By: Ferail

Author's notes: I only played the beginning of the game so I don't really know much about it if you see any flaws point them out. Disclaimer: If you had the same idea at some point in time, or even part of the idea, just assume it's yours and that I'm not claiming credit for it. Now we can all move on with our lives.

"Hello, Bing Bing delivery service" talking

"Duck, flapjack, firehouse, swimming pool, dill pickle, I like tacos, mackerel" thinking

"hallo Billy Rae innut here right nuw may I be taking a massage for him" writing



"My fast is faster than your fast, my strong is stronger than your strong, my better is better than your best"

Ch.1 Prototype found.

" I failed" these were the last words the sentient virus known as Alex Mercer uttered before the blast reached him, the force and radiation from the nuclear bomb stripping him of his stolen biomass. As the blast petered off the sentient ooze that had been Alex Mercer could feel the few building that had not been completely leveled teetering before toppling and burying him under hundreds of millions of tons of rubble and debris entombing the ooze. Too weak from the loss of its biomass and wracked with grief the being that once was Alex Mercer didn't move, didn't even attempt to reform itself. It turned inward observing the Web of intrigue, trying to find out where he went wrong, trying to see an angle he hadn't thought of.

He ignored the outside world neither knowing, or caring, that Manhattan was slowly eroded until it became a true island. He didn't notice humanity destroying itself in its petty squabbles. He ignored the life slowly reclaiming the newly formed island and the second coming of humanity He didn't notice as humanity rediscovered their own life force and began harnessing it, and starting on their way towards rebuilding their society. . He completely missed the original summoning contracts being formed and the entry of true demons into the world once more.

He dove through the thoughts of those he had consumed and came to an inevitable conclusion, he could never really know. Even if he spent the next several millennia reviewing the web, he could never truly know if he could have done anything different.

The conundrum that had plagued him for centuries temporarily put to rest the sentient slime that was Alex Mercer truly noticed its surrounding for the first time.

Everywhere he looked there was stone, but when he activated his thermal vision he noticed something else. Just on the other side of the stone there was a living thing, human from the looks of things. Small, only around four foot six, but it carried itself like a soldier and held several sharp objects ready, possibly just a small trooper. The remains of Alex Mercer made its way behind the small being and slithered up close to it, when the midget warrior was almost on top of him he struck, realizing too late the being wasn't a trooper or other hostile, but a child seemingly playing a game of darts.

It was too late to stop himself; he had already begun consuming the child... Though there was something odd about it….

Naruto Uzumaki was extraordinarily proud of himself, not only had he completed the tree walking exercise, but he finished before the sun set leaving him enough light to practice his accuracy without endangering himself or anyone who wandered into the clearing. He stood back from his hastily improvised target he'd carved into a tree at the other end of the clearing preparing to pepper it with kunai and shuriken.

He never noticed the slimy black and red gunk bubble its way through the cracks in the rocks a few feet behind him. The whisker marked blonde didn't see the odd oily substance slither towards his position. What he did notice is the pain in his upper back as the slime began trying to envelope him, stabbing tendrils deep into his body in violent sprays of gore before he passed out form the pain.

From deep within the bleeding blonde the ancient demon awoke, the pain of its container transferred over to it... It sensed the other presence trying to devour it and the mortal containing it, this simply would not do. Reaching out its chakra the great demon began drawing the new presence into the mortal he was sealed inside of and began analyzing it.

When it truly began looking at the foreign body it was delighted, this could be its ticket out of here. Surely the great kyuubi no kitsune as the king of demons could overwhelm the rudimentary intelligence of this odd virus and escape this hell hole, and with the viruses odd genetics it would be back to its old level of power as soon as it devoured the annoying human it was sealed inside of.

What the kyuubi hadn't counted on was the intelligence of the virus in question, as soon as it tried to overwhelm it and take control it began to feel the viruses (relatively) young but powerful mind begin absorbing it, ruthlessly stabbing and devouring the ancient king of demons. The foreign body jabbing its tendrils deep into the massive body of the demon sapping its strength "NNOOOO THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU." Before it ceased to be it saw the surprised features of its murderer, he was a tall being shaped in the image of a human, but obviously not. It was covered in a writhing mass of black and red tentacles all over its body, except for its face. Its face was shadowed and hooded, but the ancient demon king could make out the human like features, the widening blue eyes, the dark suntanned skin and angular features coming together to form a rather dashing figure.

