I've been thinking of this story for quite a long time, ever since I started my other story. Hopefully I'm not making a huge mistake in uploading this already. The chapters will vary in length but hopefully they won't be too short. Also some things I am making up, due to not knowing what actually happens. You can only get so much from the series and the book. Hope you enjoy! Please review if you have time.


The cold September air brushed past her face gently, giving her a comfortable breeze. The sun was raised high the sky, but not beaming as much as it did in the past month. The leaves on trees were turning crisper and less green, signalling that autumn was well and truly here. She smiled as she walked through the little village. Autumn was one of her favourite times, well at least when it didn't rain. She didn't like rain for the obvious reasons. It was cold, wet and generally undesirable.

All in all it was a normal September morning. Well it would be if it wasn't for one thing, the soldiers. A couple of days before they had arrived, but only now were they walking about the village. They were American and she had heard that they had been briefed about the British customs.

Huh, She huffed; they couldn't be that different could they?

They all spoke the same language after all. She half smiled at them as they walked past. It Wednesday and she had nothing to do. So instead she was going to go down to the post office and get some stamps. She was going to write a letter for her brother, Edward, who had only just replied to her letter that she had sent three weeks ago. She couldn't blame him of course; he was out defending the world. She couldn't be more proud of him.

"Martha," A female voice said behind her, "Martha! How are you?"

Martha turned to look at her friend, Helen. Helen was an excitable person, a person Martha would often compare to a child. Helen had long blonde hair, falling past her shoulders. She had a lovely figure that caught most of the men's eyes. Her blue eyes captured the interest of anybody, and her lovely personality reeled everyone in.

"I'm fine," Martha answered with a smile, "What about yourself?"

"I'm perfect, William wrote to me yesterday," Helen said with a blush and a grin, "He says he's doing fine although he is missing me a lot. It was lovely to hear from him, although it did make me a bit weepy." Helen said with a wide grin, "I miss him so much but I'm proud of him too. I just can't wait until he's back and we can start making a family. He told me he can't wait either. How did I end up with such a wonderful man?"

"I have no idea but I'm happy you did." Martha said with a small smile.

She loved Helen to pieces but she could ramble on for England. She also cared for William a lot but hearing about him for hours on end was starting to get on her nerves but she couldn't complain. That would be rude. Although sometimes she did wish she could talk about Edward sometimes but it seemed there was never time when Helen was around.

"What have you heard about those new soldiers than?" Martha said quickly taking the conversation in a different direction.

"Oh, well you know they're American of course, "Helen said with a nod, "Well apparently they've been told to behave themselves around here. That didn't stop one of them trying to flirt with me though." Helen said with a slight smile.

"They did not!" Martha said with a shocked tone, "Did you get his name? What did you tell him?"

"He said his name was Bill Guarnere and I told him I was married."

"And then?"

"And then he said, 'That's a real shame...how about one kiss for a broken heart?'."

Martha giggled out loud, "Then?"

"Then I gave him a peck on the cheek and told him that was all he was getting." Helen said with a slight blush.

"You kissed him on the cheek? What would William say?"

"It was only a kiss on the cheek, it meant nothing. I love William with all my heart." Helen said nodding her head firmly.

Martha giggled once more and grinned at her friend. Trust Helen to do something like that. She was always a bit of a flirt but Martha knew she would never betray William. She also knew it was typical for a soldier to flirt with her. Martha couldn't blame him though Helen was a very beautiful woman. Just sometimes though, she wished she had some attention. She wasn't the most beautiful person but she wasn't too bad. Her eyes were a murky green though, and her brown hair was quite plain and boring. Martha shook her head slightly. She shouldn't think so negatively sometimes. She looked up and saw a couple of soldiers walking about, obviously it being a free hour or something. They looked to be in a conversation, a fun one. They were both smiling, obviously good friends. She studied them as Helen talked about something, most likely William, in her ear. One of them was taller than the other, lanky built but muscles showed through the uniform. From what Martha could see, his hair was a bright shade of red and his eyes looked to be blue. The other one captured her attention more. He was slightly shorter than the other, with black hair and dark eyes. He was slightly stockier than the other but it was his smile that captured her.

It was wide and teeth bearing, completely charming in some way. Stubble covered his jaw and his eyes twinkled in amusement. Suddenly he looked over at her and locked eyes. Martha froze, not able to turn away. He grinned at her, making her cheeks turn a deep crimson. She turned away, utterly embarrassed.

"What do you think Martha?" Helen asked, looking at her.

"Oh...yes definitely." Martha hoped that was the right answer.

"Wonderful, so we'll go down to the pub tonight with Fred and James. I must be off. Goodbye Martha." Helen said walking away before Martha could protest.

Martha sighed in defeat. Now she would have to go and pretend to have a good time tonight when all she wanted to do was work on her letter.

"Bloody, Helen." Martha muttered but she soon shook her head.

No she shouldn't blame Helen. Helen was only trying to help her socialise. It had seemed ever since Helen had gotten married, she had been on a mission to find Martha a man. Even though Martha had protested Helen didn't take no for an answer.

Martha rolled her eyes slightly. It was so like her friend to do that. Although all Martha could think about at that moment was the American soldier who had smiled at her.

She blushed again. Maybe her prayers had been answered. Someone had noticed her for once.

Thank god for small miracles.