Chapter Three

The Hogwarts Express

Finally! It's September 1st, and I am so excited and anxious the board the train, that I didn't realize what was going on with me.

When I got up this morning, it wasn't to the sound of my father's harsh voice, but from the birds chirping. It was such a nice change. I got up and got dressed, and peeked into Draco's room. He was still asleep. The lazy bum! We're going off to Hogwarts today, and all he can do is sleep!

"DRACO, DRACO, DRACO!!!! GET UP GET UP GET UP ALREADY!!!! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT TODAY IS?" no reply. Fine, he doesn't want to wake up? Well too bad bro, you're going to wake up now. The hard way! I went over to Draco's closet where he kept his precious racing broom, the Comet 260, I picked it up from its resting place, went and stood right next to Draco's ear and said,

"Ooops! Sorry Draco! I sort of scratched your broom when I took it outside this morning. It was fine, but I think it happened after Dobby rode it!" That got his attention. He jumped out of his bed and ran to the closet to find that his broom was gone. He turned around to find me trying to stifle a laugh.

"That's not funny Marissa! Give me my broom back right now!" I tossed it over to him and he grabbed it and cradled it like it was his new born baby or something. This made me laugh harder.

"So, exactly why did you decide to give me a heart attack first thing in the morning, huh sis?"

"Well, it was the only way you would wake up. I'm really excited and you still haven't realized that today is the day we GO TO HOGWARTS!!!!" I yelled out which startles Draco even more. I think if I get any more exciting news, I will make Draco go deaf. Permanently.

We went downstairs for breakfast to find mum and dad already there. Mum looks at us, and gets all misty eyed and then goes into another one of her, "I can't believe my babies are so grown up! You guys are heading off to Hogwarts today!" So, then she took us into one of her big bear hugs, and starts crying. Dad doesn't even look up from his copy of the Daily Prophet, and cup of tea and says,

"Now, now Cissy, there not little children anymore, they're grown up, and that's why they're going off to Hogwarts today. You can't keep babying them for the rest of their lives." My father said in a very calm and collected voice

"I know, I know, but I mean, they're my little babies! And they always will be whether they like it or not!" Draco and I looked at each other and just rolled our eyes, and sat down for breakfast. Dobby brought out two more plates of eggs, toast and bacon. But of course, Draco told Dobby that he burned his toast and that he 'couldn't possibly eat this slop he prepared' and just like Dobby always does, he launched himself into a beating.

"Draco! Here, take my toast! God, you make a big deal out of everything. I mean, there not even that badly burned! They're just a little crispy, that's all. Dobby, you can stop beating yourself now. Please return to the kitchen."

"Thank you young mistress Malfoy! Dobby is very sorry young master Malfoy! Dobby will never burn anything again except his own hands!" And with a loud crack, he was gone.

"Marissa, you really must stop caring for that thing. He doesn't do anything right, and you treat him like family, really?"

"I know daddy, I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"It had better not Marissa."

Later after breakfast, when mum dad and Draco had all gone upstairs to pack, I went back down to the kitchens.

"Dobby? Dobby, where are you?"

"Right here young Miss Isy." I smiled. I had told Dobby a while back, that he could if he wanted, to call me Miss Isy when no one else was around. It was a nickname I gave myself since Marissa is sometimes a little to long to say. No one else called me that though. And Dobby did a good job of calling me 'Young Mistress Malfoy' in front of everyone else.

"Good. Now, Dobby, on behalf of Draco, I'm sorry for what happened this morning. I promise that he won't do it again. Not if I can help it."

"No, it's alright young Miss Isy. Dobby is alright with young master Malfoy being mean to Dobby. Dobby deserves it for Dobby doesn't do anything right." He said glumly

"That's not true Dobby, you do everything fine. In fact, you're the best house elf we have here." He smiled just a bit at this.

"Oh, thank you Miss Isy! Dobby is going to miss you very much with you off at Hogwarts. Very much! Master and Mistress Malfoy not as nice as you are to Dobby!" He realized what he said and started hitting himself with the frying pan in his hand. I took it out of his hand and said,

"It's ok Dobby, mum isn't that bad, and if you just think about it, I'll be back for Christmas break, and that's a whole week! And then again on Easter! Then it won't be long until the summer holidays! Now promise me to stay out of trouble while I'm gone?"

"OH certainly Miss Isy! Dobby promises to stay out of trouble until you return from Hogwarts! Dobby promises!" And with that, I left to finish my packing.