The sun seemed to kiss her skin as Martha stood out in the early hours of a new day. A hazy smile was presented on her face, as she watched the sun float amongst the clouds. Resting her arms on top of the wooden fence surrounding the porch, she looked up at the sky admiring its beauty still. It definitely wasn't Aldbourne but it was the next best thing. New Jersey was her home now and while her heart still firmly belonged in England, Martha couldn't help but be swept up in the glamour and dream of America. It was a part of her now, her new home.

Five years had long since passed since the end of the war and of course, the beginning of the revaluation of her and Lew's relationship. Her life had changed in more ways than she could have imagined. Their relationship had been tested and they had their ups and their downs, there was no denying that. Yet, it all came together in the end. Those troubles and problems, the cracks in the foundations just didn't matter anymore. Before it had been a relationship undertaken in the midst of a war, a relationship with lies and a lack of trust but ultimately, it helped. Their relationship now was mature, more trusting and more rewarding than every comprehended before.

Yes, at lot had changed and now, Martha was constantly in a daze of contentment.

A crack on the wooden boards behind alerted her of Lew's presence. She smiled against his touch as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close towards him. His hands came to rest on top of hers, his fingers tracing over both the engagement ring resting on her finger for three years and the wedding ring that had been placed on her finger for two years. His rested his chin on her shoulder, his cheek pressed against her ear.

No words were spoken between them; instead they listened to sounds that occupied the early mornings. The birds that sang were idyllic, as was the soft wind that breezed past. It felt like some elaborate fairytale, the perfection of it was astounding to Martha's mind yet she didn't question it. It felt right. It felt like home.

"Morning," Lew's soft voice murmured against her cheek as he carefully placed a kiss upon it, his fingers running up her arms and falling down to the swell of her stomach, "Feeling okay?"

Placing her fingers on top of his, she nodded softly, "Perfect, as is the little one, "She smiled tenderly as she moved around to face her husband, her hands trailing up to his shoulders, "You?"

Lew kissed her delicately on the lips before nodding in agreement with her, "Perfect."

Being in Lew's arms was where Martha felt she belonged. It felt right. The marriage, the home, and the baby on the felt complete.

Life hadn't always been easy but it all came together in the end and Martha wouldn't have traded anything for what she had now. She would love Lewis Nixon until the day she died and because of that, she felt happy.

Martha was always the one that was never noticed, that was until Nixon arrived and stayed in her life, forever and always.

And thus, this is the end. I just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed and alerted this story as otherwise I wouldn't have written it. Also thank you to the whole Band of Brothers fandom, all of you are so welcoming and kind. I hope you enjoyed the ride and I'll hopefully see you with a new story in tow in the summer.

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