Author's Note: This story contains high amounts of Mary Sue-ism, and at first I didn't know really what that was, like in chapters 10 and 11, which I wrote when I was like ten before I even knew what fan fictions were. Anyway, later, with chapters 1 - 9 and everything after 11, I pretty much made her a Sue on purpose. There's also a lot of self-insertion because the character of Cinnamon is based off of me and I believe she's the past-life version of me. Alternate Universe stuff too because she's from another planet. This crosses over Dracula (which was bullshit in and of itself, sorry to say), the as-yet-unpublished Tainted Age of Innocence series by me, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling (sorry in advance for raping your books!) and probably Pet Shop of Horrors by Matsuri Akino (same to you). I do respect the works of Rowling and Akino, but after my 'sister' whitetyger1317 (maybe not on this site but on others) started trying to play godmod with MY series, I stopped taking it too seriously and now I'm just letting it flow, yo.

Before this story is begun, a few things should be explained about Celestial (also called Drakoste) culture. And here they are:

+ Celestia is a matriarchy, making males ineligible for the throne.

+ Most people are surnamed after birds, but some are surnamed after other animals. Dracula is, obviously, a foreigner. He and Setsuna met-- wait, that's backstory. Heirophant's bad, sorry!

+ Girls are named after plants, more often than not landing them with stripper names. For example, "Cinnamon Starling." Boys are named whatever cool thing the parents or heirophants come up with or nab from a favorite book. For example, "Fabrizio," from Midnight Magic.

+ Marriage to multiple husbands and wives, as well as gay marriage, are not only tolerated but embraced. Well, the gay marriage is embraced. The polygamy is merely tolerated.

+ In the beginning, women were bound to whoever took their virginity until he decided to leave her. Then somebody realised that was totally anti-feminist, so now women can leave bad relationships if they want to. Yays for them.

+ Incest is tolerated as long as it isn't parent-child.

The queen is in charge of parliament, not the other way around.

The king doesn't necessarily have to be married to the queen, or even related to her; in some cases when a woman chooses to remain unmarried or her husband is unsuitable for the throne, an election is held.

+ Some or none of this may or may not become relevant sometime in one of the chapters/stories written by me.

Cinnamon Starling was eleven years old and absolutely gorgeous. She had long candy-brown hair that fell to her knees, pale skin with a silvery glow, a slender body, and silvery eyes that changed color with her mood. She was a nymal, which is a crossbreed between a vampire and a nymph or veela. Either way, the people of her home galaxy of Celestia had decided long ago, works. They were a paradoxical people both embracing and scorning tradition, demanding new ideas while simultaneously shutting down anybody who said something the Eldress Congress didn't like. If this lazy heirophant ever gets around to finishing the Tainted Age of Innocence, of which she is a transcriber, you can learn about it more in detail, but for now, you shall just have to take her word for it.

Her mother, Setsuna Starling-Dracula, the queen of Celestia, had decided to take her five children to Earth after the assassination attempt on her husband, who was either dead or in hiding. To keep them busy, she enrolled them in school. The eldest child and only son, Malachite Fabrizio Starling-Dracula, most resembled the children's father, the famous Count Dracula. He was cold and serious, seeing past all illusion, which was a very mixed blessing. Through the drawing of lots, he ended up at Durmstrang. At seventeen, he'd be getting there pretty late in his education, but then again, the family was of magical creatures anyway and they were only going to school as a hobby. Moving on…

The next children, twin sisters Peruru Vendetta Cupid Titania Marialoha Cinnamon Alira Starling-Dracula (known mostly as Cinnamon) and Brassiletta Daisy Starling (known as Brassi), had chosen Hogwarts in advance. As Fabrizio resembled their father, so Cinnamon resembled their mother, with the lone exception that Setsuna's eyes were always teal and she was nearly anorexic, while Cinnamon was a little more well-fleshed, i.e., not a toothpick. Brassi was curvaceous but thought it sinful. She had slightly tanner skin with the same silvery glow that all nymals possessed, which she tried to hide with concealer. Her eyes were large, like those of a doe, and navy blue. She had a permanent smirk on her round face, and long blonde hair she kept in braid-loops like Heidi. Cinnamon returned Brassi's self-adoring little smirk with a thin smile of her own; the twins didn't get along too well.

After Brassi was through expressing her appall that Fabrizio was going to go to "the bad man's school," it was Fleur's turn. She shook back her straight silver hair and opened her violet eyes wide as she pondered the decision. After five minutes of waiting, Lucy, who was next in line, snapped in her thick Bronx accent, "Either pick something or we'll send you off to a Muggle school."

"Well fine," huffed Fleur. "See if I care." And so it was that she was sent to a random boarding school so insignificant to the story that the heirophant couldn't be bothered to look up or make up a name.

Lucyndah, who had recently grown out of her childhood nickname Cairo, for where she was born and whose full name will be revealed whenever the heirophant remembers it-- for it was some complicated combination of the first Japanese fiction writer beginning with Hatsu or Matsu or something like that, "Lucyndah" of course, and probably some contrived name describing her 'true nature' like Dragonella-- was next. She reached up a hand to tame her literally-flaming red hair and reduced her just-as-red eyes to slits before reminding everybody that she was only eight years old and thus ineligible to attend anything other than some kind of magical day care, and that in fact since Fleur was only a year older than herself, so was she… and everybody in the room flushed slightly except for Fabrizio, who rarely got embarrassed.

"Looks like Fleur just got a classmate at Muggle Academy," said Cinnamon, grinning at her little joke. She'd brushed up on the Wizarding lingo before, during, and after arriving, being a strong believer in learning a foreign place's culture before appalling them with one's intrusive presence.