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Chapter 19: My Home is in Your Arms

Sakura awoke the next day, curled up next to Gaara, where she had fallen asleep the night before. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, as she took in a deep breath. She peeked up to see if Gaara was awake, and it appeared he was not. As always Sakura relaxed herself onto Gaara's bare chest and closed her eyes, feeling totally at peace. She dreamt that she would never have to wake up, that she could always just lay in Gaara's arms, where she felt safe the most. She used to imagine the same thing that was happening now; her in Gaara's arms, as his eyes started to open. Of course she always figured they would be in actual clothing when she woke up, but it made her slight happier knowing that they were not dressed. As if on cue with Sakura's mind, Gaara opened his eyes. He breathed in deeply and looked down the check if Sakura was awake. She was indeed awake, but kept her eyes closed; nothing was going to ruin her moment. Gaara smiled when he saw her sleeping, and reached down to give her a kiss on the head. Sakura smiled as she made a sort of moaning sound and snuggled closer to Gaara. She kissed his chest lightly before looking up at him

"Good morning Gaara-kun" she said

"Hello my sweet cherry blossom" he replied as he kissed her lightly. She smiled at him as her head fell back onto his chest.

After about another 20 minutes, Gaara spoke up

"Don't you think we should start getting ready to leave, if you plan on getting there before next week." Sakura took this in for a minute, then she poked her head up. It was Monday.

"Hey! Are you implying that I am SLOW?" She asked

"No, its just that you seem to get…distracted easily…" he told her with a smile. She blushed a deep red.

"I DO NO-" She didn't have a chance to finish her sentence, because Gaara's lips were already on hers as he puller her on to of him.

"Oh really now…" he asked into the skin on her neck

"Do you want to rethink that…" he trailed off. Sakura did not have enough will power to answer him, so instead, she kissed him. She knew he was playing with her, but she didn't care. For Sakura this was actually fun for her! Gaara disconnected himself from her neck

"You proved my point already…and I didn't even get to have some fun…" he said smirking at her. Her eyes widened at his statement

"This is like a game to you?" she asked, a little miffed now. Gaara simply laughed at her

"No my silly cherry blossom…I love you, so I enjoy kissing you…" he said trailing off as his mouth found her neck again. Sakura was having very much difficult concentrating

"…Uhmm…I guess…t-that's o-ok…" she tried to say

"Good…" Gaara said to her, as he moved back to her mouth. When Sakura actually thought about what he said earlier, she decided it was time to stop, so she pulled away from his mouth.

"Ok…I think we can get up now" she told him with a smile. He smiled in response

"Whatever you want…" he said.

"Hmm I do have one other idea though…" she said with a glint in her eye.

"And what would that be?" he asked her.

"I need to take a shower…you can help if you'd like…" she talked as her hand moved softly over his chest. He smiled at her once again, as they both disappeared in Gaara's sand, and into the shower.

Sakura was down stairs making Gaara and herself breakfast when she noticed the time. Sakura still had at least 30 minutes until she had to meet her friends and Gaara of course.

She finished breakfast right as Gaara came down the stairs.

"Hello! Breakfast will be done shortly!" She said cheerfully at him. He simply smiled and walked behind her so he could wrap his arms around her from the back. She snuggled into his embrace and leaned against him with a smile. She shut off the stove and relaxed into him, as the eggs she was cooking cooled.

"After breakfast we will get going" she stated.

"That sounds good…" Gaara said as he kissed her neck. Sakura was never able to keep her head clear when he kissed her, so when she attempted to pick up the pan Gaara's sand was already there, shielding her from touching the stove as he moved it to the table.

"That's not a very good idea if you cant even stand up to walk to the table" he told her, his mouth still on her neck. She smiled at his simplicity and opened her closed eyes

"I think we should eat now…" she told him, as she turned around and hugged him, laying her head on his chest. He smiled in return, as sand moved them to the table.

"Whatever you want is what I want" he told her. She sat on his lap as usual, and he fed her. She blushed dark as ever, but ate willingly. Sakura remembered that she had left waffles in the toaster. Shit! She inwardly cursed at herself, as she jumped off Gaara's lap and into the kitchen. Gaara simply got up and followed her.

"Dammit! They better not be burnt or I swear the toaster will become best friends with the ground!" Gaara heard sakura yelling inside. He walked in and looked at her lsumped figure at the counter. He walked over to her

"What's wrong?" he asked

"Whew! I thought I burned the waffles, but I never actually turned them on!" she said, as Gaara saw a beat of sweat drop from her head. He quickly wiped it off her.

"You got that upset over waffles?" he asked her with a smile. She threw her arms around him at that point, and crushed herself against him.

"UGH! Yes I did get upset! I'm sorry, I just wanted everything to be good for you…" she said, sadness clear in her voice.

"Sakura, you could make me a flaming piece of cardboard, and it would still be good for me" he told her. She couldn't help but laugh at his seriousness. Gaara was getting confused by her constant mood swings. He looked at her with a puzzled look.

"You…looked…so, series!" she was barely able to talk from laughing so hard. He smiled at her and kissed her neck

"Of course I was series, I always am" he told her

"Ok…its not always good to be so series ya' know!" she told him. Right as she finished her sentence, the toasted went off. Sakura didn't even remember turning it on for some reason. She looked at Gaara confused, and he smiled at her

"Did you…" she was about to ask him, but he cut her off by placing his mouth onto hers. When he retreated he said

"Why yes, I did, anything to help my sweet cherry blossom."

"Thank you, that does help" she said, kissing him again. She then noticed the time and broke away abruptly

"We have to go!" she said as she grabbed Gaara's hand and darted out the door, with waffles in hand. She realized she was running at full speed, and slowed down a little to catch her breath. Gaara was right next to her

"Here, let me help" he told her as he held her close and they both disappeared.

The two reappeared with the rest of their group. She looked at all their faces, and it brought tears to her eyes knowing she had to leave them.

"Are we all ready…?" she asked. The group all nodded in unison. She smiled at them as her tears spilled over. Everyone looked concerned, but she held up her hand.

"These are my enemies…I have to fight them alone…" she smiled

"Now then, we should get moving!" she said as enthusiastically as possible. They all smiled at her, one by one, as each disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sakura started spilling more tears, as she turned to face Gaara, who held her close.

"Its so hard…" she said

"I know it is…but it will get better"


"After all, you will be returning back home when this is all done." He told her

"My home is right here in your arms…" she said with a smile

"Well in that case, you will stay here forever" he said as he held her tighter.

"Forever…" she whispered. They then disappeared in a swirl of sand, leaving behind the imprint of a heart onto the floor. This imprint was not only on the ground, but it was imprinted on Sakura's heart. She loved him, and that is brand that nothing can ever remove from your heart.

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