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"Done," the blond said with a sigh of relief.

"It looks good brother," said the second, taller blond.

"You're sure you didn't mess up, right?" came the worried voice of the third blond, the only girl among the three.

"Come on Win, we've been perfecting the designs for years. This circle is just what we need."

"Just be careful brother, we know you want your arm and leg back, but it won't do any good if we lose the rest of you."

"I know, I know!"

"Edward," Winry nearly shouted, "I don't even know anything about alchemy, but I know this is dangerous, so be careful!"

"You got it," he said, taking off his jacket, and laying it outside the transmutation circle. He stepped over the drawn lines, and into the nearly finished middle.

"Here goes nothing," he said, being sure to mask his apprehension. He bit his thumb just hard enough to draw a small amount of blood. Winry wrung her hands as she watched him bend over and finish the circle with his blood. She took a deep breath at the same time he did, and braced herself.

His hands met the ground, laying over their proper places in the transmutation circle. He shuddered as an unwelcome wave of nostalgia reminded him of the last time he had been in the middle of a transmutation circle. He pushed past the uncomfortable feeling and activated the circle.

The blue light danced across the room, the power of it flinging Winry's hair back, and forcing her to shield her eyes. The sound of wind and electricity filled the room, while small bolts of energy flew through the air. Before she could uncover her eyes to watch the process, a sudden change of the blue light to a dark violet, and a strangled yell from Al dropped her heart to the soles of her feet.

As soon as he had activated the circle Ed knew there was going to be trouble. He could tell that the current of power was disrupted somewhere by the intense alchemic spikes he felt pulsing through his body. He quickly tried to think of a way to end the transmutation before something went wrong, but he knew that if he cut the transmutation short, the rebound would destroy everything in the room, including the two people he cared about most. Moments after the light being emitted had changed to the dangerous violet color he felt the cold hands of The Truth begin to creep across his body. Powerless to stop it, he could only watch as they took hold of his body and -pulled him through a dark rift behind him. The shrill scream of his name was the last thing they heard before the portal closed, leaving him alone with the multitude of dark hand pulling him towards some unknown destination.

The Avatar sat in his usual meditative position, trying to clear his mind before starting his day. He sat on a stone outcrop in the Eastern air temple, enjoying the wind whipping around him. In the four years since the end of the war Aang had become an ambassador of peace, and traveled the world ending disputes. In his free time he alternated between the remaining air temples, rebuilding each as time permitted. His mind slipped into his meditative state, his eyes closing and his breathing slowed. He didn't know how much time had passed when he began to feel the call of the spirit world, something he hadn't felt in a few years. He felt himself being pulled away to commune with his past lives. He opened his eyes, not the least bit surprised to find himself surrounded by a familiar blue mist. A few seconds later he felt a friendly presence approaching, and was soon greeted by Avatar Roku.

"Avatar Aang," Roku said, smiling at the younger avatar.

"Avatar Roku!" Aang exclaimed, "It's been a while."

"Indeed it has," Roku agreed just before his expression turned serious.

"I'm sorry I only contact you when there is an emergency, but an old prophecy has come to pass, one that could begin a potentially cataclysmic chain of events."

"I was not aware there were prophecies," Aang said after a moment.

"Few are. The prophecies come from a city, shielded from the rest of the world. You must travel there, and help them to discern between which prophesies are true; and which are false."

"How do I know where to start?" Aang asked, bewildered.

Roku took a deep breath, his eyes glazed over and his voice took on the voices of his thousand lives past.

Through a portal travels a blond

Tearing asunder a special bond

Should his powers be put to evil

This world will be rent in two.

"So who is this person?" Aang asked after a few silent minutes.

"I don't know," Roku said, his voice returning to normal. "The people at Oasha should be able to help you."


"The hidden city of prophets," Roku explained. "You'll find it located in the Earth kingdom desert. The library had been the last visible remnant of the city, the rest has been hidden beneath the sand."

"How am I supposed to find a sunken city in a desert that large?" Aang asked in exasperation.

"I have no other ways to help you Avatar Aang. I am truly sorry, but keep in mind the information I was able to provide. Good luck."

Aang felt his spiritual body being pulled back, and opened his eyes to the noonday sun.

"Trips to the spirit world always take forever," he grumbled.

He got up slowly; his joints popping in protest to the hours spend unmoving. He stood up and stretched, reaching his arms towards the sky.

"Better get going," he said to no one, turning back towards the temple to grab his traveling gear. He wandered automatically towards the room he had been using as his own, his attention focused inward, trying to plan his next move. His hands moved of their own accord, putting clothes and food in his travel pack while his mind was miles away. He was back outside before he snapped back to reality, surprised that he was packed and ready to go.

"Well that takes care of that I suppose," he said, placing his stuff on the ground and walking over to where he had stashed Appa's saddle. He quickly used airbending to move the saddle over to where it would be easier to put it on the bison. Once he set it down, he grabbed the whistle from around his neck, and blew the silent call.

All was quiet for a moment, but soon Appa's complaints at being woken up could be heard getting closer. The large animal set down in front of the avatar, being sure to let him know that he was quite displeased at being woken from his nap.

"I know, buddy," the young avatar replied while fitting the saddle in place. "But we've got something important to do."

He absentmindedly tightened the saddle, as he went through the people he could ask for help.

"I could get the whole gang back together," he said, running the idea past the bison. The grunt from the bison was in line with his own thinking. He knew that he could use all the help he could get, but he still felt a little uncomfortable around Katara, and had ever since their split the year before.

"Besides, Sokka doesn't need any more cactus juice, does he buddy?" Aang laughed as he grabbed the reigns. "Come on Momo!" he shouted to the lemur that had showed up to see what all the excitement was about. "We're gonna go give Toph a visit!"

"Yip yip!"