Chapter 3: Royalty Of War

Fusion And The Gang Recruited Klonoa After The Battle On Dynamis, Now They Were Ready To Take On The Dark Prince One Last Time. But The Dark Prince Was Ready As Well, With All-New Moves. He Attacks The Blue Typhoon Above The Atmosphere Of Fuethos.

When They All Land, The Dark Prince Begins To Feel Weakened, He Says:"Where Are We". He Looks On His Planet Dictionary And The Word Fuethos Pops Up. "No, Not Fuethos, But It Doesn't Matter, I WILL DESTROY YOU!".

The Dark Prince Forms Clones Of Himself To Attack. The Gang Fights Them Off As Electro Says:"Hey Krys, Can You Use Your Telepathy To Find The Real One?" "I Can Try", Says Krystal As She Sits Down And Focuses.

"Over There", She Points To The One In The Middle. And The Uranium Arrow Attacks It, Hitting Him And Getting Rid Of The Clones Around Him.

(Plays The Legend Of The Twillight From :Hack//Sign)

Dark Prince: NO, My Clones, You WILL PAY!

The Dark Prince Forms A Massive Comet Above Him And Unleashes It On The Group Knocking Them Out. The Dark Prince Laughs In Victory As A Figure Gets Up.


It Is The Uranium Arrow As They Both Get Up And Attack.

The Dark Prince Tries Dodging And Swinging His Mace But They Are Just Too Fast For Him.

Until The Dark Prince Grabs The Uranium Arrow And Smashes His Nova Cannon And Shuts Him Down.

It's Down To Fusion, The Second-In-Command For The Blue Typhoon. And The Dark Prince, Loyal Soldier Of Galactus.

(Plays Apologize By Timbaland)

The Dark Prince Causes A Shadow-Quake But Fusion Dodges It, Fusion Gets Behind The Dark Prince And Stabs Him. When He Falls To The Ground, Fusion Keeps Aiming His Blade At His Helmet, Breaking It Off, Which Reveals The Dark Prince As A Orange-Furred, Dark Gray Eyes, And Spiky-Eared Fox.

Then The Dark Prince Has Another Picture Of Hilary In His Mind, When He Says "Why Do You Keep Staying IN MY MIND!",He Attacks Fusion But Fusion Breaks Off The Rest Of His Chest Armor,Revealing A Dark Crystal In The Center.

(Plays "There's No Easy Way Out")

Dark Prince (With Hilary Speaking):Break The CRYSTAL!

Fusion Charges At The Dark Prince And Strikes Him In The Heart, Breaking The Crystal.


The Dark Prince Begins To Shake. Then His Mace Disappears. Then The Rest Of His Armor Falls Off. He Kneels Down In Pain And His Final Words Are: "Galactus WHY!!!". His Ears Begin To Turn Into Normal Ears. His Eyes Turn Into Brown. His Fur Turns Into A Pink Color. And When He Collapses, He Returns To His Original Form: Hilary The Fox, A Pink-Furred, Brown-Eyed, Sweater-Wearing, 14 Year Old.

As Fusion Runs Over, Hilary Says: "Ugh, What Happened?"

Fusion: Are You Okay?

Hilary: Yeah.

Hilary: But I Can't Believe I Did This. But I Would Like To Apologize For What I've Done. And I Would Like To Redeem Myself To You By Joining You Guys If It's Okay With You.

Fusion: Sure.

Hilary: Thanks

(In Galactus's Base)

Galactus: Wow, The Dark Prince Has Been Defeated, Oh Well, He Was Useless Anyways.


Galactus: Vilgax, You're Up.

Vilgax: Yes Master.