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Age – Harry is 17 years old, nearing 18. He left Britain after Sirius died in his 5th year, then traveled for two years around the world.

Voldemort – He's still alive and terrorizing the Wizarding World. He's not too concerned with Harry now that he's left the Wizarding World, but he still wants to keep tabs on him to make sure Harry STAYS away.

On the other hand, the Order and the Ministry each want the Boy-Who-Lived back in their respective control. That'll be in later chapters, however.

Chapter 5

Sitting cross legged across from Sookie in his basement, Harry tried to explain once again how to relax and quiet the mind.

"Ok Sookie," Harry said. "Since staring into flame, visualizing water, and embracing darkness and nothingness haven't worked for you, we'll try what works for me. Tell me, are you a virgin?"

While Sookie spluttered and blushed, Harry thought about how amusing her Southern manners were and how he was about to overwhelm them in a moment. It could be teasing fuel for months if he played it right.

"I'll take it that you aren't. Now," Harry began with the most serious expression on his face that he could stand while inwardly cackling like mad in his head. "think of when you're in the midst of an orgasm, your body is thrumming with pleasure, you're exhausted, and you can't think of anything but how your body feels. Try to recreate that feeling."

As Harry let Sookie try to clear her mind, he thought about Eric. The vampire intrigued him, and turned him on like none other, not that he'd admit that to anyone, especially Eric. But he refused to be another in a long line of conquests. If Eric Northman wanted him, he'd have to work for it. Harry was extremely strong-willed, as shown by his resistance to the Imperious Curse, and he'd settle for nothing less than a full commitment.


Now that was a sound he didn't want to know the inspiration behind.

"I can't do it!"

Harry sighed, it wasn't like he could tell her what he really envisioned when he meditated. After all, what would a muggle, even such a strange one as Sookie, think when he told her he imagined himself flying at the highest speed possible. He'd have to walk her through it, using light legilimency to draw Sookie into his mind and 'show' her what occlumency felt like.

Scooting closer to Sookie on his butt until they were face to face with their knees touching, Harry gently lifted her face until they were looking right at each other and held it in that position.

"Look into my eyes." And with that, Harry dove into her mind, wrapped his consciousness around hers, and drew her into his mind.


As Sookie looked into Harry's eyes, she grew entranced with their color. The green iris seemed to be swirling around the pupil, while the pupil itself seemed to dilate and contract in time with her heart.

Sookie was soon gasping, feeling like she was drowning in Harry's eyes, unable to look away or even blink. All of a sudden, she couldn't breathe and felt like something was pressing in on her from all sides.

Then it was quiet. Absolute silence and consuming blackness. It was wonderful! It was fantastic! It was like nothing she had ever experienced before in her life, and it was so similar to what Harry had done to her from the Merlotte's parking lot.

Wanting to ask Harry what he had done, Sookie became frightened when she discovered that she couldn't move or speak. Sookie's heart started to race and her breathing increased as panic threatened to take over.

Then, like a bell in the darkness, she heard his voice all around and inside her.

"Don't be afraid." Harry said, projecting calm toward Sookie.

Like magic, Harry banished the fear, and Sookie found that while she could now speak, she still couldn't move. Harry's voice seemed to have the effect of a powerful drug, since her inability to move didn't garner more than an acknowledgment.

"What's happening to me?" Even Sookie's voice sounded like she was high.

Instead of hearing an answer, Sookie saw a bright light in the distance with a dark figure walking toward her. Unable to make the person out with the light behind them, Sookie hesitantly began searching for an escape or an object to hide behind, anything to protect herself.

"Calm down." It was Harry's voice again, but this time he sounded closer.

Relieved that it was Harry making his way to her, Sookie could now concentrate on using the light to look around herself. Except there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was like she was still in that black void of before.

Finally Harry was right in front of her, the light had mellowed and appeared to be glowing softly from beneath them, but there was nothing else… wherever they were.

"Where are we?" This time Sookie was in awe. It was so silent, almost like when she was with Bill, except this time there was complete silence, like a vacuum in space. The only thing she could hear was their breathing, all she could feel was the beat of her heart.

"We're in my mind. I brought you here to show you what silence feels like."

As Sookie digested the fact that Harry could apparently control minds like it was nothing, she took the time to really listen and feel the silence that he controlled. She had never experienced anything like it before in her life, and as she continued to listen, her mind seemed to calm and become silent as well. It felt… different, but nice.


After the experience Harry had given her, Sookie became more determined then ever to learn whatever he had to teach her.