Kenta: I was reading Naruto Vol. 26, and I read this part. Because of it, my brain clicked something together.

That is where this story originated from.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. AT ALL! I don't know how many times I've mentioned this, but unfortunately, we authors have to say this every time.....AND IT GETS ANNOYING!

Anyway, in case you don't realize it, the only part that wasn't (almost) straight from the book is the end.

Words (Obviously)


'Naruto's thoughts'

*Sound Effects*

"Jutsu/Demonic Talking"

Naruto floated to the surface of the water before turning to face Sasuke, tears falling from his eyes.

'You meant it. You... You wouldn't think twice about killing me. Sasuke....'

Sasuke smirked at the blonde. He had drawn out his plan, and it was time to put it into action. Sasuke's body was suddenly covered in black markings before put his hands together. With a deep inhale, Sasuke blew out three fire blasts.

"Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu!"

Naruto jumped out of the way, but gasped as right next to him was Sasuke. The next moment, Naruto flew away from Sasuke.

'I thought, we could be friends.'

Sasuke landed by Naruto and kicked him once more, sending him flying in another direction.

"Did you know, Naruto. When two Shinobi are of a high enough level...They can read each others thoughts, through no more than a trade of blows. They don't need to say a word."

Sasuke jumped at Naruto.

"Tell me Naruto! Can you read my thoughts!?" He sneered.

As Naruto was sent flying away, the tears continued to fall from his eyes, but not from the pain he was feeling from Sasuke's blows.

'Sasuke...I knew you were always alone. I...I used to be glad I found you, someone like me. I was...happy. From first glance, I wanted to get to know you...'

Naruto flew once more before splashing into the water.

'But...It wasn't that simple. You could do anything. You were always so popular.'

Sasuke jumped over to Naruto before landing a swift punch to Naruto stomach.

'We're and I. I was frustrated, and decided you were my rival. I had to beat you, 'specially with everyone calling me the loser. Then they threw us together in cell number seven, and nothing was changed. Stubborn as I was...I never let on what I really felt.'

Sasuke landed a flurry of punches to Naruto's face before one last chakra-infused fist sent Naruto flying once more.

'Truth was, I wanted to be just like you. You were my idol. and so, when you said you wanted to fight me...hearing that, I never felt happier. With those words, for the first time, you aknowledged I was good. And....yes, without even trading blows, without saying a word, I knew right then and there...we were friends.'

Sasuke lifted a beaten Naruto up, a Chidori flaring in his hand. With a victorious smirk, he readied himself to thrust his hand into Naruto and kill him.

'And you are, intent on killing me. So I don't know what to believe anymore. Did you ever mean what you said!?'

Suddenly, a red aura started to emerge from Naruto. Sasuke gasped in horror.

'Maybe I was just deluding myself, that we're friends, maybe I wanted it too much...'

Sasuke sneered before shoving his Chidori at Naruto.

"You're too late Naruto!"


'In the end...maybe it was just me who thought we were friends...but then, that makes me....that would make me so stupid. Sasuke. But, I can't help it. I don't know why...I guess its just... I don't want a thug like Orochimaru to ruin you...'

Sasuke was disappointed. He was expecting to kill Naruto in that one blow, but Naruto had moved his hand at the last second. Sasuke then grinned.

"Too bad Naruto. I was expecting to kill you in that one blow, but instead, you moved it at the last second. I'll admit, I'm impressed, but you still lost your arm and a lung." He sneered.

He then gripped his hand around Naruto's throat, squezing it as Naruto still lay lifeless.

"Now, I will gain the power to kill my brother!"


Sasuke screamed as his arm was suddenly being broken by Naruto's other hand. The red glow reappered around Naruto, before Naruto threw Sasuke's hand away. Sasuke stared on in horror as Naruto slumped down, but still stood on the water. Sasuke's Sharingan eyes widened further when the hole he had put in Naruto earlier quickly began mending itself together. Then, Naruto glared back at Sasuke.

The Uchiha nearly lost his eyes. They were so big, his eyeballs should have fallen out. Naruto was standing there, crying, but with his fangs enlarged, his whisker marks ALOT more defined, his fingernails now claws, as well as his toenails.

And his eyes...

Sasuke had half expected to see the red slit eyes that Naruto had back in the forest of death, but this...this was too much for the Uchiha to take.

Because of Naruto's mixture with the fox's chakra, it awakened a long since dormant Kekkei Genkai inside of him. Something from many years ago, back when his ancesters walked the earth.

In each of Naruto's eyes, his red eyes, were two black Tomoe.

Naruto, had awakened his OWN Sharingan!

Kenta: I don't like how Sasuke beat Naruto, That's just unfair. Naruto fights until he dies, NEARLY TWICE! and he still loses.

Bull. ****!!!!

I hate how Sasuke gained his final stage of his Sharingan right at the point where Naruto almost beat him. So I'm going to fix it.

Also, one more thing. Sure, Naruto has Kyuubi Chakra, but let's pull back and take a look at this:

1.) He can't really control it....

2.) The fox is too stubborn (much like him) to give him his Chakra.

3.) The fox's Chakra is POISENOUS!!

How can he be given an awesome power if he can't even USE IT!?

Sasuke on the other hand, has an awesome ability, doesn't have to work....AT ALL! AND he was given the curse-mark.

Besides, I like Itachi. I don't want him to die. And Kishimoto made it so that only another Sharingan user can defeat another....right?

Now, what Naruto has been given is the kind of ability that I wish he had. Not only does he have super Chakra from the Kyuubi (which lasts all of 5 minutes before actually hurting HIM), and now he has his own Sharingan that he must learn to control.

So for those who think Naruto is now overpowered? Yeah, go ahead and lick the ground at my feet now.

Anyway, I might try and start a story on this, but I've already got a BOAT load of stories to still do, and it feels like I'm drifting away from them....AAAHHH!! NO! I don't wanna do that! I like my other stories!! There are still so many ideas to put into them! I just have my mind constantly filling up with Ideas, so I start working on it.....*sob* I'm sorry for everyone who's waiting for updates!

Hanyou Shinigami needs ALOT more time to finish.....the chapter at least. Too much info to go down in only one, someone's asking for a lemon....AND I'VE ONLY DONE ONE OF THOSE!!

*Runs back and forth screaming out random obscenaties*

I only did one of those, and I had people say it was good....but truth was, I really just copied from other people....*sob* Why do people ask for stuff like that!? Maybe I could try it again...Hopefully no-one will notice the glowing red lightbulb that will be my face when I write it.....*looks back and forth*

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