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Fairy Tale?

Up. Down. It was always like this, a kind of game, a joke untold between them. Their eyes used to crash, every time, everywhere, and it was great, and it was green and gold, the princess and the wolf, and, suddenly, a word –traitor- crossed the air. And he had to stop.

She looked at him, a shadow of worry in her face. Why?, she wanted to ask; but she wasn't prepared to know, to hear that friends are more important, that he didn't feel the same as her. And she said nothing, nothing 'till it was too late.

One day (he knew it had to be, but it's harder to see) there's only a smile. A little, false smile, and another guy, and a white dress. He knew; friendship was more important. But love's painful, painful and dangerous, and it breaks his soul, his heart. Wedding bells; he has to smile, too, and his feelings are, finally, hiding, deeply, in a place where nobody can find them.

The little church is full of people. Sirius is happy, nervous, exciting; Sirius is Sirius. The priest asks some questions; Lily (red hair, green eyes, a false smile that nobody notices) stutters, I do, and she's kissed by James, and she tries to imagine other softer, warmer, wilder lips. And she returns the kiss, and wants to bit, to cry, to shout, because she knows he's not the right man, but she can do nothing to change it.

A lonely tear caresses his cheek. His smile is not really strong; nobody notices it, like they don't care about his looks, gold looking for green. And he sighs, like many other times, and sais, quietly, Goodbye.

At the same time, while James dances with her mum, the bride sighs too, and sheds some tears. And remembers her first kiss, sweet and pure and wild and… Remus. And… closes her eyes.

Goodbye, she whispers. And the wind drags her words.

Daenerys Pendragon

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