Dragonball AF: The Room of Spirit and Time Saga

Set soon after GT's end, Vegeta goes back into training is determined to get Trunks into shape in the process using the recently mended, but unpredictable Room of Spirit and Time with unfortunate results. (Reintroducing everyone's favourite long-haired saiyan.)

Chapter 1: Back Into Training

"And then I said to her 'I know where you're coming from, but it's not you Maria, it's me.' Classic! And she actually bought it too! Well, at least I'm single again. Whoosh! The only thing she ever did was complain!"

Ugh not again. "Goten you're twenty seven." voiced Trunks.

"Aaand?" Goten failed to see his friend's point.

"Don't you think you should settle down to one woman? I mean you've been repeating the same process with different girls for years now."

"Ah, no way!" joked Goten, shrugging off Trunks's suggestion with a laugh, "I'm still young! I can be doing this for at least another decade before I settle down."

Trunks politely laughed along with Goten for humour's sake, privately theorising that he'd be saying the exact same thing a decade later. Geez, if he keeps this up he's going to end up like Master Roshi!

Trunks and Goten sat chatting aimlessly in a downtown coffee bar that had lately become a favourite haunt of theirs over the last few months. Often they'd come here after Trunks had endured a boring day's work at Capsule Corporation and Goten finished doing. . . Whatever the hell Goten did in his free time; Trunks always wondered, as there was little to do in the desolate mountain range and small cottage he called home with Gohan out of the house. They'd gather here before heading out to town in the evening to grab something to satisfy their saiyan stomachs, reminisce about old times and regularly discuss Goten's latest date.

It had been a quiet six months since Goku defeated Omega Shenron and left the Earth on the back of the great green dragon to places unknown. In that time little had changed; the planet had been left in perfect harmony once again. It was always strange with no renegade saiyans, world conquering tyrants, destructive androids or bubble-gum looking fiends to try and destroy them all, but a strange feeling in Trunks's gut told him that the Earth would not remain safe forever. Despite this however, as well as the fact their saviour was gone and the Dragonballs with him, Trunks, Goten and indeed Gohan hadn't even thought about training since Goku left.

"How's Vegeta anyway?" said, Goten, quickly changing the subject, "I haven't seen him in ages."

Trunks considered. Neither had he. In fact, thinking about it now he realised that he hadn't ever seen his father for more than five minutes at a time every odd week since Goku's departure. "To be honest Goten, I really have no clue as to how my Father is," Trunks confessed, "The only thing he ever does now is train, and even more so over these last months. My best guess is that he's trying to master super saiyan four without the use of blutz wave amplifier, it's like now that he's the most powerful he has to make it stay that way, because if trouble came without Goku or Picollo we'd all turn to him first now. His pride would never allow him to let himself weaken anyway."

Goten sobered all of a sudden now that the conversation was more serious, speaking a little more like his brother would, "I know what you mean. No offence, but Vegeta's as proud as he is powerful."

Trunks only nodded mildly in affirmation and proceeded to sipping his tall, thick chocolate milkshake through a straw, enjoying the delightful taste this place produced. Goten was right. Trunks regretted deeply that he'd neglected his own training, indeed he was powerful, but that didn't mean he now had to quit altogether. He just never had the time anymore, with his job at Capsule Corporation weighing him down during the days, he'd rather use his free time afterwards to hang out with Goten and enjoy himself while he could. Still though, it worried him sometimes. He'd strived always to make his father proud, and now he could only wonder in dismay at what Vegeta thought of him, no doubt he'd be ashamed; the Prince of all Saiyans having offspring that pushed papers all day rather than fight. Trunks shuddered, no wonder he had hardly seen him over the last months.

"So anyway, how's Pan? It's been a long time since we spoke." quizzed Trunks. It was true, like Vegeta he'd seen little of her except from at the Briefs's and Son's dinners, as well as Uub and Krillin, just what were they so busy with? Krillin he could understand; he had a family now and was getting too old to be active all the time, but Uub and Pan? He used to see Uub all the time.

"Well, Pan's in training." revealed Goten, much to the shock of Trunks, he figured Uub would be, but Pan as well?

