about to answer him when all three teenagers turned in surprise at the sound of Harry's voice for the first time since their conversation began – drawing their complete attention to his silent, contemplative expression.

"The Malfoys were one of the more harmless Death Eaters, Ron…I personally agree with the Wizengamot's decision on the whole matter. They deserve more consideration." He said quietly, looking up and meeting their expressions with guarded green eyes through his glasses.

Hermione remained silent while Ron and Ginny gaped at him, both redheads blinking rapidly in disbelief. It was Ginny who spoke up first as she turned and gave her silent boyfriend an angry glare.

"How can you SAY that, Harry?! You SAW how Draco Malfoy always acted around us at school! How his father nearly got me killed in the Chamber of Secrets?! And how Draco was practically the REASON Dumbledore got killed in sixth year! How can you agree to the Ministry letting them go?!" She snapped, unknowingly causing Harry to clench his jaw in growing irritation.

"I didn't say they were innocent, Ginny…I just meant that they should be allowed a second chance just like everyone else—"

"Ginny's right, Harry!" Ron growled, ignoring Hermione's persistent tugging on his arm as he straightened up in his seat and met Harry's eyes with his own. "The Malfoys are the most disgusting, selfish and cowardly family I know and they DESERVE to be locked up in Azkaban until they rot away like the wretched cretins they are!" He spat out and at this, even Hermione had to say something.

"Ron, how can you SAY something like that?! You sound just like those Death Eaters—"

Ron snapped his head around and silenced his girlfriend with a fierce glare. "I'm just speaking the TRUTH, Hermione!" He snapped, failing to see the way Harry's eyes were slowly hardening in anger. "The Malfoys deserve to be put away for good! They weren't any better than that good-for-nothing scumbag Snape and if it weren't for people like THEM, Fred would still be alive—"

At the mention of Snape, Harry finally snapped and he slammed his fist angrily onto the table. He stood up sharply – silencing both Ron and Hermione's arguing and causing Ginny to flinch as she looked up at him in concern.

Harry ignored her pleading gaze and directed a dangerous glare at Ron's red face.

"SHUT UP, RON! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! JUST SHUT UP!" He growled, reaching down and yanking the other boy up by his robes to his feet until their faces were inches apart. Ron stiffened at his reaction but glared right back, his own blue eyes hardening in warning.

"Harry, STOP! He didn't mean—"

Harry ignored Hermione's sharp protest and sneered at Ron's angry expression, his entire form shaking in unkempt fury. He took a deep, shaky breath to calm himself and began to speak up again in a softer voice, anger and self-contempt dripping from his harshly hissed words.

"It is BECAUSE of people like Severus Snape and the Malfoys that I stand before you today…ALIVE and BREATHING. It is because of people like them and the miracle of SECOND CHANCES that wars are won and that people's lives are SAVED. You don't know ANYTHING about the importance of a life, Ron…So don't you dare talk about ending lives as though you know how a person has lived his." Harry sneered again and tightened his grip on Ron's robes in barely controlled anger.

"Don't you DARE talk about people's lives as though it was your decision…It's as if the war didn't teach you anything, you selfish bastard." He hissed in finality and after he had said this, he finally shoved Ron back into his seat, ignoring Hermione's shocked expression as she looked up at him.

"Harry—" She began softly but Harry was already striding back into the house, his movements jerky with anger and his shoulders tense. Ron was unable to say anything so he just glared back at Harry's retreating back in humiliated silence, his cheeks flushed and his jaw clenched in frustration.

Turning around, Ginny sighed and gave them both a weak nod. "It's okay, you two…I'll go talk to him…I'll calm him down." She told them before she jumped up from the table and ran into the house after Harry. She found him looking out the balcony of her bedroom – his green eyes dark with regret as he stared up into the sky with an expression of bitterness etched onto his handsome face.

Biting her lip, she didn't say anything as she approached him – her footsteps echoing softly in the silence. When she finally got close enough to touch him, she raised a hand and placed it uncertainly on his left shoulder.


