This was inspired by a video on youtube that I saw, or more of the song in the video, and it completely made me cry it was so cute. You don't have to watch it, but it will mean more if you see it. So you can look it up as "Renesmee Cullen: Edward's Cinderella" its by Plustweety, so look for that and trust me, its adorable.

Edward POV:

I was sitting on the white couch, with Bella under my arm, contently sitting with the rest of the family as Renesmee spun and twirled like a ballerina around the room to a playlist from Alice's MP3. She looked about five or six years old know, though she wasn't even two. Her golden ringlets fell down just above her knee caps, and bounced as she moved gracefully.

Everyone was watching her intently, awed by her, not just because she was already so fluid and elegant. She was everyone's little princess, in her own way, but she was truly mine. My daughter was the most central thing in my universe. She took up every minute of every sunlit moment of my attention –whilst the starry nights were occupied by her mother- and she was so beautiful and so wonderful, every time I looked at her my heart filled with pride and adoration. She was my little girl, my princess.

Three years ago, I'd thought that I was doomed to roam the world forever, alone and bitter. But now I sit here with all my family, the woman I love more than life itself, and a striking young daughter that was healthy, strong, smart, and would continue to be for all of eternity. We had the best happily ever after there could possibly be. I was amazed by my good luck. Could there ever been an end to such happiness and bliss?

A new song started to play, a soft and low tune. Nessie paused where she was, arms still held out in a first position pose, and cocked her head. In a second after recognition of the piece, she ran to me, and grabbed my hands, I smiled down at her.

"Daddy, Daddy, dance with me!" I laughed along with everyone else in the room –from the corner of my eye I saw Bella beam at us, and scooped her up in one fluid motion into my arms and begun twirling with her around the room. Nessie giggled and laughed in my ears, her arms securely around my neck, even though I could never drop her. "We're dancing daddy, I'm a princess and we're at a ball."

"You're a beautiful princess, sweetheart," I said just above a whisper, "You're my little princess," she giggled again in my ear, her laugh was so beautiful, I could hear the intake of breath from everyone else in the room as they heard it.

My little girl hugged me tighter, "I love you daddy," she pulled back and grinned at me, then kissed me quickly on the cheek.

"I love you too, princess."