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This story is going to be going on the same path of Twilight Princess, but with it's own differences. Don't quite understand? Read on to find out!

Kenta Raikiri

A tall man was walking along the road one day, whistling a happy tune as he led a horse down the road. The man's horse was loaded with different kinds of items, firewood, berries, crops and such, yet the horse showed no signs of exhaustion as it had been trained to do so. The man's name was Rusl, and he was the only swordsman in the forest village of Ordon. He smiled as he saw Ordon Springs coming up in the road. It was a very special spring. It had pure water, water that even had healing properties. Small scrapes and cuts would vanish within moments of coming into contact with the water.

Ordon village had a mayor, a man named Bo, and the two had once competed for the title of Mayor, but Rusl decided he wasn't fit for the job and Bo came to be Mayor of the town. Bo had a daughter, though everyone knew she was adopted. There wasn't a single genetic similarity between the two, save for she was a VERY tough girl.

Rusl had wondered what it would be like if he had, not really a son, but someone whom he could pass his sword teachings onto. Someone who would smile no matter what. One who would take up his sword to protect his friends. Someone like...

His train of thought was interupted by a bright flash of light coming from the spring. The glow was so bright, not only did it temporarily blind Rusl, it also made the horse rear back. He quickly calmed the horse once the light died down. With the horse back under control, he carefully walked over to the spring, not sure of what he would find. As he got closer and closer to the gate, he heard something. It was faint at first, but soon it grew louder and louder, and when he turned the corner of the gate, his eyes widened in surprise.

There, near the Springs edge, a small bundle lay, the sound of crying eminating from it. Rusl walked over to the bundle to find a small child inside, his face contorted into annoyance as the water soaked in through the long cloak that covered the baby. When Rusl picked up the bundle, he gasped as the boy opened his eyes. The child had bright blue eyes, long pointed ears and three whisker-like marks on each side of his face. The child stared at Rusl, his crying having stopped, and tried to grab at the funny man's mustache.

Rusl couldn't help the deep chuckle that escaped his lips. He looked around, trying to find out as to how the boy had come to be there, as no-one could have just LEFT him there...or, did someone?

Looking at the springs, Rusl had a strange thought cross his mind. Could the gods have answered his prayers? Would this boy one day inherit his sword skills?


Rusl shook the thought from his head. Maybe, but first, this child was hungry.

"Don't worry, let's get you something to eat, hmm?" He said lifting the child up, a smile on his face.

Rusl entered the village to come face to face with the Mayor of the village. Bo smiled upon seeing the swordsman, but then noticed the bundle the man carried in his arm. "Chief, I found this child at the Springs. No one was there to take care of him, so I figured I would. If you would let me, I'd like to raise this child." Rusl said. The Chief smiled.

"Seeing as no one was there, I believe it's all right. You take good care of him, ya' hear Rusl?" Bo grinned. Rusl smiled and nodded.

"You got it."

Rusl finished putting the firewood away, as well as putting his work-horse away. Once he had finished, he took the bundled child and walked into the house. There, his wife walked up to him smiling.

"Hello dear, anything interesting happen while out in the forest?" She said, a cheery sound in her voice. Rusl smiled before he showed her the bundle. His wife gasped before slowly walking over and looking into the bundle.

"It's, A child...A boy." She said, astonished.

"Yes, I found him alone by the springs. I have talked to Chief and I am now his gaurdian." He said smiling.

His wife looked up to see Rusl with a gleam in his eyes. There was a determined look in them and there was no stopping him. She smiled before shaking her head slowly. This was the man she fell in love with, and this was one of the many reasons she said yes to him when he asked her to be his forever. She nodded before taking the bundle in her arms.

"We'll have to decide a name for him. But that can wait. You must be tired from the journey, come. I have dinner waiting." She said before walking over to the table.

They ate dinner peacefully, simply enjoying the company of the other, until they put the boy in a seperate room and went to bed.

That night, a strange yellow glow surrounded the young blonde lying in a cradle. When the glow faded, a figure was standing next to the boy. The figure had golden blonde hair and was wearing a dark, saphire blue undershirt, as well as similarly colored pants; his legs having bandages wrapped around his shins, tucking in the ends of the pants. He was wearing blue sandals, an olive green vest and a white coat that had red flames racing the bottom, as well as the Katakana for 'Yondaime Hokage' on the back of the white coat. The figure bent down and cupped his hand around the boy's face, a single tear falling from his eye.

"I'm sorry that it had to be you and not me...If I could, I would have done it in a heartbeat..." He said quietly so as not to wake neither the child nor the sleeping couple a room over.

He sat down next to the child and sighed, much like a young child who was told to do his chores. "You really amaze me, the way you reacted to her like that." He groaned. "She gives you one look and it's 'hook line and sinker'..." He smiled as he looked back at the sleeping child. "But then again, you're my son, so I shouldn't be surprised." He then gently took the left hand of the blonde-haired boy, smiling as a set of golden triangles began to glow on top of it.

"Go get em', Uzumaki Naruto." He said, squeazing the boy's hand lightly before slowly fading from existance, the child's hand gently falling back onto the warm blanket.

The child suddenly awoke and began crying uncontrollably. Rusl and his wife were there in a moments notice, trying to calm the boy as he continued to cry into the night.

The next morning, the couple tried to figure out a name for the boy, both noticing a stange pattern on the boy's left hand. There were three triangles stacked pyramid-style on top of each other. It was almost grey in color, but had a darker shade of grey on the bottom left corner triangle. They wondered how he got it, but let the matter drop, seeing as they hadn't noticed it before and thought that it had already been there before. They continued trying figuring out a name to fit the boy, but couldn't do so. Just as they were about to give up for now, the boy started fussing. Rusl smiled before he walked over to the boy. He bent down and smiled at him.

"What would you like to be called, little one?" He asked the possibly month old child. The baby flailed in his makeshift crib, bumping into a nearby bookshelf, knocking some books down.


The swordsman shielded the infant with his body, the books falling around him. He held onto the crib, the baby ready to cry.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you. No matter what." Rusl smiled at the infant as the last book fell. Rusl turned to the side to see the book had opened up to a certain page. Rusl noticed it was a cooking book that his wife had recently bought at Hyrule Market. It was a book filled with different kinds of soups and treats. Rusl picked up the book before holding it in front of him, smiling as something caught his eye.

"How about Naruto?" The boy immediately brightened up and started giggling, causing the couple to stare at the giggling child before beginning to laugh themselves. "Naruto it is then." Rusl said as he picked up the boy and held him in the air, Naruto giggling the entire time.

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Kenta Raikiri