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Summary: After Sirius' death Harry is desperate and is about to commit suicide. In the last moments he makes a death wish. Fate hears his wish and grants it. Harry Potter's life starts out anew but quite different than he might have imagined...

Night Of Fate

01. fate

He glanced at the sharp knife in his hands. Eight centimeters of stainless steel would end his life tonight. As simple as that. He had never imagined that he would go so unspectacular. One swift cut and he would be gone. No more pain. No more loss. No more tears. No more feelings.

Those emotions that hurt him, that made him want to cry, that made him want to die. He did not want to feel. Never and never again. But they would not go away. They always came back to haunt him, they did not leave him alone not even when he was sleeping. In his nightmares he was seeing the pictures, the faces of those who were gone before him. Who had left him alone and only came back to torture him over and over again. He could not stand it. The pain was too much to bear.

He had no more strength to put the past behind and certainly not to shoulder the future that was waiting for him. She called his name with the sweet voice of death. If he had to die, why should it not be now? He could grant himself a quick and easy death. The future only held more loss and suffering before he died.

He brought the knife up to the soft flesh of his throat. The cool metal touched his skin almost like a lover's caress. It taunted and invited him to lean into it. He moaned in happiness. His head felt light from the sensation of holding the instrument that would finally set him free. He would decide for himself. As long as he still could. And he would wake up from the nightmare that his life was.

He just felt a sting of pity for those who he would leave behind. His friends, who were almost like a family for him. But they were strong. They had each other to rely on and help them get by. Tonight he would fulfill the prophecy. He would create a new world. And he would finally find peace for himself.

He sighed and closed his eyes. It would not hurt. Not compared to what he had already felt. There was no physical pain that could possibly match the emotional he already had endured. He had made the best decision. There was no point in living on. The world would dive into the darkness but he would not dive with it.

With a last flicker of emotion that came close to sadness and regret he thought of what could have been if life had been more kind to him. The prophecy had not explicitly referred to him. The fact that it now did was based on the decision of a mentally disturbed man who had had the insane idea of seeing himself in an one year old infant.

Silent tears ran down his cheeks and his hand started to shake. The razor sharp knife cut his skin and blood trickled down his throat. He did not even feel it. With closed eyes he sat there, frozen, silently crying. One bitter thought cursed through his mind: Why me? Why couldn't it have been Neville? Why me? Why not him?

He thought that he pleaded to no one, used to being alone, used to not being heard.

But in this particular night he was heard.

Fate noticed his desperation and heard his plea. She knew what he was going to do, what the future would bring. And that future must not happen. So, in order to prevent the future, she had to undo the present by changing the past.

Sometimes Fate took a liking to certain beings. One of them was Harry Potter.

And as Harry Potter was about to slit his throat, truth became reality and reality became surreality which is lie.

Everything changed. Everything started out anew. This time destiny would work out correctly. Harry Potter would not be the nemesis, he would be the catalyst.

Time unraveled and everything faded into nothing.

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