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Day 1, Hour 6

The door to the hospital room opened slowly and a red head popped in,

"Soooo, I was just wondering…" , but he was cut off by a very rude, or so the red head thought, person who said,"Weasley, if you don't remove yourself from this room you will learn why I was one of Voldemort's most feared followers."

" Would you two knock it off!" was heard from the bushy haired women with the darks circles under her eyes and contractions. You read right, Hermione Jean Malfoy was about to give birth.

But even before she could finish Ron Weasley, with his emotional range of a tea spoon, spoke again, "Yeah until you got your butt whipped by a bunch of teenagers. And besides, you Mr. Toughness wouldn't hurt me, cause Mione has you pussy whipped."

Hermione closed her eyes taking in deep breaths and didn't even had to open them to figure out what had made Ronald squeak, her husband was known for his temper and he could be scary when he wished to be. She took a deep breath wincing as another contraction hit.

"Ronald is there any specific reason why you decided to come inside my room and make Lucius pop a blood vessel."

Lucius turned to her glaring accusingly at her, what was she trying to say, that he was old. He pouted when Hermione patted his hand absent mindedly while rubbing her bulging stomach.

"Mione you wound me, I would never try to pop what-ever-you said, Malfoy can keep it. And I'll have you know that I had a very good reason for coming into the room with the rude man."

He pouted like his glaring counter part, and Hermione wondered how people still believed that women were the weaker sex. Seriously men were more moody than a pregnant women, and she would know she was pregnant. She inhaled trying to find a way to get rid of Ron and have some piece with her handsome husband who had been trying to…"distract" her from the pain with those amazing fingers. She coughed as she felt herself blush when Lucius turned her way giving her that stare that had capture her heart and another part of her anatomy when she had first seen it.

"So what do you want Ron?"

It took a minute for Ron to hear the question since he was still feeling offended and glaring at Malfoy. He opened his mouth and closed it again getting a far away look on his face. And then looked at Hermione with a sheepish look on his face.

"Would you know, I can't remember!"

Hermione and Lucius looked at him like he was a moron. Which he was mind you but they didn't have to look at him like that, specially in his face , thought Ron.

"Hey, don't look at me like that. It was all Malfoy's fault. He should have let me finished!"

He was out the door before Hermione or Lucius had time to hex him for the annoying interruption.

Hermione was shaking her head at Ron's stupidity when she felt a hand under the covers and running up her leg. She looked up to meet her husband's sultry eyes and blushed when he said,

"You still want me to distract you?"

And all Hermione could think, later --after he had properly distracted her ,had been " He should distract her more often."

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