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Bella POV

I woke up at around 2am Saturday morning, for some reason I couldn't sleep. There were voices coming from downstairs and I heard Jasper, Emmett and Edward say they were going out hunting before I woke up. I thought this would be the best time to talk to Rose about my revenge plan as only my mom and dad would be able to hear.

I rapped lightly on my big sisters bedroom door but went straight in anyways, I was always welcome in Rose's room.

"Shouldn't you be in bed right now?" she asked me with a quizzical look.

"Yeah but I wanted to ask you if you'd help me with this little idea I have."


She put down the magazine she was holding and lent forward with interest. I had come to her so many times in my life to plot revenge on my brothers and together we had come up with some pretty cool pranks. I knew for a fact her favourite was when we painted their cars pink with blue flowers; we even had a picture of their faces when they saw it. But they couldn't stay mad long, ever. I just flashed them a cute little grin and all was forgiven.

I told her about their sabotage at my party and we decided we would ignore them totally all morning then as soon as they left the house to go food shopping for me we would get all of their games consols and throw them out of the third floor window of our house. Then, just for good measure, we would stale all of their clothes and hide them in garbage bags in a near by river. And as soon as they came home Rose wanted to steal the clothes they were wearing, just to make sure they got the message.

"So.. how was your first kiss?" Rosalie squealed after a couple of moments of silence.

We had a really cool girly talk for a while about my kiss with Olly until I began to yawn and Rose told me to go get some sleep.

I padded back to my bed, excited and content and slipped into a silent slumber.

Jasper POV

The boys and me decided to go hunting a few hours after the party. Bella was asleep and we should've been able to get back home before she woke up.

We wandered through the front door at around 8am. It was quiet… almost too quiet. Bella usually got up around 7 on a Saturday and she's come into mine, Edward or Emmett's room for a while before she had breakfast. As we hadn't been there I had assumed she would be on the couch watching TV or with Rosalie. But when we went to check on her, she was sound asleep. This in itself was weird. When I tried to lightly shake her into consciousness her eyes fluttered open, but she looked at us with a vacant expression, slipped past me and went downstairs to eat without a single word. It was very unlike her. When we went into the kitchen to ask her if she wanted anything other than the usual from the store she carried on ignoring us.

Then it clicked. She wanted us to pay for putting little Olly in his place, ie. as far away from Bella as possible. We knew, at this point she was plotting something, and with Bella's mischievous mind, it would be awful and embarrassing. I knew, for a fact, it could only go down hill form here.

I was just glad we took my car to the store. I don't think I could take the killing of another one of my beautiful cars.

Rosalie POV

"They're gone." Breathed Bella, the moment the front door slammed.

We raced upstairs, at human speed, and began the search for the video games. And out of the window they went. It was a very satisfying noise when they hit the ground. As was the splashing noise all of the garbage bags filled with their clothes when we tossed them into the river. Now all we had to do was plan the attack on our brothers for when they came home.

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