He didn't move or say anything, keeping his eyes on the sky above them. Slowly, he reached a single hand up and placed it over the one she had on his shoulder, giving her smaller fingers a firm but gentle squeeze. That seemed enough for her, however, and she stepped closer to him – knowing him well enough to wait for him to speak up first before she said anything else.

After what seemed like hours of silence to her, he finally spoke – his voice sounding heavy, tired and restrained. "I'm sorry, Gin…I didn't mean to snap at everyone back there." He began, finally sighing weakly and turning around so she could see his face.

His eyes were dark with uncertainty and the look on his face was one of doubt and suspicion. "I just…I feel like something is still wrong. Something inside me still feels…empty…somewhat." She reached up and tried to touch his cheek but he turned his face and gently pushed her hands away.

"What is it, Harry? Talk to me—"

"I don't know, okay? I just…" He sighed again and ran a hand through his unkempt black hair. "I don't know if I'm just scared that Bellatrix and Greyback escaped from Azkaban or if it's…Something else…Something that's about to happen…Something bad…And I don't know what that is." He looked up imploringly at her but Ginny just smiled gently at him, reaching up and cupping his cheeks.

"Harry…It's over…Okay? We did it…You did it…We won and Voldemort's gone. He's dead and he's never coming back, Harry…We have the rest of our lives to live out right now." She told him in a soothing voice, looking up and watching as Harry's eyes slowly softened at her words.


"We may have lost a lot of lives during the war…But it's all over now. And we shouldn't be spending our time worrying so much about the past…Worrying about our mistakes. We fought so hard to live again, Harry…It's time to move on…Let it go." She finally wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close for a hug, leaning up and placing a warm, soothing kiss on his cheek.

Harry closed his eyes as he listened to her words. He nodded slowly, breathing in and inhaling a whiff of the familiar, comforting scent of her hair.

"You have to start living again too, Harry. Just…Let it all go. I'm sure all the people who died for us in the war would have wanted you to move on too…Let's do it together." She pulled away and looked up so he could see the beautiful smile on her young, bright face.

"Let's forget about the war and start all over, you and me…Okay?"

Her words and the gentleness with which she had spoken them finally brought a small, tender smile to Harry's face. He met her eyes and nodded again – reaching a hand up and cupping her cheek. "You're right, Gin…I'm sorry…" He leaned down and rewarded her with a chaste kiss to the lips, his hand reaching down to intertwine his fingers with hers.

"I better go apologize to Ron right now about exploding like that. I'm sure he only said those things because he's just as torn up about everything as I am—" He was just about to head on back outside to talk to Ron and Hermione again when Ginny surprised him by tightening her arms around his waist, holding him back and keeping him firmly in place against her.

When he looked down at her in question, he blinked when he caught sight of the seductive smile on her face and the mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Raising a single eyebrow in growing amusement, Harry quirked one corner of his lips into an impish grin and placed a hand on her waist.

"What's up, Ginevra…? What are you thinking?" He asked in a low, amused voice – chuckling to himself when Ginny answered him by pressing herself closer against his chest and leaning up to drop a purposely teasing kiss onto his lips. She laughed at his disbelieving expression and moved her hands up to wrap them securely around his neck.

Coyly biting her lip, she leaned in to whisper something softly in his ear. "I have a better idea, Harry…" She drawled, smirking when she saw the desire in his eyes and she felt his body stiffen in anticipation. "Why don't you apologize to Ron later…? To be honest…Seeing you all angry and radiating with power like that has got me a little…worked up…If you know what I mean…" She ended the last part of her sentence with a suggestive chuckle, pulling away to meet his lust-filled gaze.

Harry smirked right back and tightened his arms around her waist, his eyes flicking down and trailing all over the curves of her body. "Tell me then, Ginny…Be…More…Specific…" He whispered back with a roguish grin, his eyebrow hitching up even higher in feigned boredom.

