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Are you running away?

Finally, the brat took notice of his presences in the white room. But his eyes looked fearful –like the eyes of a cornered animal--. He looked ready to bolt for God knows where!

"Don't you even think of running away, you freaking Moyashi!" The last part of his sentence was hissed out. Strangely enough the boy seamed to calm down a bit. But that desire to run away was still visible in his eyes.

Inside that bleached space, dressed with pale colored loose fitting clothes and his white hair , he looked like a pale ghost of a memory. Disappearing, fading away and yet still remaining. And, for one of the few times in his life, he felt genially frightened.

He had been wrong. At first he thought that Moyashi wanted to run away from this war, from the burden he had to carry. But that 'foolish brat!' in reality wanted to run away from life itself! Not to commit suicide. No, the brat was running even now.

His face held no expression whatsoever, not even his eyes. He once had told him that he hated his silly --fake – smile. Well, he now knew that he hated his running away even more.

Where are you going?

He stands as still as he could, for he can never tell what the other was thinking, not even now. As Kanda made to move, for a moment he felt vertigo- a haze- fogging his mind, he got ready to braise himself for the hit. Only that it never came.

The samurai passed him by and continued going, without sparing him a second look. Thought vast, Allen's –The 14th's—room hardly had any decorations aside from the piano and an old sofa. So, Allen could only wonder, what was Kanda doing, what was he looking for?

'Where are you heading?' The thought came to him suddenly 'Where are you going?' . Inside this separate space miracles could happen. Wishes could come true with so much as the stroke of a piano key. Kanda could very well disappear in this instant! 'Are you going to leave me?'

That thought of him caught him by surprise. He didn't really harbor any lost love for the rude, cruel –truthful-- exorcist, but he came for him. He entered the twisted plane of the ark and found him. And now he was moving ahead of him, passing him by. He seemed to be going away and Allen felt as if he could not –should not—follow.

Where are you?

Kanda could feel moyashis' –-no, that imposters'-- eyes on him as he paced around the room. But for all his big talk and threats he could not muster up the mental strength needed to look up. For the eyes of the ghost color was more gray than silver, they were without warmth – was it just him or was the room colder than before as well?-- .

Those familiar eyes no longer seamed to belong to that idiotic brat he knew. The brat was no longer there, he was hiding –he had to be!—rather than gone away. He was somewhere inside that lovely, bleached, doll.

The marble-like eyes that followed him belonged to that doll as well. That life like doll sitting in front of the white monstrosity, that white piano, swinging like listening to a far away tune. A devil –the 14th—in the place where an angel should be.

"Were the hell are you? You brat!!!"

He, the one that looked like Allen –yet was not—stood up and started spinning around and around. With drunken steps and half-open eyes.