The figures eyes hardened and it gave no answer simply continuing to devour the helpless demon its tendrils lashing wildly as the lord of hell screamed in abject horror as another tendril slammed into its eye in an explosion of gore before it ceased to thrash about and stilled. The newly dead demon didn't see as its body was absorbed into the tendrils, and it never knew it attempt at escape had led to something that had not happened in centuries. The creation of a new prototype...


Alex couldn't stop the consumption once it had begun, but he was horrified at his actions, he was consuming an innocent. As the new memories assaulted him his guilt increased, he had stolen this young ones life before he had truly been allowed to live. The child's screams had stopped what seemed like an eternity ago. (1)

Suddenly the mass of quivering tendrils felt itself come under attack from something deep within the boy, something vile and malevolent was trying to overwhelm him. Not even sparing it a second thought he attacked the second entity within the child, tasting its vile energy of the ancient creature he wasted no time in seeking out the beast and assaulting it.

The massive creature screamed in fear as it was pierced all over its body, struggling against the strong tendrils plunging into its body randomly writhing and tearing at the great demon lord, absorbing its essence. As he filleted the newest addition to his bio mass he felt something inside himself change as something new was absorbed from this creature.

He shelved that thought for now and continued his perusal of the child's memories as the creature was no longer a threat. When he came upon the knowledge of what the creature was he revised his opinion of the energy being and immediately terminated it and continued his absorption of it forgoing everything else. Such a dangerous creature demanded immediate attention and would doubtless have many tricks and abilities he could absorb other than the uninspected something he had absorbed from it earlier.
When the last of the creature was disposed if Mercer turned his thoughts inward and noticed something odd, he was no longer consuming the boy, but he could still feel his consciousness. This warranted investigation. Several moments later the being that was once Alex Mercer began to laugh his head off. The creature was wilier than he had ever thought; it had ensured his destruction with its dying breath.

It had halted his consumption of the child with its vast energies and instead started a process of fusing the two together while ensuring the child was the dominate personality. Truly a spiteful being, it had made sure its killer did not survive it long, the child would be finished absorbing him within a matter of months a year at max, and he would be little more than a memory.
This child he had tried to consume would inherit his abilities, kind of ironic really; he had gone looking for a meal only to become one. Looking through the child's memories a final time he decided that it couldn't have happened to a more worthy person, he was strong, loyal, and willing to go out of his way to help. While a little dull witted it was mostly ignorance rather than stupidity (2) and as long as he was around he would help the child he had almost devoured achieve what he set out for, his time was up but this boys was just beginning.


'Naruto' slowly crept his way back towards Tazuna's house. The boy had yet to awaken yet so Alex had temporarily taken control to get his successor to a place of safety, looking down at 'his' shredded clothing Alex decided to go with the act least likely to get him questioned right now, he needed to contact Naruto before anything else and it was easiest to do that during a time no one would really think sitting around silently for long periods of time odd, like while pretending to sleep. Slumping his shoulders he started acting the part of the exhausted student coming in from a long day, the shredded clothes added some measure of credence to the act.

He got some odd looks, but he placated the others with boisterous talk of a training accident, the younger ones bought it passing it off as more idiocy from Naruto, but the one eyed scarecrow seemed slightly suspicious, but eventually took it at face value. Continuing the act he dragged himself over to the bedroll he recognized as Naruto's from his memories. Shredding the rest of the orange nightmare with a few tendrils he settled himself down to sleep and search for the frightened child within their newly (and temporarily shared) consciousness.


Naruto was confused, the last thing he remembered was extreme pain in that FORREST clearing, so why the hell was he in the middle of a sewer, even weirder the water seemed clean and clear despite the corroded and slightly slimy walls of the sewer ways as well as the odd lighting with no visible source. 'Whatever hit me might have dumped me down here, but why? And if someone took me prisoner why leave me untied' shaking off the odd feeling that something was off that had snaked its way up his spine he set off in a random direction, he'd either find whoever brought him here or a way out, either way.