"What for?" The lavender haired saiyan dared to ask. Pan trained regularly, but unlike Vegeta she knew how to separate it from her public life.

"The World Martial Arts tournament, Thirty Second I think. It's in three weeks, didn't you know?"

Trunks was shocked; to Goten's amazement, no, he didn't know about the upcoming tournament. Well, he knew the date, but he never realised that it was so close by; he'd been so caught up with things at work lately. It would explain Pan and Uub's training, but bothered him most was why Goten himself wasn't in training, it seemed a prime opportunity for he and his family to get some easy money, as he doubted Vegeta would be competing, which meant that all the other fighters would be around Goten's level. As a super saiyan two the only real concern he had was Uub, and Trunks was confident that at full power Goten could outlast him.

"No, I didn't," Trunks confessed, rather irritably. He was annoyed that Goten hadn't informed him sooner, then again it was his own fault for forgetting, "Are you entering?" he asked.

"Think so, If Gohan's out of the picture it should be no problem. The only thing I'm worried about is Uub though, he's probably far stronger now, and if he's done training for six months straight then I don't think I'd stand a chance."

Trunks reflected, once again Goten was right. Trunks, Goten and Uub may have all been of a similar power level six months ago, but that was more than enough time for Uub to turn the tables completely.

"Hey I know!" Goten exclaimed, slamming his hands down on the table in a moment of sudden eureka, "Why don't we enter the tournament as Gotenks!? It'll be great! We'd win no problem! We could probably even take down my brother with that kind of strength, I doubt there are any rules against it! I mean technically we'd be one person!"

"Are you serious?" questioned Trunks unbelievably. He and Goten hadn't fused in years now, and at first the idea seemed ridiculous to him, but the more he thought about it the more logical it sounded. He grinned smugly, an inherited trait from his father, Gotenks was more powerful than both of them put together, but the idea of entering him into the tournament reminded him of when they were kids and entered the adult division stacked on top of each other as 'Mighty Mask', only this time they'd actually be as one body.

"Yeah, It'll be great! We enter as Gotenks, split and refuse before every match and split the winnings down the middle!"

"Hmm," Trunks considered briefly, "we'd have to get some serious training done first, I doubt we could still pull off the fusion dance without practice, and I don't know if I could find time to train anymore."

"Is that so?" Interrupted a gruff voice from behind them, its brashness scaring the hybrid saiyans causing them to stiffen up to attention in an instant. Goten and Trunks whirled around in their seats, milkshakes in hand to see Vegeta standing firmly with his arms crossed at the double glass doors of the cafe. Trunks immediately felt like an idiot in front of his father, lounging with the cocktailed, thick milkshake in his hand, but the biggest question that nagged him was how long had he been stood there listening to them? Trunks prayed desperately that he hadn't heard their comments about him, but either way, seeing them both now, he knew for sure that Vegeta must've been terribly ashamed of him.

"Father!" exclaimed Trunks nervously, trying his best not to stammer, "What're you doing here?"

"Uh excuse me sir, excuse me!" nagged a voice from Vegeta's left side, and both Trunks and Goten slapped hands to their foreheads, embarrassed completely by what was to come.

"Excuse me sir," continued the waiter, ignoring the fact that Vegeta refused to even acknowledge his presence, and simply stared ahead at the two half saiyans, "you have to order something here you know. Sir? Sir?-"

"Quiet!" Vegeta barked, silencing the man in a single word, "I'm just here to pick up my son and his friend."

And his friend? Pondered Goten fearfully, oh great, what's he got in store for me?

"Well that may be the case sir but you can't just show up here without ordering anything."

Vegeta snarled angrily with a deep, throaty growl. This fat, flamboyant waiter was beginning to annoy him, and part of the full blooded saiyan wanted to blast him into oblivion, but he'd learned to control himself over the years he'd spent on earth.

"Sir? Sir? Sir?"

"Argh fine!" The saiyan finally resolved, knowing full well that if this continued he'd end up hitting the man, "Get me a soda and shut the hell up!"

