I know you hate those announcements because I do, too. But sometimes they are unfortunately necessary ... to keep you update. So please bear in mind, I'm not trying to be mean here I want to benefit you.

So, I have posted some similar announcement on my profile but as I don't know how many of you actually go there to read it I decided to put up this A/N.

The future of this story:

Night Of Fate is NOT abandoned, it is just undergoing a little hiatus, unwillingly I might add. I did not plan to leave it alone for so long and now after almost half a year (!)... shame on me ... I think I have not grasped the story's full potential. I am actually not pleased with the style anymore so I'm going to rewrite most of it...

The rough plotline is NOT going to change. I will post all of the already existing, then rewritten chapters, as soon as I'm done and also marking the point when truely new chapters are on again.

So you don't have to reread what you have already read just to check if my style developed to the better... although you might want to get a reminder after the long hiatus. If you actually remeber some of it...^^ I'd welcome it if you told me whether you think I really did improve...

Thank you for your patience!