He wandered for what felt like hours, randomly turning at intersections and growing more and more frustrated as time passed. The entire place didn't seem to have any distinguishing features, no signs, no doors, nothing but pipes and tunnels.

Giving a frustrated sigh he turned the bend and saw something different, the tunnel opened out into a colossal room. While not as comforting as an exit it was something different. Coming into the massive room the first thing he noticed was the humongous cage taking up an entire wall, the bars themselves were at least as tall as the hokage monument back home and measured about three feet in diameter apiece. The odd thing was the cage seemed empty as far as he could see, why make a cage like this and then leave it empty?

"What the hell, what needs a cage that big" he said inquisitively to himself, scratching his head and craning his neck at the massive structure he never expected an answer.

"That cage used to contain the Kyuubi no Kitsune greatest of the tailed beasts" said a deep almost baritone voice from the other end of the room.

Startled the young blonde immediately turned towards the voice noticing the figure in the shadows for the first time, he was tall probably just as tall as Kakashi-sensei. His face was shadowed by the gray hood of his shirt except for his mouth, though for some reason his eyes were clearly visible glowing an eerie bluish green color. His clothing consisted of an odd grey sweatshirt/hoodie and a black leather jacket combination that was rarely used this far south during this time of year. He had some rather durable looking blue jeans that looked like they had been seen more wear and tear than any other piece of clothing Naruto had ever seen. Instead of the standard ninja geta and zori, instead he wore a thick pair of black boots with bits of steel on the toe and straps. He cut a rather imposing figure altogether.

After examining the man himself his brain caught up to what he had said. "What do you mean used to, and I thought the Kyuubi was sealed somewhere else" he didn't mention where exactly, one doesn't divulge their biggest secret to a complete, possibly insane, stranger.

The man stepped further into the light, "oh no he was sealed here, deep within the recesses of your mind Uzumaki Naruto. But not anymore."

The orange clad ninja looked panicked for an instant but quickly covered it. "If you're telling the truth and this," waving his hand to encompass the sewer surrounding them in a rather disgusted manner, is my mind, then how are you here, who are you, and what do you mean the Kyuubi isn't here anymore, did it escape" Mercer (if you didn't figure that out go slap yourself) noticed the slight hitch in the boys voice at the thought of the great demon lord escaping..

"No it didn't escape," the boy relaxed slightly "I devoured him" and instantly tighten back up, if this 'man' (and he used the term loosely) claimed to have destroyed one of the most powerful beings in existence and invaded his mind to do it, to what purpose and what would it do now that it had absorbed the great demon king. "Oh relax kid, I'm not gonna hurt you, truth is I doubt I could." Seeing the quizzical look in Naruto's eyes he decided to get most of the explanation out of the way at once. "You'll understand in a few moments, you're still absorbing me and you're about to get my web of intrigue, then all will be clear." He said with an enigmatic smirk on his face.

"Whaa…" was all the whisker marked blonde had time to say before he was assaulted by memories not his own, he remembered thousands of lives on top of his own, it was like he was thousands of people at once yet still himself, when he saw the entirety of Alex Mercer's life as well as the lives of everyone he had ever consumed eventually coming to the Kyuubi as well, those memories nearly made him vomit, but he held strong, and came out of the experience with a profound sense of understanding. The feeling of the thousands of lives on top of his own was rather disconcerting, he could feel his mind slipping at times, but he always managed to hold it together throughout the entire ordeal. Turning to the sentient virus that had been Alex Mercer he simply nodded too drained to really talk.

It wasn't even like he even needed to question the shape-shifter; he knew everything the other man knew. He knew his body was currently being infected cell by cell, becoming something like Alex, he knew he was inheriting all his skills and abilities as well as all the knowledge and abilities of everyone that Alex had absorbed, he knew that he could now absorb people like Alex and was slightly ashamed that he didn't feel even a little disgusted with himself and what he was becoming. No he saw this as a blessing, he now knew and could do things that no other ninja ever even contemplated and the kyuubi was unwillingly truly a part of him to control as he wished now, its power and whatever came along with it.
With that he allowed himself to drift off into the gentle embrace of Morpheus.


