A/N: Just a little thing that sprang into my mind. I got through about the first three lines of Lunamaria's fic "Illuminate" when I got this idea. This is in no way ripping her fic off, like I said, first three lines and I had the idea. Shorty, Soracentric implied SK if you squint, no real timeframe.


He'd always been Riku's right hand man. That was just the way of things, because Riku was the older one and the taller one so he got to be leader. Sora was the shorter and younger one, and that made him the right hand man. That was always the way it worked; the classic schoolyard bully with the short kid following him around copying his every move, except they were too nice to be bullies.

And for so many years Sora had pretty much been fine with that. He wanted adventure, sure, and there had always been constant competition between the two, but Sora had, for the most part, always been content with letting Riku be the main character.

He'd always been the one duplicating Riku, and now Riku was the one following him.

Oh, how times had changed and even more so the roles they played. Riku's still taller and Riku's still older, but Sora's the one running in front.

And oh, he knows the roles have changed, because the right hand boy never gets the girl but the princess is holding his hand.

He'd always felt like he was just a side character in Riku's story; the best friend standing by the side.

But he'd never thought that maybe the story was his all along.