This is a call to all you die hard KND fans! There has not been a lot of Challenges on Fanfiction for KND, if any. So I wanted to be the first to issue one this year… I know self-centered, but I thought it would be cool! Anyway, back to the Challenge. After reading Teardrops on Abby's Guitar by KND Freak, I was really impressed with using Taylor Swift lyrics for a plot line on a KND story. So I would like to read more that was inspired by Taylor. I'm right now working on one, (Don't worry I'll update The Guy with the Aviator Hat soon!) but I was wondering would anyone else do one too. So, I thought issuing this Challenge other authors would do one too! So come down to the playing field fellow authors and write songfics of Taylor!

Kay, rules just so we are clear:

1. No M fics, because this is the KIDS next door. I want others to be able to read it.

2. Well… no M's… that's all I have.

Now that we are clear. Write my people, write!

PM me with any question, okay?

In God We Trust,

Alex aka Numbuh 145362