Sometime in the night without anyone even noticing Naruto Uzumaki died.
He simply stopped breathing as the last of his cells was infected and the true changes began to take place, as the unnecessary organs that used to make up his body were broken down into biomass that the new being that was Naruto Uzumaki could use for transformations and healing himself or whatever purpose he came up with. His body resumed the now unnecessary task of breathing before his teammates awakened, but the changes wouldn't be finished for another hour at least.

Dismissing the young blonde's continued snoozing as simple exhaustion and leaving him to recover the rest of his team set off to guard the bridge builder.

( you know what the begging of the bridge battle is the same the only places its different are where naruto is involved so I'm just going to skip the parts that are the same if you get confused tell me and ill fix it but for now I really don't want to write stuff I've seen a million times.)

Naruto started awake as he heard the sound of a struggle below him; instinctively he formed himself a set of clothing out of some of his newly absorbed biomass. It was similar to Mercer's except for the colors; his hoodie was a deep burnt orange. The jacket remained black but gained a design on the back and shoulders similar to the snarling face of the demon fox, his pants were black instead of blue and he kept his boots the same as Alex's. The new designs on the jacket served another purpose besides just looking cool, the eyes on the designs worked like regular eyes, it was slightly disconcerting to see all over the place at the same time, but he quickly got used to it. Mercer applauded his ingenuity, he had never even thought of anything like that.
Shifting his vision to the new thermal setting he had acquired, he saw the silhouette of Inari and Tsunami as well as the two brutish looking ronin trying to drag the protesting woman away. He saw the small boy hesitate momentarily before charging the two thugs. He watched in horror as the larger brute prepared to make mincemeat out of the bratty child.
Eyes widening the newly instated gennin dashed down stairs as fast as his newly enhanced body could go, bouncing off the stairway wall, mutating his arm as he went, the monstrous tendrils erupting from his arm, shifting and writhing until solidifying into the rough shape of a blade covered in bits of flesh and odd bits of metal emerging at random points all connected to a series odd tubules that resembled veins with odd protrusions resembling thorns protruding all the way up to the young gennin's shoulder. Altogether a wicked and grotesque weapon.

Barely even acknowledging the transformation he swung his new arm up meeting the edge of the disgraced samurai's blade. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" he screamed in horror an instant before the hooded horror used his superior strength to hurl the startled man through the door.

Turning towards the gaping figure still holding his hostess hostage he transformed his other arm into the stretchy whip fist, (which surprised Mercer to no end, he had been unable to use multiple offensive mutations at the same time, this opened up so many possibilities) the tendrils once more erupting from his skin and consuming his arm in an instant turning it into a mass of ropy tangled vines and thorns, ending in a set of wicked looking talons. Swinging his enhanced appendage forward it slammed into the thug sending him flying through the wall near the door to land near his partner on the dock outside the house.

They were immensely scared of whatever it was they had run into, was that a ninja or one of the fearsome summons they had heard about, quickly dismissing such cowardly thoughts they assumed defensive stances, Gato did not take kindly to failure.

The intimidating figure turned its head, "Hey shrimp, guess I was wrong you can be brave, when you have to" instantly the small boy recognized the figure, even with the change in wardrobe and monstrous appendages he recognized that voice. Whipping the moisture from his eyes he ran over to check on his mother. "Brat get your mom inside, I'll take out the trash," he said as he dashed through the open door to confront the battered samurai while shifting his appendages once more, this time into the colossal hammer fists, the unwieldy looking masses of flesh and studded metal concentrated around the area his fists would be and the rather grotesquely muscled arms that went with the mace like hands.

