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Chapter 1: Descent

Sakura's eyes flew open. She quickly looked at the clock revealing it was 6:30 in the morning. She was late. Sakura jumped out of her bed and hastily got dressed. She moved to the mirror so she could give herself a once-over before she left. She was wearing her normal nurse's uniform. Sakura had trained under Tsunade for nearly 3 years now. She was the best medic ninja in the village, not to mention she inherited Tsunades insane strength as well. Sakura, realizing she had made herself even more late now, deciding to use the window as her exit instead of the door.

Sakura had arrived at the hospital only 3 minutes late as she began her normal day of work, saying a kind "good morning" to all the other nurses. It was the middle of the day when Sakura was treating one of her patients when suddenly a message ninja had arrived out of nowhere in a cloud of smoke. Startled, Sakura's ninja instincts kicked in as she lunged at the intruder. When she realized she had tackled the anbu to the ground with a kunai at his throat she quickly apologized as she got off them. When the anbu had regained there composure they stated the message, "Lady Tsunade requests you in her office immediately." The messanger stated. "Ok, thank you," Sakura replied. After the anbu had left she picked up her stuff and left the room as well, stating "I'm going to say something to tsunade about these message ninja, popping up out of nowhere!" she yelled.

When Sakura had made her way up to the hokage's door she knocked 3 times. Hearing a "come in" she opened the door and stepped into the large room. Tsunade was sitting at her desk as sakura spoke.

"You wanted to see me Tsunade-sama," sakura stated.

"Yes sakura, I wanted to talk to you about a mission." She said.

"What is it?" she asked, curiosity playing in her voice.

Tsunade looked up at her as she spoke, "There is a decline of medic nin in Suna, and they have requested our help to aid them in their medical field."

"And you want me to go?" sakura asked.

"Yes, you are the best medic nin in the whole village Sakura, you have even surpassed myself, so that is why I think you are well fit for this mission."

Sakura opened her mouth about to speek but Tsunade help up a finger motioning for her wait.

"This will be you first S rank mission sakura, you will live there for a total of 5 months, and because of this, I have asked Gaara the new Kazekage, to look after you while you stay there." She folded her hands telling sakura she had finally finished.

"Why does gaara have to look after me?!" she yelled. "You don't think I am capable of protecting myself Tsunade-sama?!" Sakura failed to notice Shizune terrified of her standing in the corner with Tonton held close to her.

Tsunades held back her anger since it was Sakura she was talking to. "It is not that I don't think you aren't capable, I would just feel better if you had some protection while there. Remember Sakura, you will have none of your friends there to help you." Tsunade stated.

Sakuras anger had risen with the words her sempai had chosen to use. It stirred up bad memories for Sakura. She hated feeling like the young girl that always needed saving, and this did not make Sakura happy at all.


Her temper eventually died down as she crossed her hands over her chest and stated, "I will go, as long as you agree to tell the Kazekage not to baby-sit me."

Tsunade remained calm during all of this. For she knew what Sakura had to go through in the past, and it broke her heart to watch her pupil re-live it.

"I will agree to that, if you agree to one more thing." Tsunade said.

"What is it now?" sakura whined.

"You have to promise me to always be safe when you are there, and try not to attract too much trouble.

Sakura held back her anger as she spoke. "Fine" she mumbled, almost biting her tongue off.

Tsunade smiled at her and said, "Then it's settled. You will leave tomorrow bright and early, so I suggest u pack tonight and say your goodbyes as well. That will be all Sakura. Enjoy your trip!" she said.

"Ya, ya." Sakura grumbled as she left the hokages tower.

Tsunade sat back in her chair with her hands still folded and began speaking to Shizune,

"It is safe to say she has surpassed me you know" Tsunade said.

"Hai, this is true" Shizune stated watching a mini Tsunade walk out of the office with her temper still flaring.

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