The waiter hesitated for a moment, completely astounded by Vegeta's rudeness, but then he took a better look at the man's appearance. He may have been shorter than he, but he had a body that looked as though it were chiselled out of marble, with the most refined biceps he'd ever seen. The saiyan once again wore his traditional blue battle outfit; he'd abandoned the saiyan armour but instead wore an identical deep cobalt vest to the one he'd used against Majin Buu, with pearl white gloves and shiny, polished battle boots to go with it. His hair protruded out at least eight inches above his head and formed into refined widow's peak at the hairline, thick and coal black like his eyes, icy cold and remorseless. Since Omega he'd allowed his hair to grow back to its original length after experiencing a huge wave of saiyan patriotism after Kakarot's disappearance. Noticing these frightening features the waiter swiftly bowed and scurried off, leaving Vegeta with a satisfied grin across his still youthful face.

"Hey Vegeta, come to join us?" Goten laughed. He switched to a more playful, joking tone almost instantly to cope with Vegeta's constantly aggressive mood, pretending he hadn't heard the 'and his friend' comment.

Vegeta approached the two sat the bar wordlessly and stood before them. His eyes looked them quickly up and down with disapproval as a look of disgust flashed across him. Was he sizing them up? Looking for a fight? Goten certainly hoped not, but as for Trunks, even in these unfortunate circumstances he was glad to see his father yet again, looking better than he had in years. No one looking at the group from across the bar (there were many after Vegeta's outburst) would've guessed that Trunks was Vegeta's son, physically they looked around the same age due to the full blooded saiyan's extended youth, though Vegeta's eyes carried the wisdom and experience behind them that one could only glean from a veteran saiyan life.

"I've come for no such thing," declared Vegeta in response to Goten's proposal, "you two are coming with me, immediately."

Goten and Trunks exchanged nervous glances and the black haired half-blood gulped with fright. Naturally, he tried to de-escalate the situation. His inherited jolly demeanour meant that he hated those awkward moments, especially now that Vegeta was facing him with that hard scowl he put on at all times.

"Well, just let me finish this and we'll be on our w-"

"Now." Vegeta butted in firmly.

"Okay, okay," Goten waved up his hands in surrender and stood up from the low barstool. He was much taller than Vegeta, but that only meant that an uppercut from the Prince would gain full momentum before it reached his jaw, he gulped.

"Here's your order sir." The squeaky voiced, rotund waiter reappeared at Vegeta's right side holding a round black tray with nothing more than a soda can on it.

Vegeta thrust a couple of notes onto the tray and snatched the drink. He knew that he'd paid far too much for what he ordered, but it was nothing for loaded funds of Capsule Corporation that his wife ran, and he couldn't be bothered sorting the money out. "Keep the change." he growled, before immediately switching his attention, "Come on Trunks, we're leaving."

Trunks watched in bewilderment, his father had never done anything like this before, it was also the only time he'd opened his mouth to say more than two words to him in six months. Why the change now? Was he so sick of having a weakling son that he'd decided to change things by force? And just where were they going? Either way, a chance to actually spend some time with him for once was an exciting prospect. He'd given up on making Vegeta proud as his life's goal as he knew that the saiyan would never be fully satisfied with even his own power let alone his son's, but he still tried hard to impress him when an opportunity presented itself.

"Right." Trunks smiled and got to his feet before Vegeta turned and led them out of the building.

"I say it time and time again, you all have gotten soft. Just because this is a time of peace it doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready." Vegeta lectured as they passed through the glass double doors, "Over time our enemies only ever become stronger and stronger: Freeza, Cell, Majin Buu, the Tuffles, Omega. Each is more powerful than the last, and instead of preparing for this you choose to waste your time and become weaker, the exact opposite of what you should be doing."

Goten laughed, "Hey Vegeta, you forgot yourself from that list."

Vegeta only snarled viciously without words as Goten reminded him of how he was when he first came to the planet Earth, what a fool he had been.

"Sorry, sorry." apologised Goten yet again.

"You are lucky you're the son of Kakarot, boy."

"Sorry." he repeated.

Trunks chuckled to himself quietly, his father would never lay a finger on Goten out of respect for Goku, which meant that the half saiyan could say pretty much whatever he wanted and get away with it in an instant. If he'd said that to Vegeta he'd probably received at least a combination of punches for his quick wit.