Seeing the odd display of power once again almost broke the ex-samurai's resolve, but they immediately crushed it, out here in the sunlight they could see the fearsome creature for what it really was, a short little kid using ninja trickery to fool their eyes, it would be a piece of cake to take down the scrawny little bastard and complete their task. The two soon to be deceased ronin leveled their blades and charged the ex- jinchuruki intent on maiming him, instead they found their blades grabbed out of the air by the strange looking fists the blonde konoha-nin had formed. Jerking his fists down in a decisive manner he snapped the blades in half, ignoring the stunned looks on his opponents faces he jabbed the broken blades into their chests before they could react. Quickly he dragged the two fresh corpses off to the side before going back inside to make sure his two charges were alright.
"You two okay" he said cheerily completely ignoring the fact that he had just taken two human lives, his new memories had numbed him for now, but who knew how long it would take for the horror of what he had just done to seep through. Shifting his arms back to their normal unenhanced forms he locked over his charges. The two shell shock civilians nodded, slightly awed, was this the power of a ninja? (3) Truly fearsome, especially since Naruto was still a student, what could his teacher be capable of?

Having ascertained that his charges were going to be alright he formed a few shadow clones to watch over them and headed off towards the bridge at his best speed, slightly above the max speed Mercer had attained when the nuke had gone off due to the addition of chakra to the already formidable musculature Naruto had originally possessed. Though his speed was hindered by the thick foliage as well as Naruto's desire to preserve as much of the land he ran through as possible. (4) Within moments he reached the unnaturally thick fog that was Zabuza's signature shrouding the area where the bridge should be.
The newly created hybrid switched his vision to his newly acquired thermal vision, which was fast becoming one of his favorite abilities... His eyes quickly took on the orange sheen associated with the ability, bathing the world in reds, oranges, greens, yellow, and blues. He spotted two blobs of heat near the edge of the bridge, one rather rotund figure behind a shorter and slimmer blob of reds and orange, most likely Sakura and the client Tazuna. There were two other figures a little farther off in the mist, the taller of the two wielding a huge slab of blue and green at the ready, identifying him as Zabuza. The other figure was slightly slumped and there were beads of crimson dotting the area around him, most likely blood, but was still going strong, most likely meaning his sensei was in need of assistance, but he seemed to be holding his own for now.

The last set of figures puzzled him; there were several floating slabs of pure blue surrounding the figure he had identified as his last teammate. One of the slabs held a warm figure from what he could tell, even though it was slightly colder than a normal human should be. What puzzled him most though was that Sasuke had not escaped the odd prison, the slabs were far enough apart that he could simply run through them, why was he looking all over the place for the enemy right in front of him .(5) Then he saw the enemy move and was even more confused. He had seen Sasuke move at similar speeds before, why was he so outclassed by the figure darting between the slabs.

Deciding his annoyingly superior teammate needed his help the most he dashed across the bridge, shifting to his least noticeable mutation, muscle mass. The bio mass he had discretely collected from consuming the two ronin and the Kyuubi increasing the density of his muscles underneath the false clothing he had created. Nothing extreme that would be really noticeable, but enough to increase his strength several times over from its already impressive 'rip a man in half' strength to 'did he train with Gai and Lee' (6) levels.

The false hunter-nin noticed the new threat moving towards her position at an alarming speed, at least upper jounin if she didn't miss her guess. She could not afford to toy with the Uchiha in front of her anymore and deal with whatever threat was headed their way. Diving towards her target from her perch at the top of the ice dome straight towards the injured boy beneath her, she was immensely surprised to find that only a few of the senbon had hit their mark as whatever the newest threat was had pierced her dome easily by smashing through one of the side mirrors and using some unknown jutsu to create a barrier of what looked like grey and black flesh, bone, and steel between her and her target. She smirked under her mask though, the important ones had hit, and the black haired boy was out of the fight. She turned her attention back to the still figure that had tried to take the blow and defend the young fool that had tried to defy her master.

The figure seemed oddly familiar, but she was sure she had never met anyone like this boy before her. He dressed more like a civilian gang member than a shinobi, but his odd ability quickly disabused her of that notion. Now that she got a better look at the figure she realized he had somehow transmuted his left arm into the shield he had tried to use, tendrils and blades erupting from the oddly corrupted looking flesh at random intervals. His eyes glowed eerily orange under his hood, and he seemed to have stopped breathing after the younger seeming boy had fallen.

"Sasuke…." That voice though immediately triggered her memory; this was the boy from the forest, the one who had worn bright orange in his fight with Zabuza? He seemed completely different, gone was the friendly and rather clumsy boy she had met and befriended, and in its place was a cold and hardened warrior, was one of them an act? And if so which one? Not to mention the grotesque item he had formed from his own flesh and his oddly glowing eyes, was this some odd kekkai Genkai? And if so why hadn't he used it in his fight against Zabuza? Shelving her questions for later, she could examine the body or ask him herself once they were no longer a threat to her master's mission.

