After the death of Sirius, Harry has had enough of the Wizarding World and decides to travel. Two years later he ends up in Louisiana and winds up fascinating a certain Viking. Eric/Harry

BETA: Wise Pallas Athena

Harry breathed in the humid and slightly musty air of Louisiana. This was just what he needed after the chaos, death and destruction in Britain. Planning on staying for awhile, Harry bought an abandoned manor house just outside the small town of Bon Temps before he even landed in the States.

On his first night in Louisiana Harry went to a bar and diner that he'd seen on his way to his new manor. And, if he was lucky, someone there might know of someone reliable and trustworthy that could help him fix his home up.

Harry took in the atmosphere while eating a quick meal at Merlotte's. It had a certain rustic charm to it that made him want to eat there again. There was also the people: mostly locals that came all the time and people like him, just passing through. Leaving a generous tip for his waitress, Harry made his way to the bar to question the bartender.

"Boy, you are too young. Turn back around and walk away." Was said before he even got to the bar.

Harry smiled a little as he sat at the bar right in front of the woman. "I'm not looking for a drink. I need some construction on my manor, and since you look like you know a lot, I was hoping you could help me.

Tara was stunned. When she saw the teenage heading her way, she thought that one more cocky punk was gonna try to hit on her for a drink. But this kid sat right in front of her, not put off by her comment, and said he needed her help. Then there was the fact that he spoke with a foreign accent and seemed to have money. If needing construction on his manor was anything to go by.

"Ummm, that blonde waitress over there." Tara stumbled. "Her brother's in construction. She can give you his number and you can tell him what you want or something. Her name's Sookie Stackhouse. Tell her Tara sent you."

"Thank you." Harry said to the Tara before walking towards who he thought was Sookie Stackhouse.


"Excuse me." Sookie heard a soft voice say behind her with a British accent. Wondering if the person meant her, she turned with a smile on her face, trying to pinpoint their thoughts in her mind, but couldn't.

"What can I do for you?" Even looking directly at him didn't help her hear him, and Sookie couldn't help but wonder if he was a vampire.

"Are you Sookie Stackhouse?" He asked and continued after she nodded in the affirmative: "Tara said your brother knows something about construction. I need some work done on my house and was wondering if you could give me his number so I can contact him."

Sookie was shocked. This kid didn't look old enough to drive, let alone own a house. But on the other hand, Jason needed work and maybe this kid could help Jason get some direction in his life or simply be his friend.

"I'll do you one better. See that blonde sitting in the booth over there." Sookie pointed to a booth further in the room. "That's my brother Jason. He can help you with medium and small jobs, and can get some more guys to help if you need a big job done."

The smile he gave her was sweet as pie, and she could immediately tell that she would like him. With a thank you for her help, he made his way to Jason.


After talking with Jason for over an hour, he agreed to help Harry build an art studio in the basement, complete with a bedroom on one side. They got started the next day on cleaning everything out of the basement and then cleaning it top to bottom, once that was done they moved the bed in as well as a small dresser.

Before they could move in any more furniture or art supplied, Harry wanted to set up the lighting that he wanted. It took the rest of the day to set up track lighting since there were no windows in the basement, not that Harry wanted natural light as it would mess with his lighting system.

While moving the lights into multiple positions to see if they would work, Harry and Jason talked and got to know each other. They found that while they didn't have much in common, they liked how their different experiences and beliefs made them compatible as friends. They remained friends after the work at Harry's house was finished, talking to each other often.


Once Harry admitted that he was curiousabout the whole vampires coming 'out of the coffin' thing while doing construction. Jason wouldn't stop talking about taking him to the vampire club Fangtasia in Shreveport despite that he was under-age. Having finally agreed to accompany Jason to the club, if only to stop the nagging, Harry dressed in nice jeans that were tight in the ass and gradually got looser down his legs and a royal blue t-shirt, perfect for clubbing while not looking skanky. After all the years spent wearing Dudley's whale sized cast-offs Harry couldn't stand wearing clothes that weren't tight somewhere on his body.