Vegeta cast his eyes up into the sky and took off north after pausing for a moment to get his bearings. Trunks and Goten immediately followed suit, flying right behind him to form an arrow shape. All around people on the streets gasped and pointed after them into the sky, but the warriors paid no heed to them as usual, they were used to it by now. After seeing flying people at almost every world tournament in thirty years they knew such phenomena existed, but it was still rather exciting to see someone fly for real.

For a few minutes the saiyans flew through the clouds over the western mountain regions following Vegeta. Neither of the two younger fighters knew exactly where they were going, but Trunks felt he had a good idea.

"Father, we're going back into training aren't we?" guessed Trunks. His father's comments about them becoming weak suggested it, "You know mother wouldn't let me take time off wor-"

"It's all been sorted; you'll only be gone for one day, that's all. After that you can do as you please." replied Vegeta coldly, he certainly was grumpy today, but then again he always was.

Trunks nodded, a day was long enough; he could handle that. What did he hope to achieve in just one day though? Either way he accepted that there was no way out of this training and he'd just have to go with his father's wishes.

"Can I go get my sword then?" Trunks proposed, he'd never had a chance to properly use Tapion's sword in battle since he'd received it. Back in the day he'd been too small to wield it, but now that he was the right size no opportunities presented themselves.

"Hmph, sure." Vegeta grunted, "We'll meet you there." deep down he was glad, and proud, that his son was once again displayed some interest in training, he'd got that sword years ago but not used it once in battle since then.

Trunks still didn't know exactly where 'there' was, but after he retrieved the sword from home he could just easily follow Vegeta and Goten's ki signals to guide him there. He veered off to the right, leaving Goten on his own as he flew back home.

"So Vegeta, where exactly are we going?" asked Goten after several awkward moments of steely cold silence.

"You'll see." Vegeta replied. Unknown to Goten from behind him he had a smug grin on his face as though he had a crafty trick up his sleeve. From this angle the son of Goku could see that Vegeta had re-grown his tail, confirming Trunks's suspicions about him trying to reach the fourth level, as he'd need one if he planned on doing it alone.

The air became much chiller as they rose up through the damp, claustrophobic clouds overhead; once or twice Goten even lost almost lost sight of his saiyan acquaintance. Why were they flying so high? Surely he could've got them to where they needed to go without going to this altitude where the clouds soaked his clothes and the wind interfered with his styled hair. Unless. . .

"Vegeta!" exclaimed Goten with a gasp, having finally figured it out, "We're going to the Lookout aren't we?"

After a few seconds of silence the man responded, "We're almost there."

Vegeta's harsh reply told Goten that his guess was correct, where else could they be going? Sure enough within another minute they'd passed right by Korin and Yajirobe's place and arrived on the cold surface of the Lookout.

The Lookout had been exactly how he remembered it, especially since Dende and Mr. Popo waited patiently at beside one of the pillars that supported the shrine-like building on the front half. The Lookout itself was a half-sphere shaped structure floating miles above the surface of the Earth. It was the home of the planet's guardian Dende and his faithful servant Mr. Popo. From up here the guardian could see all that was ill on his beloved planet and once he did, he informed the Z-Fighters immediately, is that why they were here? Was something wrong?

Vegeta led the way with Goten following nervously behind him along the clean, white tiled surface over towards the main building. Dende rushed out to meet them, looking far happier to see them than Vegeta did. It had been so long since Goten had been up here, in fact the last time he'd been up here for more than a few hours he'd been just seven years old and had learned to fuse with Trunks in the Room of Spirit and Time. He pondered on this for a second before switching his attention to why they were actually here, and then it hit him.

'You'll only be gone for one day, that's all' Vegeta's words echoed back and forth in his mind over and over. A year's worth of training in one day. Last time he entered though, Picollo had seen Gotenks losing the fight against Buu and in an act of selflessness blasted the only entrance, only for Buu to escape by tearing a hole in space just moments later. They escaped using the same way, but that didn't mean they could re-enter again, he presumed it to be lost forever, unless by some miracle Dende had restored it.

Vegeta reached Dende, and rudely as usual, he decided to skip with the formalities, moving straight on to the main question he had in mind. "Is it ready?"