Kenta: it is time....for JUDGEMENT DAY! AND THE FINAL CHAPTER!

It's time for all you've been waiting for, Naruto's trial at the councel!

"IKUZO!" (Let's go!)

It had been two days since Tsunade first told Naruto and Sasuke about Naruto's trial. Meaning today was the day of Naruto's day in court. (technically speaking)

Naruto had been grinning the entire time. Since he and Sasuke were related, the councel couldn't do SHIT to him, unless they wanted to punish their precious, UCHIHA'S. Naruto was smiling as he and Sasuke walked to the councel house. Naruto had spent the past few days getting to know Hinata better. Hiashi was reluctant at first, but after seeing how Naruto had positivly effected Hinata, he decided to let her go.

Sasuke didn't have as much luck. He had been trying to bring the old Sakura back, but she didn't seem to be there. Sasuke was gloomy, not emo gloomy, just normal gloomy. He had gotten over his past thanks to Naruto, and when they had snuck into the Hokage's office in the dead of night, (Naruto's 2nd time there) Naruto found one of the scrolls he passed when he was looking for the forbidden scroll.

It was a mission log for the ANBU, more than 5 years ago. In it, they had found that Itachi was ordered to kill the Uchiha clan on the account they almost staged a coup. Sasuke took it hard at first, but thanks to his cousin and 'uncle', he pulled through. He wasn't hell-bent on killing Itachi anymore, but he still had the problem of reviving his clan.

In any case, Sasuke was no longer a stoic, emo prince, but actually, a normal guy. Almost normal, if you count him having an evil perverted persona as 'Normal', then yeah, he's normal. He hadn't told Naruto about it, but Naruto already knew. After all, having a giant, perverted fox giving you dirty images when you were only 12 years old helped him find out if others were having the same problem.

The two entered the councel chamber, and stood in the middle, waiting for the councel members to enter. and they did.

They all entered at the same time, and stood in front of their seats, waiting for everyone to take their places above their seats. Throughout this, they failed to notice Naruto quivering in anticipation, though Sasuke noticed it. He figured it was because they were finally going to get it, but that wasn't the reason.

When all the councel members were present, Tsunade, the Hokage, walked up to her seat.

"The councel meeting of Uzumaki Naruto is now in session. Please, everyone have a seat." Tsunade said as she sat down.

Her chair suddenly fell to pieces as she sat down, making her hit her bum on the floor. Everyone looked at the Hokage in awe, while said Hokage simply glared at the innocently smiling blonde Shinobi in the middle of the room. The rest of the councel merely giggled, before they too sat down, and had different similarities to the Hokage.

The civilian councel sat down on their chairs, only to have buckets of water dropped on their heads from hidden doors above them, while the Shinobi side of the councel sat down to suddenly get sprayed by a foul smelling odor from a hidden compartment in front of them on their desks. The entire councel room was running around, some with buckets of water on their heads, others with their hands covering their noses in disgust. Sasuke merely chuckled while Naruto was in full-blown laughter.

It took about a half hour for everything to get back in order, and when they finished, half of the Shinobi was chuckling along with the brilliance of the blonde Shinobi, while the rest of the room, save for Tsunade, was glaring daggers at the boy, waiting for the chance to throw him into the dungeons for eternity.

Naruto smiled through it all, happy with the success of his latest prank.

"AHEM! Now, let us resume our....meeting." Tsunade said.

One of the councel members, completely infuriated with how he was pranked, slammed his hands on his desk.


Tsunade merely looked at him with a bored look.

"He has the right to defend himself."


"Ummm...if I may say something, Hokage-sama." Naruto said raising his hand.

"Why exactly is one of the councel members speaking at this moment? Aren't accusations supposed to be made AFTER the trial?" Naruto said innocently.

Tsunade smiled. The boy had been reading up on the workings of this councel.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Shinko, you are not to interupt this session until I deem it is time for questions. Do I make myself clear?" She said sweetly.

Shinko growled, but sat back down in his seat.

The trial continued, Tsunade asking how the mission had played out. Naruto replied repeating everything, saying it started out as them just fighting, then something happening, Sasuke starting to break free of the curse-mark, and then Naruto finally knocking him out before returning to the village.

"Very well, are there any questions?" Tsunade said before covering her ears the moment after she said it.

"OBJECTION!" Shinko roared out.

"What exactly do you mean when you say, 'something happened'? Are you sure you're not just trying to hide the fact that you almost turned into a demon?"

Naruto started chuckling. "Hokage-sama, if I may."

"Go ahead, Uzumaki."

"Thank you. Shinko, was it? At the beginning of this session, you said that I was a demon, Correct? Well, if you just stated that I 'Almost' turned into a demon, it means I am not a demon now, true?"

Shinko twitched.

"Also, unless the Hokage and Uchiha-san let me tell you what I mean when I said, 'something happened', then I cannot tell you." Naruto said smiling innocently.

"Hokage-sama, I demand that you force this demon-spawn to tell us the truth!"

Tsunade sighed before turning to Sasuke.

"It is your call, Uchiha-san. Will you let Naruto release this information to the public?"

