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"Gemini," Dr. Director said with a satisfied smirk as she saw her twin brother surrounded by her agents. She took a few steps forward, determined to take a good look at the look of defeat on his face. "It's been so long."

Much to her chagrin, however, Gemini looked anything but defeated. He just grinned back, apparently unimpressed. "Not long enough," he stated, his grip on Stoppable still firm.

The boy's gaze shifted back and forth between them. "You two know each other?"

Gemini's only eye narrowed as he kept glaring at his sister. "Oh, we go way back…"

Betty frowned in concentration, her eyes fixed on the algebra problem in front of her. The teacher was reading the newspaper, thus failing to notice how most students were whispering to each other, trying to cheat. However, she ignored it – she could do it by herself, she was sure she could. She just needed to concentrate.

If I take the exponents of the denominator and subtract them from the exponents of the numerator…

Her concentration, however, was interrupted as something lightly hit the back of her head – a crumpled ball of paper. She turned in annoyance, thinking someone had tried to pass a suggestion to some other student and missed, but she immediately understood it wasn't the case as she saw her twin brother grinning at her from his desk, a couple of rows behind hers – the first row in class was the only thing he didn't try to get from her since he preferred to stay hidden by the teacher's gaze.

No, there had been no mistake – it was directed to her, and there was definitely no suggestion written on it: it was just Sheldon being his annoying self.

"Very funny," she silently mouthed, with the only result of being hit on the forehead by another ball of paper. She turned back to her notebook with a growl, causing Sheldon to smirk – it was always fun annoying her like that, he thought, then his smirk vanished as he glanced back to the algebra problem…which he had absolutely no idea how to solve.

Maybe, if he took the denominator…no, the numerator…no, the denominator of the exponent…no, wait, it was the other way around. So, the exponent…yes, the exponent! The exponent of the…the…numerator? Denominator? What was the difference anyway?

"Hey!" Sheldon yelped a little as something suddenly hit his forehead and fell on his desk – thankfully the teacher hadn't heard, for he had instinctively kept his voice low. He glanced down to see the pen that had just hit him – Betty's spare pen. He looked up just in time to see her turning back to her notebook, a satisfied grin on her face.

A similar grin spread on his own face.

Raising the stake, eh, baby sister?

All the students sitting between the first and the fourth row sighed as they tried to stay as low as they could while a few other items – pencils, pens, notebooks, paperclips and even a chewed gum – were thrown back and forth above their heads. A few of them chuckled, but most of them just rolled their eyes – it was just the Director twins being themselves after all: everything normal in a normal day. Their next step was surely going to be the principal's office – it was just a matter of when the teacher would raise her gaze form the newspaper to see them.

The moment came as a pen thrown by Sheldon narrowly missed Betty's head and hit the newspaper that Ms. Colson was holding in front of her face. The whole class froze as she put it down with a sigh to glance at them – even though she hadn't seen what had happened, the scene had repeated itself so many times that she didn't even have any doubt about the responsibles anymore.

"Elizabeth, Sheldon," she said smoothly, not even bothering to go through the effort of sounding angry – was there ever a point with those two? "I think you both know the way to the principal's office, don't you?"

"This is all your fault," Sheldon muttered as he cleaned another old trophy – twenty trophies cleaned, a thousand more to go, he thought grimly.

"What?" Betty protested, stopping for a moment to mop the shelves "you are the one who started! And it was you to hit Ms. Colson's newspaper!"

"I had just thrown a paper ball – if you hadn't started to throw other stuff, she wouldn't have noticed."

"Oh, right – so I should have just stayed quiet while you kept throwing stuff at me, eh?"

"That would have been nice," Sheldon said somewhat grumpily, but he was smirking as he ducked to avoid being hit by a wet mop. Betty just shrugged and went back to mop the shelves – she wasn't that mad either: it wasn't the first detention they got, and it surely wouldn't be the last. If she let it bother her too much, she would go insane in less than three days.

"…well, that was fun anyway," Sheldon finally said after a long silence.

Betty raised an eyebrow. "Fun? I have other ideas of fun rather than spending a detention mopping with my annoying twin."

"Older brother."

"Twin," she repeated a little more forcefully "and what did you find so funny anyway?"

"Hey, principal Merrill's face was a sight, wasn't it?" he snickered "he looked like he was about to explode. As if he didn't look like a bloat toad already."

She shook her head disapprovingly, but a slight smile curled her lips. "Sheldon, you should show more respect…"

"How can you respect someone like that?" he simply asked, then he straightened his back and cleared his throat just like the principal always did "the two of you, again! Will you ever learn? It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye…!" he quoted him in such a perfect imitation of the principal's croaky voice that Betty just couldn't stay serious anymore.

"Alright, now knock it off," she said with a brief laughter "we still have an awful lot of work to do, so less moping and more mopping."