Ginny just smiled at him and began pushing him backwards towards her bedroom.

Draco stared at Bellatrix in stunned disbelief, his limbs frozen into place.

"S—so you…You want me turn Harry Potter i—into a…a WOMAN?" He asked meekly, his voice cracking in horror and his eyes wide as he was answered by Bellatrix' calm nod and sweet smile. Fenrir just cackled with laughter and watched Draco's horrified expression with utmost amusement.

"H—how is that even possible—"

Bellatrix giggled and took out the book in her robes again, waving it in front of Draco's face. "It's an old kind of dark magic, my darling…An ancient potion used by dark wizards in the Middle Ages. It hasn't been used in decades because it's been banned by the Ministry of Magic…But it does exist. And its effects are permanent." She explained slowly, her smirk widening in thought.

"B—but…WHY? Why would you want to do something like that?! Why—"

"Bella, I refuse to let MY son take any part in this—" Narcissa's sentence ended in a sharp cry of pain and Fenrir's claws tightened around her neck in warning. He hissed in anger and leaned down to drawl something in her ear. "That's not for you to decide, my pretty—"

"STOP! Don't hurt her!" Draco shouted angrily, flicking his gaze back and forth between his mother and Bellatrix in growing panic. Nodding silently to his father's worried face in reassurance; he turned back around and gave Bellatrix a calm, expectant look.

"Alright then, Aunt Bellatrix…All I have to do is turn Potter into a woman? If you promise to leave me and my family alone, I'll do it—"

He stopped when Bellatrix burst out into laughter again, falling right back down onto the couch beside Narcissa in her hilarity. Narcissa resisted the urge to hit her, watching her with a hateful glare as she stood back up and walked up to Draco, meeting his confused expression with a wink.

"I'm afraid you'll need to do more than that, love…" She cooed, pinching his cheek mockingly until Draco finally growled and pushed her away, his hands tightening into angry fists.

"Well WHAT then?! What do you want me to do, DAMN IT?!"

Instead of answering out loud, Bellatrix smirked and leaned in to whisper her words to him directly – cupping her hand around Draco's ears such that Lucius and Narcissa had to strain themselves to hear what she was saying. When Bellatrix pulled away and stared at the young Malfoy Heir, Draco's eyes had grown wide in disgust and a sickened grimace was on his face.

"Y—you want me to g—get her…PREGNANT?! H—HOW—?"

Bellatrix' shriek of hysterical laughter cut his protests short again and this was followed by Fenrir's own amused sniggering – along with Lucius and Narcissa's sharp gasps. When Bellatrix recovered from her laughter, she giggled to herself and gave Draco a wide leer.

"Surely you know how to impregnate a woman, Draco?"

Fenrir laughed harder at her words, causing Draco's cheeks to flush even darker in disgust.


Lucius was unable to say anything else after this as Bellatrix spoke up loudly again, pointing a wand at his seething form to indicate for him to keep silent. She shot him a mocking smile, shaking her head in feigned disappointment before turning back questioningly to Draco.

The younger Malfoy shook his head fiercely and took a step away from her in uncertainty. "B—but…Aunt Bellatrix, I—I've never…I c—can't do that! I—I've never d—done anything like th—that before—" Bellatrix' sneer widened as she turned back to shake her head at Lucius' angry face.

"Oh honestly, Lucius! Your son is 18-YEARS-OLD and he has NEVER had any experience with sex or women?! How on EARTH did you raise him? What BAD parenting!" She mocked sarcastically and had Fenrir not been there pressing a wand tightly against his throat, Lucius looked on the verge of attacking Bellatrix and strangling her to death in his anger.

Instead, it was Narcissa who answered Bellatrix' question with an accusatory glare.

"My son has spent the last SEVEN YEARS fearing the Dark Lord and doing his bidding to stay ALIVE, Bella! I doubt he had any time to think about NORMAL teenage issues like that!" She growled but Bellatrix just cackled again and peered down into Draco's pale, shaking form.