Pam was bored. Manning the door at the club was always the same: fangbangers, addicts, freaks and geeks with the occasional religious nut mixed in for a change. Wishing something interesting would happen, just to deviate from this mindless repetition, Pam waited patiently, or as patiently as she could.

Around ten that night, Pam caught a faint scent on the breeze. It told her that some idiot had just done V before coming to the club. Did the idiot really not know that vampires would be able to smell that he'd just consumed vampire blood as a drug? Pinpointing who the idiot was, Pam wasn't surprised. She'd seen him at the club before, and this wasn't the first time he'd come smelling of V. Just as she was about to dismiss him, she looked at who he was talking with.

He was beautiful, even by vampire standards. Small at maybe five foot three and thinner than he any right to be, he was pale as any vampire with wild shoulder length hair as black as midnight on the new moon. Dressed in tight clothes that were attractive and accentuated his slim figure instead of making him look like he wanted to get laid by anyone who was asking, he was a study of contradictions: so innocent and young and yet attending a vampire bar.

Several people in line later, the kid was in front of her. He was even more beautiful up close, exuding a fae-like aura. She really had to tell Eric about him… Maybe after he's been exposed to his wonderful presence. With that in mind, Pam barely glanced at his companions ID before holding her hand out for his. Though she could tell he was nervous, and not about her vampire status, he handed over his real ID.

"Hmmmm, Harrison Black. Aren't you a little young to be going to such a dangerous place?" Pam purred as she studied him from under her lashes.

With his head tilted and looking contemplative, Harry answered: "I may be young but I know how to defend myself very well."

Having already decided to let him in before he was even before her, Pam let him enter after giving back his card.


Once inside the club, Jason and Harry parted ways, Jason to the bar and Harry to the dance floor. Harry loved to dance. After that disaster of the Yule Ball, he decided to stop being so self-conscious about his body and now he only danced sexy. Now that he was some-place where he wasn't famous and no one was watching his every move, Harry felt freer than he had ever in his life and he loved it.

Harry danced while blocking everything but the music, ignorant of the attention focusedon him: the vampires for his beautiful and enticing body, the mortals for catching attention from the vampires. Several minutes of dancing alone was interrupted when Harry felt hands on his waist pulling him into someone's embrace. Opening his closed lids, Harry came face to face with a leering vampire.

"Hello there pretty. Dance with me." The vampire stated confidently.

"No thanks, I'm fine by myself."

"I don't think you understand. I said dance with me." The vampire was starting to get frustrated with the mortal.

"Look." Harry turned to the vampire and looked him directly in the eyes to convey his message. "I want to dance by myself, now leave me the hell alone!"

The vampire growled, this stupid mortal was rejecting him, no one rejected him! "I want you, you want me too. We will leave here together, and you'll invite me into your house."

Harry rolled his eyes, this guy was ridiculous. "I don't want you, now leave me alone."

The vampire was shocked. This had never happened to him before, everyone else he had glamoured had done what he said, so why hadn't this mortal? And now this mortal was telling him what to do as if he were the superior species. He'd try harder on his glamour and make the kid pay.

Once the vampire growled at him and reached for his arm, Harry was ready and moved swiftly to flip the vampire over his hip. He landed face down on the floor, and since Harry hadn't released his arm but kept holding it straight and behind the body.

"You must be stupid. I said to leave me alone." With that said, Harry stomped as hard as he could on the back of the vampire's elbow to break it, knowing that it would heal and so not feeling bad about it. Hearing the body beneath his screaming and whimpering, Harry bent down so that he was once again face to face with the vampire.

"Now look into my eyes." Harry said playfully with a small smile on his lips. "You'll leave here, not bothering anyone on your way out, and you'll never go near me again."

The vampire got up and left as soon as Harry let go of his arm, not stopping or speaking to anyone on his way. The club, which had been silent as soon as Harry grabbed a vampire in aggression, was now alive with noise. Everyone was shocked: They had never seen anything like what had happened before or seen a mortal overpower a vampire.