"Hey, you can't boss me around! I'm the big brother here!"

"I'm not bossing you – you're free to waste your time the way you prefer," she said with a shrug as she began mopping again "after all, it's not like I'm the one who would have to stay here the whole afternoon after slacking instead of cleaning."

He grunted. "Killjoy," he muttered, but he resumed his mopping without any further discussion.

"So, who's faster now?" Betty called over her shoulder as she kept pedalling as fast as she could, ignoring her own panting breath and her muscles begging her to go take it easy – she was winning the race, and she definitely wasn't going to give up now!

"It's just because you got a better bike than mine!" Sheldon protested, pedalling faster as well – he wouldn't let her win!

"Aw, please – they're identical!"

"Not true," he panted, but his lips curled into a grin as he glanced at the sidewalk "but I'll win anyway!"

"Hey, that's cheating!" Betty protested as her brother got with his bike on the sidewalk, surpassing her.

"Why? We never talked about any 'don't go on the sidewalk' rule before," he triumphantly yelled back, turning to look at her…and thus failing to see the small creature that stepped just a few feet ahead of him.

"Sheldon, look out!"

"What…?" the boy turned to look ahead just in time to see something resembling a large rat standing in his way. He instinctively tried to avoid it, but he lost his balance and fell heavily on the ground. "Ow!" he groaned, getting the bike off him and rubbing his sore elbow, and he blinked as he saw that the rat that had caused him to fall was walking towards him waving its tail.

Wait a minute…

"Hey, you're a dog," he said, reaching out, and he smiled a little as the chihuahua licked his hand "and a nice one. What the heck were you doing here?" he asked, picking it up.

"Are you okay?" Betty asked, parking her bike near the sidewalk and walking up to him "you almost crashed against the…what is it?"

"It's a she," Sheldon corrected her as he petted the dog, who clearly appreciated his attentions. She yelped and rolled on her back to have him scratch his belly, and he immediately complied. "And it's a dog. Well, a small one, but still a dog. Wasn't there a name for this breed?"

She observed the small creature. "A chihuahua?"

"Yep, that's it," he nodded, grinning as the dog began sniffing his shirt, still waving its tail as it tried to lick his hand face "and her name is Mimi."

"Does she have a collar?"

"No, I think she's a stray dog. Either that, or someone decided to dump her," he grimaced – he knew a lot of people did so "look at her, she's skinny! How about giving her something to eat? I think there are some leftovers left, and no one is eating those anyway, so-"

Betty blinked. "Wait. You just gave her a name?"


"In less than twenty seconds?"


"And you want to keep it."

"Am I that predictable?"

"Well, considering that you already gave it a name…" she sighed, smiling a little as she glanced at the yelping dog who was squirming to lick her brother's face "how do you plan to convince mom to keep her?"

"Don't worry, I have my ways," Sheldon said, getting up from the ground and brushing away the dust from his clothes with his left hand while he kept the dog cradled in his right arm.

"Are you going to whine and beg like when you wanted a new teddy bear?"

He growled as he got his bike back on its wheels, limping a little since he had also his knee in the fall. "Shut up, Betty," he said, his grumpy expression making her snicker for a while. Yeah, that was definitely something that always restored her good mood.

Her good mood, however, promptly evaporated barely ten minutes after they got home, as soon as she answered to the phone to hear a familiar voice from the other side of the line. "Hello, Betty."

Oh, great. "Hi, dad," she finally said, trying her best to sound somewhat glad for his phone call – when had it been the last time he had even bothered calling anyway? It had to be months ago, she didn't remember clearly…but she did remember how awful her brother's mood had been for days after the phone call.

"How are you doing? How about school?"

"Fine, I guess," she paused, trying to think of anything else she could say – she felt like she was trying to speak of personal matters with a total stranger, and it was awkward "I'm going to represent the school at the regional gymnastics competition, and Sheldon became the football team captain. He's the quarterback."

"Sounds great," Gerald Director said, but it was clear he wasn't nearly as interested as he wanted to sound, and Betty suddenly felt enraged. Why did he keep doing that? Why did he have to put them and himself through this? Couldn't he just stop calling? It would be easier for everyone.

"Yeah," was all she said, leaning against the wall and turning to look at Sheldon – he was sitting on the couch, apparently oblivious of the phone call, but the tenseness in his back and the fact he simply kept staring one point ahead of him as he absentmindedly petted Mimi told her otherwise.

"And, hum…how's you mother doing?"

Working her butt off to keep things going, as usual – thanks to you. Why should you care?

"Fine," was all she said, suddenly wishing nothing more but ending that phone call "look, dad, I have a lot to stuff to do here…"

"Oh," was all Gerald said, sounding both disappointed and oddly relieved "and…is you brother there?"

Betty covered the receiver with her hand and turned to her brother. "Sheldon…?"