"You killed him" said Naruto, guilt rising up within him; he had not been fast enough. With his enhanced eyes he could see as the heart of his somewhat friend slowed inside him and the blue slowly seeping into him starting at his extremities. He should have been faster, he should have knocked the enemy out of the air with a whip fist, he should have done something.

"Is this the first time you have seen a friend die?" she asked a small amount of sympathy leaking through her emotionless façade. Was this one of the precious people he had spoken of, had she taken away part of the reason the stocky blonde continued his existence. It did not matter, she must protect her own reason for existence, and she would follow her master into hell itself if he required it of her. Killing her heart in such a manner, even if it was a cruel hoax, was extremely difficult for the emotionally scarred Kunoichi, but not something she would hesitate to do. She looked at his shell shocked expression and felt a small amount of pity for the boy she would attempt to kill.

The boy snapped his eerily glowing eyes up and locked with her own masked orbs, there was no confusion on his face, somehow he could tell exactly where she was within her mirrors. The disbelieving expression fading away revealing cold rage in his burning eyes. Before she could even blink he was moving, his heel shattering the bridge they stood upon, the killer intent freezing her in her icy technique. Even Zabuza-sama's ki wasn't this intense. She watched in horror as time seemed to slow, the malformed flesh, bone, and steel of the arm-shield erupting into a mass of whirling tendrils and something else taking shape out of that writhing mass of corrupted flesh and unidentifiable masses. It looked like a blade, but not one she had ever seen before, its edge cruel and serrated. The body of the blade nearly a foot across, made of the same corrupted flesh bone and steel that had made up the other creations of this strange boy, yet it seemed more evil in nature, the hooked edges and random spikes and metal serrations lent the brutal monstrosity a certain elegance and horrifying presence. The blade seemed to meld with the grey flesh of the boys arm that seemed to flow seamlessly into his jacket, but that was not the most horrifying thing about the blade, no it was the eye. (7) The demonic eye in the center of the blade, its red pupil casting about for something to kill, large and bloodshot the horrible eye seemed to leek a bloodlust all its own a separate part of the whole.

She saw the blade, if such a creation could even be called a blade, descending toward her. The boys glowing orbs never leaving her masked face, the cold hatred in his stare kept her frozen as the sword continued its decent unimpeded by the chakra empowered ice. She was going to die…or at least she should have. It was a slight miscalculation on Naruto's part that saved her, at least for a few more seconds.

His new vision showed him heat signatures, but the inherent chill in the ice user on top of the added cold of the ice mirror distorted her heat signature enough that he made the cut just a bit more shallow than he had planned, instead of splitting the faux hunter nin from shoulder to hip he was simply rending bone and flesh in a fatal fashion, but not instantly so…she might even survive if she got to a medical facility quickly enough.

But the enraged hybrid was not going to allow that, even as the mask slid from her face revealing familiar porcelain features he raced forward. It was part of who he was now, no hesitation at all, a creature capable of atrocities never dreamed of felt no remorse as the deformed part of him descended on the girl he had considered a friend. She had taken something from him that could never be given back; she had taken the life of his teammate. Normally he would have hesitated, but after the absorption of Mercer and his memories he had seen too many horrors and had the memories of too many deaths on his conscience to let one more bother him, even one like her. An innocent, or at least as innocent as one can get in their line of business. Mercer, as well as the people and beings he had absorbed, had become a part of him, their sins were now his own, what was one more life on top of the other atrocities the new being had committed. (8)

Haku barely recognized the figure swinging around for another slash at her through the pain, she was barely conscious from blood loss and the severe trauma to several major organs and organ systems, the only thought running through the haze that had blanketed her thoughts was 'forgive me Zabuza-sama'. She watched through half lidded eyes as the demonic cleaver sliced through the air towards her, no hesitation, no remorse, this was the idealized shinobi. Capable of killing his emotions, all except the ones that mattered in that moment; this was what she had strived to be for her master.

