Final chapter- this is SuperherogirlCat's comic, rewritten in fanfiction form by moi. The actual comic is initially in Logan's POV, but just so it all fits in, this is mostly third person. It's also three days after Kurt's full recovery ;) Enjoy!

Here he was again. Same old story. At the edge of the danger zone, about to cross into enemy territory. His senses were on full alert.

His enemy was lying in wait out there. He could feel it. They'd played this hunter/prey game before.

He's good, but I'm better.
I think.

He'd been standing right there, not too long ago. Logan could smell him. Fur. Brimstone. That stupid cologne he wore to cover up the brimstone…

Well, Logan wasn't going to stand there all damn day. He had to get to class in five minutes, and the enemy hadn't made a move yet.

Alright. Time to make my move.

Every sense strained, he tested the air around him. Clear! If he ran he could make it…

"Hey, Logan!"



"Gah!" A cold splat to the back of the head, and icy slush trickling down his neck and shirt, his satchel falling to the ground.


"Oh, you're going DOWN, blue boy!" Logan bit back his laughter, but couldn't smother the smile that came to his face. Which didn't matter, seeing the cheeky grin on his friend's face as the chase began.

"You'll have to catch me first!"

Professor Xavier was not amused. His words to Hank a few weeks prior came back to haunt him.

"Gentlemen, this is the third time in as many days that you two have been unreasonably late for classes. I don't need to tell you how concerned this makes me." At least, he hoped not. If he did, things were a lot worse than he had initially thought. "The only excuse you've bothered to give is that you were playing tag." Charles was struck by a sense of déjà vu, the memory and the thought of this becoming a real habit almost making him grimace. "Do you have anything to say for yourselves?"

Logan and Kurt looked at one another. They remembered the first incident too, and the same thought they'd unanimously had then returned now.

Worth it.

The end. You like?