Sasuke stood quietly, seeming to be thinking, before looking up to the councel.

"I, Uchiha Sasuke of the Uchiha clan, allow Uchiha Naruto to explain in detail what he meant by, 'something happened'."

The councel gasped at the words of the Uchiha heir before turning to the blonde.

Naruto nodded to Sasuke.

"Thanks, Nii-san." Another gasp from the councel.

"Councel members, during mine and Sasuke's fight, I found out that I was a part of the Uchiha clan."

"OUTRAGEOUS! WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE!?" Shinko demanded. The rest of the councel nodded in agreement.

"I mean, that I have the Sharingan." Naruto said before activating his kekkei genkai.

The entire councel room gasped, before looking to the Hokage.

" this true, Hokage-sama?" One of the Shinobi councel members asked in shock, not believing what he was seeing.

"It is. Uzumaki Naruto has the Sharingan and is Sasuke's cousin. They have searched the Uchiha database, and found that someone by the name of Konoharyu Uzumaki became part of the Uchiha clan. Furthermore, he is Uzumaki Naruto's deceased grandfather."

The councel room was silent, until one lone Shinobi member started clapping his hands.

"I must say, I'm most impressed. To see that we have another Uchiha, it is great news! Hokage-sama, I wish to speak to you after the meeting about something."

Tsunade nodded before turning to the councel.

"Well, if there are any more questions, I do believe the trial is over."

With that, the two Shinobi in the middle of the room left.

They walked out the building, and the moment they were outside, Naruto let loose a breath that he had been holding the entire time.

"Glad that's over with....if I have to act smart like that one more time, I don't know WHAT I'll do." Naruto said as he flopped on the ground.

Sasuke chuckled and shook his head. He turned to the side to see two familiar kunoichi walking up to them. Sasuke nodded to them while Naruto smiled and got up.

"Well teme, I'll see you later. Gotta go see Hinata-chan!" Naruto said happily as he hopped away from the boy.

Sasuke nodded before turning to the two girls in front of him. He looked at one and just stared at her. The girl turned to her friend before nodding her head. Her friend nodded as well before walking away. Sasuke merely said one sentence.

"Training ground."

The girl nodded before they disappeared.

~Training ground 7~

Sasuke stood next to a wooden stump, before turning to his pink-haired teammate.

"You said you wanted to see me after the meeting, so what is it?" Sasuke asked cooly.

Sakura walked up to him, took a deep breath, then looked into the Uchiha's eyes.

"Sasuke-kun, do you remember how it used to be? Before I met Ino." She started.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. He hadn't mention to her anything about her past habits, hoping she would start treating him like she used to on her own.

"Yeah, I remember. you would always follow me everywhere I went. Then again, that hasn't changed at all." Sasuke said as he looked at the stumps.

"Yeah, well....I mean, do you remember anything else that I used to do back then?"

Sasuke turned to her, confused.

"Else?" He looked up into the blue sky overhead.

The picture of the little girl named Haruno Sakura appeared, before she smiled that sweet smile of hers and said, "Ohayo Sasuke-kun! -chu!"

Sasuke smiled.

"I don't know, There were alot of things you used to do back then."

Sakura twirled her foot on the ground, a light blush on her face.

"Do you remember, what I used to do, to try and make you happy? I......I used to add 'chu' after everything I said."

She looked up to see Sasuke lifting her face up and staring into her eyes, a smile on his face.

"Everday of my life." He said before he kissed her on the lips.

Sakura melted into the kiss, before wrapping her arms around Sasuke. While they were kissing, they failed to hear the 'CLICK!' of something nearby. When they broke apart, Sakura giggled.

"I was going to ask you if you still wanted me to do that."

Sasuke grinned. "Does this answer your question?" He said before leaning in again, Sakura happily abliging to the kiss.

Meanwhile, behind a tree, Naruto, Kakashi and Hinata were all smiling at the sight in front of them.

"Looks like Sasuke has just made his first step to restoring our clan." Naruto said smiling.

Hinata giggled. "b-but really N-naruto-kun, d-did you r-really have t-to take a p-picture of them k-k-k-kissing?" She said as a small blush formed across her face.

Naruto turned around and looked at Hinata seriously.

"Do you have to stutter all the time?"

Hinata looked a little worried, and hung her head, but Naruto pulled it back up, showing her his smiling face.

"You do, and that's why I love ya!" He said before kissing Hinata soundly on the lips.

Hinata turned lobster red before passing out. Naruto looked down at the heiress before shaking his head and smiling.

"Just another one of the many things I love about Hinata-chan." He said before picking her up.

He then tossed a camera to Kakashi before saying, "I want doubles." and then disappearing with the Hyuuga heiress.

Kakashi smiled as he turned and started taking more picture of his nephew and future niece.

'Itachi, if you could see this, you would be as happy as can be.' Kakashi thought.

On a hill a few miles away, A man in a black robe with red clouds on it was looking into a pair of binoculars, a smile on his face.

"Well done, little brother, and sister." He chuckled. He then disappeared into a flock of ravens before flying into the sun, back to the Akatsuki hide-out.

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