The thought of her master jolted her back from the abyss as she heard something over the pounding in her ears, a horrible sound like a thousand birds shrieking at once. (9) She grasped for the last bit of chakra she had left, not much, nowhere near enough for an ice mirror, but maybe a Kawimiri? But what could she switch with, desperation clawed at her as she did something that had been deemed impossible throughout the elemental nations to save her precious person; she switched with the air itself. There was a thunderous crack of displaced air as the dying ice user appeared in front of two shocked individuals.


Kakashi was shocked to say the least; the whole situation had spiraled out of control the moment he had felt that focused blast of unfamiliar killing intent. Before that moment he would have said nothing could match the raw hatred and malice of a demon and still be human, but that blast of unbearable human hatred washed over the bridge. He and the demon of the mist had been stunned by the relentless intent to kill, however the scarecrow like jounin had recovered first finishing the summoning technique he had started seconds before.

The Ex-mist nin missed the tell tale burst of smoke in the dense mist and was easily captured by the summoned nin dogs. His body immobilized by the large canines digging into his flesh he could only watch in horror as his opponent channeled the vast amounts of electricity into his palm, that horrible screeching noise growing louder as the other jounin raced towards him, the crackling orb of power causing the air to snap and hiss as it became superheated and exploded, though it could barely be heard over the mind numbing scream that emanated from that crackling hand.

Things truly went to hell in a hand basket when the mangled corpse that might have once been Zabuza's partner interposed itself, seemingly of its own volition, between the Kiri-demon and the sharigan user's one original technique. Unable to stop the perverted ninja rammed his lightning covered hand through the already minced section of the woman's chest and burst through the previously unmarred section of her yukata barely singing the bare chest of his true target. The legendary jounin felt his connection to his summons disappear as they vanished in puffs of smoke, their energy keeping them anchored to the human world spent.

The freed nuke nin's deep bellowing laughter rang across the bridge "seems that tool I picked up all those years ago was more useful than I thought," the callous demon gripped his massive blade, disregarding the devoted servant who had saved his life. He swung the giant cleaver with gleeful abandon knowing that the powerful shinobi was at least momentarily weakened by the mass summoning and the powerful assassination technique.

Kakashi braced himself and tried to leap away, but he was off balance. The sudden addition of about a 115 extra pounds on his arm threw off the legendary nins balance, if only slightly, but it was enough to slow him down. His thoughts racing a mile a minute the copy cat nin tried desperately to leap away, 'No, I can't avoid it.' Closing his eyes and giving one last prayer for the safety of his students he accepted his death…only for his eyes to snap open again as he heard s loud reverberating 'clang' of steel on steel. Standing between the veteran jounin and his nuke nin counter part was an odd looking individual Kakashi couldn't place. Slightly taller than his students the figure was dressed more like a small time hood than a ninja, but the disturbing ability the young unknown was displaying clearly marked him as a shinobi of some sort.

The large leather jacket the teen, at least he assumed the short figure was a teen, wore seemed to fade into the grotesquely muscled and slightly deformed gray arm, terminating in a demonic looking amalgamation of flesh bone and steel that could almost be called a sword if it weren't for the random tendrils sprouting out of it and the demonic looking eye that gazed out of the blade near the base. The scarecrow jonin had never seen any kind of weapon or technique like it, was this the being who had unleashed that unholy killing intent, and if so how and why was he helping the exhausted Konoha nins.

The dark figure forced the taller nin back with his massive demonic blade. Turning to the side slightly so as to keep the threatening figure of Zabuza in his sights, the shorter figure spoke for the first time, "Hey, Kakashi-sensei, you gonna be okay?" that voice, NARUTO? No it couldn't be, Naruto couldn't form such monstrous weapons from his own flesh, the cheerful ball of sunshine could never casually shove off death like the mangled kunoichi in front of him, was this the fox in Naruto's body or its influence at work? If so how? There would be time for questions later, for now the elder konoha nin simply nodded his head dumbly and tried to analyze the youngster and the changes that had been wrought upon him.

