I peered into the mirror, half expecting to see nothing.

Aesthetically, I realized, the change was to my advantage. My skin was far paler than any makeup artist's touch; there was a deep red unattainable by eyeshadow under my eyes; the eyes themselves were dark, deep, filled with the enigmatic mystery of immortality... what I'd always coveted in vampires.

Yes, vampires. The change is quick, but very painful, and the empty feeling where your heart had been—where your soul had been—is not worth the agony of transformation.

However, I didn't know that then, in my young and impressionable human state, and that it was that state that the hunters in nightmares dreamed of—tender, young flesh, opening so easily under razor sharp teeth, spilling its crimson elixir.

Because of this, I was easily drawn in to the the shadow stalker's trap.

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