"Tell him to go to hell."

"No, he's not here…yes, he's busy with the football team and so on…yes, I'll tell him you said hi. Okay. Bye."

Sheldon snorted as she hung the phone. "That's not exactly what I said."

"If you want to tell him to go to hell, do that yourself," Betty snapped, sitting on the couch and grabbing her book. She expected him to say something about her incapability to even refer a message, but he just shrugged.

"That would require speaking to him," he said coldly, smiling just a little as Mimi rolled onto her back to have him scratching her belly, and he immediately did so.

"You can't keep avoiding him for the rest of your life."

"Of course not – just for the rest of his life."

Betty opened her mouth to speak, but she closed it without saying anything as she remembered the hurt, angered look on Sheldon's face when they had seen their father getting out of home with a luggage in his hand one day they got back from school earlier than usual. Gerald Director had stopped in his tracks for a few moments, staring at his children, then he had just muttered something that sounded much like 'sorry' and had walked past them and into his car without turning once.

It hadn't been easy for any of them, but Sheldon seemed to have taken it much worse than anyone else – he probably thought of it as some kind of betrayal, and Betty honestly couldn't tell if it was just because he had left or because he had tried to do so without saying anything to them and with the hope of avoiding them as he got away. The escape of a coward, he had said back then, and he didn't seem to have changed his mind one bit. And, for one time's sake, Betty agreed with him – actually, that was pretty much the only thing they agreed about.

"Mom called while you were outside with the dog," she finally said, trying to change subject "she said she's working late today."

"I got it," Sheldon said with a sigh as he got up, leaving Mimi on the couch "so, are we going to explore the murky depths of the fridge or we're just going to order a pizza?"

"I'm voting for the second option. Last time you set the kitchen on fire, remember?"

"What? It was you who set it on fire!"

"Liar! It was you, while trying to make cheese fries!"

"Oh, yeah? Why don't we just ask mom what happened?"

"Don't be a kid, mom wasn't even here when it happened! You know it was you!"

"Don't give me that, we both know that you are the only one clumsy enough to set stuff on fire!"


"Yes!" Sheldon grinned as he ducked just in time to avoid the book she had thrown against him. "See? You're clumsy," he said before picking up the book "hey, I was just looking for this. Thanks, baby sister."

"Hey, that's mine!" she protested, leaping forward to get it back, but Sheldon just held it away from her reach – did he just have to be taller than she was?

"But I have it now."

"I was reading that!"

"So what? Go looking for another one. I'm the older brother, and I get to read it first."

Betty scowled. "You aren't even interested in it – you just want it because I have it!"

"That's not true! I am interested in…uh…" he glanced at the book's cover "…criminal psychology?"

"See? You didn't even know what it was about!" she snapped, taking advantage of his distraction to snatch it away from his hand "and I'm not your baby sister!"

"Oh yes, you are!"

"By four minutes."

"It could be four years for all I care," he said stubbornly "I'm older – end of the story."

"Yeah, right," Betty said, rolling her eyes as she grabbed the phone: she really wasn't up for another argument "so, pizza?"

From the couch, Mimi barked enthusiastically. "What she said," Sheldon said with a shrug, causing Betty to sigh and shake her head with a mildly amused smile.

"Forget it."

"But, mom…"

"No buts, Sheldon – we are not keeping any dog, and that's final!" Theresa said, trying to sound as stern as she could as she sat on the couch, rubbing her temples – it had surely been a hard day at work, Betty mused from the kitchen as she prepared a cup of tea for her mother. Sheldon could choose a better moment to ask her to keep the dog, then again he had no choice since Theresa had demanded an immediate explanation when she had seen the small creature walking towards her as she got inside, waving its tail. And when she wanted an explanation, it was generally a good idea to give her one – a valid explanation. And quickly.

Betty smiled a little as she remembered their mother's stunned expression upon seeing the dog and tried to listen to what her brother was saying.

"But she has no place to go," Sheldon protested again, still holding Mimi to his chest while trying to prevent her from licking is face "if I send her away, she might be run down by a car, or…" he paused and frowned, clearly trying to find some way to move his mother "or she would starve, or attacked by some bigger dog, or she would be caught and sent to the dog-pound – and she wouldn't last long in a place like that. And you know what happens when they don't find an owner for a dog, right?" he said, his voice sounding suddenly grim. Betty had to admit he did deserve some drama points.

Theresa sighed, running her hand through her already greying hair and trying to not look at the dog who was friendly looking at her. "Yes, I know, and it's terrible – but we cannot keep every single dog-"

"Not every single dog, just her!" Sheldon insisted excitedly – his mother had begun showing signs of weakness, which meant she would give up sooner or later. It was only a matter of choosing the right words.