"Good, if you can make it back to Sakura do it. I'm going to distract Zabuza, get her and Tazuna out of here." The finality in his voice drove the more experienced nin back into his instinctual battle mode, the student he was with could handle himself for now if the displays earlier were anything to go by, his other students might be in danger though. As much as he didn't want to leave his formerly clumsy gennin to face off against this demon he didn't really have much of a choice. The one-eyed ninja forced himself to his feet and leapt away to what he remembered as Sakura's last position, reaching in his pouch for the scroll of medical supplies he carried with him.

Seeing his sensei leap off into the mist the transformed gennin turned fully back to the imposing half dressed figure. (10) The nukenin eyed the monstrous appendage that had replaced the gennin's arm, "What are you kid?" he said, the bandages on his face moving slightly indicating a smirk now adorned the missing nin's bandaged face, "I've seen enough genjutsu to know that no matter how strong the illusion is no one runs into a fight expecting to block with an illusionary sword, few ninjutsu affect the body like that without killing the user and none of them have effects even close to what you've done there, taijutsu would be greatly enhanced by such a technique but it wouldn't be able to create it, and as far as I know the only kekkai genkai even remotely similar is the Kaguya clan and they can only affect their bones and you use this move too well for it to be some newly awakened bloodline, so my question is, kid," the bandages on his face moved again falling away to reveal the bloodthirsty sneer of the demon of the mist, "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO."

The more experienced jonin had expected the paltry defenses of one unused to fighting another sword user, but he was quickly proved wrong as the darkly clad child swung his blade with an effortless grace blocking and parrying with a slightly demented grin forcing its way onto his features. The larger swordsman was furious, he was one of the seven swordsmen of the mist, how could this little BRAT match him in a contest of skill with the blade? Putting even more force in the assault the ex demon finally managed to force an opening in the enhanced boy's defenses while he recovered from an unexpected parry, the enraged demon swung his cleaver with all his might in a horizontal slice that separated the boys upper and lower body at the waist. Laughing manically the ex mist shinobi allowed the mist to clear momentarily so that the boy's teacher could see his students mangled corpse and know he failed.

The dark haired shinobi turned back to his kill only to receive the shock of his life, not only was the brat not dead, he was reattaching his severed lower torso. The inky black and red tendrils erupting from the severed sections of the boy's body were intertwining and pulling him back together, at least most of them were. The boy looked up at him with a psychotic grin blasting full force as some of the unoccupied tendrils flowed over to the corpse that had once been Haku before beginning to tear it apart and devour it, the tendrils seemingly absorbing the body of his oldest companion.

"What are you," mumbled the former demon, even though he already knew. As the tendrils finished devouring the former kunoichi they sprang in his direction. He tried to fight them, but they were too fast and too numerous, they overwhelmed him, stabbing deep into his flesh and tearing their way through his body, devouring him from the inside out, penetrating the skull and thrusting into the goo that had once been brains, silencing the formerly screaming demon. His last conscious thought was, "this is a demon, this is what people saw me as. It's odd being on the other side for once," and with that the former demon of the mist was absorbed into the amalgamation of stolen flesh that was Naruto Uzumaki.

Absorbing the memories from the ex-mist nin, as well as the various abilities he had gained from his traitorous friend Haku, Naruto didn't notice as his teacher walked over to him taking in the various tendrils currently reattaching the young Uzumaki's body back together, wondering what the hell was going on and vowing to get an explanation from his most surprising student.


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Authors notes; 1) the consumption process is greatly slowed by his weakness. 2) Ignorance is not knowing stupidity is an inability to learn. 3) Tsunami and inari are civilians and don't know much about ninjas, they have no reason to believe that this ability is special. 4) when mercer runs in game chunks of whatever he runs on are ripped up and flung about.(5) thermal vision cannot see reflections only areas of hot and cold and therefore Naruto doesn't see the multiple reflections that are confusing Sasuke 6) no he hasn't met lee yet but I think the analogy is appropriate 7) think like soul edge, even though it's not the eye is cool as hell 8) he is still mostly Naruto, but he has all the experience and knowledge of Mercer and the people he has absorbed, which leads to an oddly practical view of the world. 9) She's in that zone where time seems to slow down. Bullet time 10) seriously does the guy own a shirt or does he just like showing off?