I carried Nessie in my arms through the living room into the kitchen, bouncing her lightly as if she were a baby in need of burping. She was still sleeping lightly, but I could tell that she would be fluttering her eye lids open any moment now. I walked around the kitchen some more, just to keep myself busy.

"Boo," Bella whispered from the kitchen doorway. I turned around to smile at her. She was dressed in faded jeans and a blue shirt that made her ivory skin look like cream cheese. She flitted over to me –a habit she learned from Alice –and hugged me tightly, with Renesmee squished between us. I kissed the top of her head as our little girl looked up, turning her head around the room, adjusting to the new surroundings. She turned to face Bella as she twisted lightly around in my arms. She grinned.

"Momma," she reached out for Bella, and I slipped Ness into Bella's waiting arms. I heard her sigh as soon as she held her daughter, contents and complete. I put an arm over her shoulder and brushed some hair away from Renesmee's face and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

Both my girls looked up at me with smiles on their face. This was what made my… existence so wonderful. I had the two most amazing women right here in my arms, and an eternity to spend with them. "What's the plan for the day?" Bella asked.

"I was thinking we could take Ness for a little ride," I smiled coyly. My latest gift was still a mystery to Bella. Emmett and Jasper had gone driving out early this morning to the airport in Atlanta. They'd called about an hour before I'd left the cottage with news that they'd be home within ninety minutes. They should be here any minute.

"Riding?" Bella looked at me curiously.

"Riding what, daddy?" Ness asked me, her face alit with the same curiosity that her mother's had. Is it surprise? She asked mentally. I tapped her nose down and within the same second, her chin up.

"You'll see in a couple minutes, okay sweetheart?" I drew them towards the living room. Bella looked up at me and I felt her shield slip away. What did you do? It was more of an accusation than a question, and I chuckled to myself. Renesmee looked up at me, still smiling.

Are we going somewhere, daddy?

I shook my head, "Just wait and see." As if on cue, I heard a set of extra large tires hit the highway, and the sound of an extra set of wheels being dragged along. Bella heard it too, and cocked her head, letting me inside again.

You can't have gotten her a car. That's completely irrational… no it's bigger that a car… is that? What is that? Well it's alive… it has to be big, it has a huge heart. Listen to that… Well it's no mountain lion…

I laughed as Emmett and Jasper became closer and closer to the house, and Renesmee's anticipation grew bigger and bigger. At the sound of two sets of tires hitting the driveway, Bella walked out the front door slowly. I heard the engine cut off, and then you could clearly hear a stomping of feet inside the big trailer that Emmett's jeep carried behind it.

"Daddy, what is it, daddy?" Renesmee asked excitedly.

"Go look," I encouraged her. She jumped lithely out of Bella's arms and ran over to the back of the trailer. Emmett jumped out of the front seat and walked towards the back of the truck with a grin on his face.

"Hey, Ness! You're a lucky girl, your daddy had a great idea for a surprise." He unlocked he huge door to the trailer, and I heard the surprise in side whinny. Renesmee gasped and sucked in a huge breath.

"Daddy!" The door to the trailer opened, and the surprise inside whinnied again. "Oh, Daddy! Daddy, it's a pony! It's a pony, a real, life pony!" Jasper came around the side of the truck and laughed with all of us. Bella turned to me.

"You bought her a pony?" I laughed and nodded.

"Momma, Uncle Emmett, Jazzy! It's a PONY!" Everyone laughed together, and I heard more people come out of the house.

"You bought a horse?" Esme asked skeptically.

"A pony," I corrected.

"We'll have to find a vet, I may be able to treat the wolves, but horses are much different. If they break something, well… it's not pretty." Alive skipped across the yard.

"I kept your secret, now pay up." I rolled my eyes and pulled two tickets out of my pocket. "Oh, two tickets to a movie premier! That was so worth the silence."

"I appreciate it that I have to give you something to surprise my daughter." Alice pealed with laughter.

"Well you have no idea how hard it is to keep secrets like this, I mean just look at her!" I did, and I could see that she was climbing inside the trailer already, petting the forehead of the American Shetland Pony, cooing it and kissing its nose.

"I'm going to feed you, and give you carrots, and groom you, and put pretty bows in your hair. And I'm going to take you for a ride every day." Everyone laughed and I beamed down at my daughter. She felt my eyes on her and jumped down from the trailer, jumping into my arms. "Oh, daddy! Thank you so, so, so much, daddy!" She gave me as big a hug as she could manage, and jumped right down again to go to her pony. "Momma, can I ride her right now?"

Bella laughed, "Well ask your daddy, I don't know anything about horses."

"Ponies," Nessie corrected. Everyone laughed at her. "Can I, Daddy? Please, daddy? Please?"

"Let Uncle Emmett carry her down for you, and then we can take her out in the woods, okay?"

"Yay!" she squealed and clapped her hands, her curls were bouncing up and down as she danced around the pony.

"'Scuse me, Ness, I gotta get this little girl down for you." The pony backed up and whinnied, it was naturally defensive against us, but I wondered if there were a way that we could earn her trust. She didn't mind Renesmee, though. Emmett finally got his arms around the pony, and carried her down gently. As soon as the hoofs hit the ground, Nessie ran over to pet the animal calm again.

"Let's go, daddy!"

"Okay, princess," I hoisted her up onto the pony carefully, so not to startled it. "Have you thought of a name?" The pony started to move forward, and I felt Bella come up behind us and entwine her fingers through mine.

"Nope, will you help me later, daddy? Will you help me pick out a name?"

"Of course," We walked deeper into the woods, and Nessie tapped the pony lightly with her foot, causing it to speed up into a mini trot.

"Look at me, momma!"

"I see you, baby," Bella smiled and quietly walked just behind with me. "I can't believe you got her a pony." She shook her head and chuckled to herself.

"Daddy!" Renesmee giggled. I looked down to Bella, asking.

"Go up with her, you bought her the thing." Bella laughed and pulled her hand from my hand. I kissed her quickly on the cheek, and ran up to our daughter.

"Daddy, hold my hand!"

"I've got you, princess, I won't let you fall."

"Am I really a princess daddy? Am I really?"

"Of course, you are, you silly, beautiful, princess." Nessie squealed and laughed, losing her balance for the slightest of seconds, but I had her secure before she could even tip and inch. "I won't let you fall, princess, because you're my little girl."