"Well…" she seemed to hesitate, then she shook her head "no, I'm sorry, I don't have the energy to run after a dog," she said, and it was true. She was not so young anymore, though she usually preferred to avoid thinking there were only a few years left to her sixtieth birthday and that some of her friends were grandparents already.

It hadn't been her intention to wait for so long before having children, and she had spent the first ten years of her marriage trying to have at least one – but she never got pregnant, and she had eventually given up on the hope she could someday be a mother when one of the doctors at the hospital she worked in told her she was most likely sterile. It hadn't been easy, but she had gotten used to the idea – her relationship with her husband was starting to deteriorate already, and the situation wasn't stable enough for children – so she had been glad enough when she had apparently gotten in menopause about eighteen years earlier. Little she knew that the 'menopause' was actually Sheldon and Elizabeth. Twins, nonetheless – as if fate had suddenly decided to make up for the lost time, she always mused with a chuckle.

The doctor who had told her she was sterile had been stunned. He had told her that those children were a true gift, and that he doubted it would happen again, so she better be grateful for their birth since she was very unlikely to ever have any other child. And even though she adored her children more than anything in the world, she had been rather happy to know they would be the only unexpected gift she got. When you're no longer a spring chicken and your relationship with your husband could be described as strained at best, such gifts are hardly as welcomed as they could be in other situations.

"But you wouldn't have to!" her son was going on "I would take care of her, really! I'll feed her, keep her in the backyard, and I'll bring her out before I go to school, when I get back and after dinner. And if she does any mess, I'll clean up. Honest!"

Theresa raised an eyebrow. "You, cleaning up? Am I dreaming?" she chuckled, reaching for her cup of tea "thanks, Betty. How was your day?" she asked, feeling mildly guilty for not asking her first, busy as she was negotiating with Sheldon about the dog. She didn't have many regrets – fine, maybe marrying Gerald hadn't been her brightest idea ever, but it had still resulted with Sheldon and Betty's birth, so it he couldn't really regret it – but the fact she had so little time for her children was the biggest regret.

Betty shrugged. "It was fine," she said, deciding to not mention the detention and their father's phone call – it would only spoil her fairly good mood "nothing special. Anyway," she added, glancing at the dog "how about letting Sheldon try his way? Give him a week, and if he can't look after the dog we'll look for another owner," she said reasonably, fully knowing Theresa had already mellowed and was about to give up, and she had to hold back a grin when she saw the stunned expression on her brother's face – neither of them could recall when it was last time they had been helping out each other to convince their mother about something.

Their mother seemed just as surprised. "Well…" she glanced at the dog and smiled a little "I guess we could try. Just a few more things, Sheldon – you'll have to pay for her food, toys and stuff with your own money. And pay back for whatever thing she might break," she paused "and if it works out, I'll pay for the vaccinations and half of the bills for the vet when she needs it – the rest is on you. Alright?"

"Alright!" Sheldon exclaimed, almost gloating as he scratched Mimi's ears "hey, did you hear that? You can stay!" he said, causing the dog to bark enthusiastically.

"For now," Theresa pointed out, but she was smiling "why don't you start with feeding her? We have some meat balls left in the fridge. Put them in a bowl and leave them outside," she suggested, and she shook her head in amusement as her son nodded and rushed to the kitchen, closely followed by Mimi "how did you two find that dog anyway?"

Betty shrugged. "He almost ran over it with his bike," she said "next thing I know, he had already given it a name and was bringing it home."

Her mother laughed. "Odd, he never seemed to care much about dogs."

"Well, it' kinda easy getting fond on that one. It's a friendly little thing."

"Yes, it is. Well, I guess we'll just have to see if your brother keeps his word and doesn't grow tired of it."

"I just hope he has a better care of it than he had for my gerbil," Betty said, frowning slightly at the thought.

"Betty, you were only five and he just thought it wouldn't hurt if he made it take a bath…"

"And he drowned it in the sink."

Theresa grinned somewhat sheepishly. "It wasn't his intention."

"No, but it was the result," Betty replied, grinning a little herself at the memory. Sheldon had actually been mortified for that accident: he was rather fond on that gerbil as well.

"Look on the bright side – with the two of you here, there is no risk of getting bored," her mother said, causing her to laugh.

"Bored? Hardly," she said. As if to confirm her words, Sheldon suddenly got out of the kitchen and rushed upstairs.

"The upper bunk is mine!" he yelled over his shoulder, causing Betty to jump on her feet again.

"What? No way – it's my turn to sleep there tonight!"

"Forget it. I am the older brother, and I get the upper bunk!"

"Older my-" whatever she said next was thankfully spared to her mother's ears, for she was already stomping upstairs.

Theresa couldn't help but chuckle slightly as she heard some shouting and then the unmistakable sound of the usual hand-slap fight coming from upstairs. No, she thought as she sipped her tea, boredom was definitely not among their problems.