Well, this is the last chapter of this trilogy. Thanks for everyone who reviewed. I am thinking of doing a sequel following Adam, so let me know if I should do that.

Just a warning, this IS the sex chapter. Sooo, enjoy!

We got home rather quickly and I excused myself once we were inside to relief myself. I took off my sweater before going inside the washroom. All the time I was wondering what would happen to Adam, and if what I actually said to him was true. I do hope he finds that lucky person, because I know that I've found mine and my life couldn't get much better.

I washed my hands and exited the bathroom, making my way to our bedroom. As soon as I saw him, I'm kneeling, my face pressed against the plush carpet waiting for my next set of orders.

"Come on, Mike. Come join me on the bed. "I quickly did so, and John laughed when I jumped on the bed. He kissed me and I responded with much enthusiasm. "I'm so proud of you. What you were saying to Adam, it's good to give him hope."

"You heard that?" John nodded.

"Yes. And I thought that you shall be…rewarded."

I blinked a couple of times before a smile broke out on my face. I felt like I won the lottery. I pleased John. That's all I really care about.

John jumped on me, catching me off guard when he pinned my hands above my head. I watch as he moved his head to my neck and started to kiss the skin there. I moaned out and almost started to thrash when John stopped, giving me that warning glare he does if I'm somewhat misbehaving. He switched hands, only holding me with one while his other hand moved towards my belt. Skillfully he undid it before releasing me entirely.

The button up shirt that I was previously wearing was torn off my body and I listened to the buttons scattered the floor. My chest was exposed and I whimpered. He slapped me lightly, telling me to be quiet. That was another weakness of mine. I was vocal during sex.

"You know what? Since you've been so good," John started nipping at my neck again. "I think you should be as vocal as you want."

Oh! There is a God and he comes in the form of John Cena!

"Would you like that?"

"Yes…yes sir." He smirked at me.


I took my pants off next, slowly sliding the jeans down and exposing my underwear. Well I wouldn't exactly call a thong underwear, but it's what makes John happy. I stilled at the sight of it before looking at me quizzically.

"A thong?"

I nodded my head and moaned loudly and my moans are making myself even harder.

"For you." I panted before tweaking my nipples harshly.

John attacked me then, his teeth and mouth nipping and biting at my chest, going everywhere that he possibly reach. I felt myself grow flush and I cried out when I felt John's face near my package.

"You smell…delicious."

I moaned again and screamed when he began to nuzzle at my concealed cock. His tongue slipped out a couple of times, making the panties a little more wet now that his salvia accompanied my pre-come.

"Fuck! John!"

He pulled back and looked at me, a smile set on his face.

"Just fuck me already!"

"Do what?" He's teasing me now, the bastard.

"Fuck me anyway you want, but get that huge fucking cock of yours inside me!"

Normally I would get punished by speaking to him like that but he just smirked again before moving to get to lube across the room. But I can't take it. I suck on my fingers for a few seconds before placing them at my entrance. I moaned as I pushed through and began to pull them in and out. I added another finger while my other hand rubbed my cock which was still in those tiny panties. I was thinking of John. I would think of no one else.


I opened my eyes, not even realizing that I had closed them in the first place to see John staring at me. Wait…when did he get naked? My eyes moved towards his cock, and I saw that it was leaking with excitement. Hopefully it was over me.

"Stop, Mike." And I did. He looked at the lube in his hands before throwing it away. I guess he decided he wasn't going to use it anymore.

He climbed on the bed before lightly smacking me on the side of my legs. I knew what he wanted and I couldn't help but obey him. I rose on my hands and knees, sticking my ass basically in his face. I waited for him to do anything to me.

"You're beautiful." He whispered and I blushed harder than before.

I yelped when I felt his hands on my hips, his finger began to trail down my ass and they reached under to fondle me. I moaned wantonly and buried my head into the pillows. His tongue traced around my ass as well as placed small bites on my flesh. I felt his teeth grab at the small string of the panties and I had to control myself against pushing my ass against John face.

I was so hot. My cock was leaking a lot as it was still bound in the small silk material. I wanted him to take me. I don't care how rough he was, I just needed him to fuck me.

I heard a snap and to my much relief, my cock was released. I hollered though when I felt John's slick tongue circling around my entrance. I screamed when he plunged it inside me, darting his tongue in and out as fast as he could. I'm a whimpering mess and I'm so close to coming it isn't even funny.

"J-John…stop. I'm close, Johnny."

He stopped immediately but I couldn't help but let out a disappointed moan when his tongue no longer invaded me.

"Fuck doll…you're so hot."

I felt his cock nudged into me but he was going too slow for my liking, so I backed up into him.

"Holy fuck! John!" His growls were my only reply. He grabbed my hips once more and ruthlessly started tp pound into me. The slapping of skin sounded so clear and I bite myself when he pounded into me even harder.

"Fuck…so good. Don't…stop…John…don't stop."

He was grunting like crazy, and I know that he will be close soon. My cock is hard as a rock and I restrained myself from touching it.

"John…I-I'm gonna-" And I came. Hard. I felt like I was going to pass out at that very moment. I unconsciously squeezed around John and he came into me with a growl. He didn't stop thrusting till he was completely emptied inside me.

He pulled out and collapsed beside me on the bed. His arms went around me and I snuggled into him.

"I'm proud of you, doll. I really am."

I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face. I pleased John but there was something nagging me about Adam and I wondered what will happen to the poor boy.