OK I will reopen one shots on the condition I get a one shot in return. I just have one rule. No same sex parings.

Now for my one shot I ask for the characters to be in character as much as possible; no evil Akatsuki Kain -it happened before- or happy hyper Kaname Kuran -just an example- I have three ideas that I will let you chose between. Well more than two ideas but what do you think will be more interesting

A) Me -the real me but the name will be changed- on a school -or family- trip to Japan and something happens where we meet or get involved with the vampires.

B) I am a witch that lives in the Moon Dorms due to a request my parents made and I'd give more detail if you choose B

C) I am a witch/Vampire cross breed -though am unware of the vampire blood in me- and am hunted by both hunters and the vampire council to use as a weapon.

For a Two shot I will agree to a sequel to your one shot as well or a different one shot

1) Name:
2) Looks:
3) Age:
4) Sex:
5) Personaility:
6) What are you? Vampire/Human/Half vampire half human/other:
7) If other what is it: (Anything but Vampire hunter, that's still human)
8) If vampire what Level:
9) If vampire what power:
10) If Level-D/E vampire who turned you, when and why:
11) You crush (just one)
12) Friends:
13) Best friends:
14) Enimes and why:
15) Are you in the Moon or Sun Dorm:
16) Are you in the Night or Day class:
17) Family:
18) Likes:
19) Dislikes:
20) Do you know about vampire:
21) Are you a prefect:
22) If prefect, what's your weapon:
23) give me your thoughts on.

KANAME'S BODYGUARD (forgot her name):
15) other info you want me to know: (If you want something pacific to happen in the story; like someone gets killed, or bitten, then tell me)
1) You are a new student and see the Night Class. Who catches your eye first?
2) (Your human) You are alone with one of the Night Class boys. You ether know that he is a vampire or you don't. What do you do and what do you think.
3) (Your vampire) You smell blood. Would you drink it?