I said I wished a kiss in the heat of the battle. Here we go. Kishi, it's not because I wrote it you don't need to makes it canon anymore. You understand that? Yeah. Thanks.

To Beautiful from You Stronger

Means one more wish

The air was tight, it was hard to breath. Dirt dust was floating everywhere, it was hard to see. The pressure was palpable and Karin was slightly shaking from it, she knew she would never really get used to it. Rocks exploded from a particularly powerful hit that Juugo missed and she covered her face with her arms to protect herself from the little pieces flying everywhere around her. Suigetsu screamed and Sasuke ran toward the enemies, lightning glowing blue in his hand.

She held her breath, unable to scream because of the pressure. Sasuke hit him right but he took a blast from another he hadn't saw coming. He backed away quick with the last of his effort and she ran toward him, tossing her clothing open. Blood was coming from everywhere and the pressure was gone. He was on the ground panting and cursing when she reached him. She kneeled and offered him her neck.

Juugo screamed and some more little rocks were thrown at them. Sasuke glanced at her before sinking his teeth into her skin. Karin screamed, first from hurt then from the indescribable feeling of her chakra leaving her in profit of Sasuke. It was tickling all over inside as he sucked and her toes curled up in pleasure.

He backed away, their eyes locking together as none of the both moved. Suigetsu screamed some colourful insults and was responded too in the same colourful manner. Sasuke understood what was going to really happen when the ground shacked under them. They were not coming out alive of this and none of them could ran away, not even her. They were only four, he had lost the count of how many enemies they had. Sure, they were strong, stronger than those but they were outnumbered. He read the same understanding in Karin's eyes. She could have turned angry at him for not doing the right thing for them but she didn't. She faintly smiled, he knew she was ready to die a long time ago, without him she would gave been long gone.

He brought his hand to her cheek and she pressed her face against him palm. He was saying farewell and they both knew it.

"Eh!" screamed Suigetsu. "Sasuke! We need help here!"

He kissed her and she kissed back immediately, not taken aback for a second. If he was to die, he preferred having it done, he was dying to do that since too long already. And maybe the acceptation of their upcoming death made him want her just more.

"Fuck! Sasuke! No time for that!"

He broke and stood up. Without any words he jumped back in the battle, at least they would fight to the dead. Karin bitted on her bottom lip, still feeling his tongue brushing against it. The pressure was back, stronger than before.