When she met his wide, silver eyes, the sneer on her face faded and she looked at him with a crazed smile – her eyes glowing eerily. "The CHILD, Draco…It is the CHILD we need."

Draco looked like he wanted to throw up when he heard her words but he forced himself to listen, taking several steps away from her as he concentrated on keeping himself conscious.

"The child Potter will bear is the key. The child will be the gateway to the Dark Lord's glorious return…" Bellatrix' voice took on a dreamy murmur, her eyes dazed as she stared at the book in her hands. "With Potter's blood…And the blood of your family's pureblooded legacy…We shall resurrect Lord Voldemort's soul into the child's body…And he shall return as powerful as ever." She whispered adoringly, her eyes disoriented as she flicked them back to stare right into Draco's silver orbs.

Draco could only stare back meekly at her in silence, ignoring the looks of warning and refusal both his parents were sending him over Bellatrix' shoulder.

"Why me…?" He asked in a soft, defeated whisper, sighing as he looked up and met her eyes.

Bellatrix' facial expression remained cold and neutral. "You're the only one who has access to the Boy-Who-Lived at Hogwarts, Draco. Also…When the Dark Lord rises again; I want to make sure he is of strong magical blood." She turned her harsh glare to Lucius and sneered at him in contempt.

"As much as I hate to admit, I know that Malfoy bloodline has strong magical potency. More so than my own." She hissed, her eyes narrowing in annoyance.

Draco blinked and spoke up again, his voice shaking with hesitation and doubt. "I—it'll never work…E—even if I do manage to get the job done, h—how can we even be sure that the child conceived will be a boy? O—or—"

"Leave that to US, Draco." It was Fenrir who had spoken this time and after flicking his gaze once at the sneering werewolf; Draco trembled and began to shake his head frantically in refusal.

"N—no! I won't do it! I—I CAN'T! N—nothing on earth will make me touch Potter that way and likewise…E—even as a girl…She would NEVER stomach being within an INCH of me—"

"Then conceive the child by force then…That should be more fun." Fenrir drawled coldly again, causing Bellatrix to giggle in response and both Narcissa and Lucius to look at them in utter disgust.

Draco was pretty much looking at Fenrir with the same revulsion in his eyes and he shook his head again, clenching his jaw adamantly. "I would NEVER do such a—"

His words died on his lips when Bellatrix nodded once to Fenrir – immediately causing the werewolf to grin excitedly and point his wand directly at Lucius' chest.


Hearing his mother screaming and seeing his father collapsing to the floor and twitching in pain was all it took for Draco's eyes to blur with tears of helpless defeat. Forcing himself to look back at Bellatrix' cold, malicious glare, he nodded frantically and exploded in a loud, angry shout.

"ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I'LL DO IT, AUNT BELLATRIX! JUST DON'T HURT MY PARENTS! PLEASE!" A single tear slipped from his eye and strolled down his pale cheek but Draco wiped it away angrily, his face transforming into an angry growl as he glared at Fenrir's snarling face.

The werewolf rolled his eyes and removed the cruciatus curse from Lucius' twitching figure and at once, Narcissa jumped up from her seat and rushed over to gather her husband into her arms, holding back a sob as she looked up and met her son's jaded eyes in shame and apology.

"Draco, DON'T do this—"

Draco's eyes hardened into a harsh, glinting gray and he forced himself to look away from her tearful expression, glancing back up and meeting Bellatrix' smile with a firm nod and bitter sneer.

"If I do this…You leave me and my family the HELL alone. Is that understood?!"

Bellatrix' smile widened and she stepped closer towards him, offering him her hand. "We shall do an Unbreakable vow first. I want to make sure you tell no one…NO ONE of this plan…Is THAT understood?" She mocked his words, watching as Draco's eyes narrowed at her in hate and contempt.


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