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Me: Yay! I own Twilight1
Jasper: No you don't!
Me: Oh...errr...I think I'm going to faint! Catch me Jazzy!

Jasper was in his room again. Sulking. Alice was killed over 3 years ago now and he hadn't spoken much since. Only to tell us where he was going or to ask us something. We were all distraught of course but we were talking and back to normal after a year or so. He would have asked the Volturi kill him by now but he couldn't because of what Alice said to him.


They were sat on the couch snuggling and talking about random things.

"Jasper don't mope around when I'm gone. Find someone else or make yourself feel happy. But don't kill your self. Ok?"





Of course, none of us thought it would come so soon. But he kept his promise. And to keep himself busy he perfected his self-control to be almost as good as Carlisle's.

Jasper would love that! He'll so be happy when I tell him! Emmett thought.

"What is this amazing idea of yours Emmett?" I asked him.

"Well since he has super self-control now I think we should adopt a human. You know, to keep him company."

Jasper came speeding down the stairs.

"Emmett that is the smartest thing you've ever said!" he said.

The next day Jasper, Carlisle and Esme went to the Adoption Centre. While me, Emmett and Rosalie stayed home. When they returned Jasper was carrying a small girl bridal style – she was asleep. She had long chocolate brown hair and a very sweet and innocent face. She was petite and couldn't have been more than four. Her sent was divine. Almost floral somehow. And utterly mouth-watering.

"This," announced Jasper, "is Bella."