A loud shriek echoed across a large desert, making the heads of numerous animals and creatures turn towards the source. Every now and again, another shriek would be heard and a loud 'NARUTOOOO!' would echo a few moments later. As the animals and the creatures of the desert went about their nocturnal lives, a young swordsman would forever be terrified of desert temples.

Naruto Uzumaki was a unique swordsman. He had learned 'The Horn of the Goat', a sword style from his foster father Rusl, and was slowly regaining memories of being a Shinobi, a Ninja with a unique energy called Chakra. He could create clones, walk on walls and water, disappear in a blur of speed, and throw a giant throwing star called a shuriken that would explode. He had called it a 'Rasenshuriken'. How he did it however he couldn't remember, as he was still gaining memories of his past life. Yes, he was indeed a great ally, and a formidable foe. But there was always one thing that neither Naruto nor any Shinobi would ever be able to stop.

They were all human. And humans could get scared. VERY scared.

Midna looked on at the bloody sight in front of her, a few purple lines running down the side of her pale face as she saw Naruto twitching violently, holding his sword up with his eyes darting back and forth, as if he was about to snap.

"Uh...Naruto?" Midna started, shocked at how freaked out Naruto had become. Yes, he had gotten scared before, to which she had called him a scaredy-cat, but the terror that Naruto was experiencing made her hold back the comment. After all, when something that's supposed to be dead jumps out at you, you don't just say hi and have a cup of tea with it. No, you would do what Naruto did. Shriek like a little girl before slicing/smashing it with whatever you had on you. Just seeing the hacked corpse pile on the floor made Midna's stomach curl juuuust a little bit."Umm...I know you're kinda freaking out right now, but I don't really think that gives you the right to shriek like a banshee every time you hear a sound..."

"Sound?Whatsound?Idon'thearanything,I'mjusthappilytwitchingevery threesecondsasIcouldbeattack ed byazombieoravampireorsomeran dom ghostandOH MY GOD!" Naruto shrieked again as a keese flew down from the ceiling, only to come out looking like it had gone through a paper shredder. As Naruto slowly trudged down the stone hallway, holding the sword tightly in his hands and shaking violently, Midna couldn't help but sigh. Yes, she was a little unnerved by the whole moving corpse thing, but as she looked at the sleep-deprived blonde, she didn't think that he should have reacted that violently to the poor bat. However, taking note of Naruto's current state, Minda concluded one thing:

Naruto was officially in panic-mode.

Any sudden sound that wasn't his footstep would trigger the fear of god into the blonde, making him hack, slash and smash in the direction that the sound came from. It didn't help that Sasuke was right on their heels, and judging from the bags under his eyes, Midna knew he was sleep-deprived.

This wasn't going to be easy.

"Listen Naruto," She twitched at how Naruto suddenly turned to her, almost hacking HER to pieces. "Sasuke is right on our heels, so how about we just hurry up and get out of here, all right?"

The blonde shakily nodded before tripping on something. Shaking his head, Naruto saw that it was a skull.

A HUMAN skull.



"SHIT!" Midna's eyes widened as she heard the voice that seemed to be right around the corner. She quickly grabbed Naruto before melding into the shadow of the skull, Sasuke appearing around the corner before rushing off into the darkness. Slowly popping her head up out of the shadow, Midna blinked, concluding that Sasuke really did just pass them by. Breathing a sigh of relief, Midna slowly began to float up before noticing something. Looking back down, Midna saw Naruto, his head sticking out of the shadow, unconscious. Grumbling in annoyance, Midna grabbed the blonde's hair before dragging him out of the shadow, continuing down the hall, the blonde quickly becoming riddled with lumps and scrapes from being dragged across the brick hallway. Stopping at a crossway, Midna began to slap Naruto senseless in an attempt to wake the blonde up. Despite her hammering away of the blonde's face, Midna found that, no, he wasn't going to be waking up anytime soon. The torch above the imp suddenly whisped away to nothingness, Midna's tribal tattoos glowing a light cyan in the darkness. A cold chill suddenly ran down her spine, Midna spinning around before flicking her hand to the side, a glowing orange orb appearing at her fingertip. She quickly checked her surroundings, expecting Sasuke to lunge out at the two.

Not good. If Naruto was out like this, Midna knew that she wouldn't be able to fight Sasuke, especially since he had demonstrated his power by beating Naruto senseless the last time they had met.

'Go baaaack...'

Midna spun around, the orb bursting into a live flame before the imp flung the fireball in the direction of the voice. It hit the wall with a dull FWOOM before disappearing to nothing, darkness beginning to surround the two once more.

"Naaarutoooo..."Midna quickly looked back and forth, another cold chill running down her spine. She had a very bad feeling about this place. "Come on you idiot..." The imp quivered."W-we gotta get out of here!"She tried to reason with herself. Turning back to the unconscious blonde, Midna created another fireball before tossing it at the doused torch, lighting the area around herself and the blonde. A loud shriek erupted next to the blonde, Midna quickly turning her head to the blonde's side where she saw something move into the brick wall. Her eyes small, a series of thoughts ran through Midna's head.

That was a ghost just now.

This place was haunted.

Ghosts didn't like light.



Several fireballs erupted around Midna, the imp taking a deep breath. As long as she had the light of the fireballs, the ghosts would stay away from them. They were safe.

"I SENSE TWILIGHT MAGIC!" A voice echoed throughout the ruins, Midna gasping as she quickly doused the lights. She gripped the unconscious blonde tightly, hoping that Sasuke wouldn't discover their position. After a few moments of nothing, Midna breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to Naruto, the blonde still unconscious. Using a tiny amount of Twilight Magic to light her hair, the imp grabbed the blonde and began walking down the halls, Naruto being held gently in the hand of her hair.

Sasuke Uchiha glared at the statue in front of him. He didn't like this. No matter what he wanted to say, he knew he was getting agitated. Even worse, he realized that when he got agitated, he would shout out something that usually pertained to his current mindset. When it came to Naruto, Sasuke wanted to do nothing other than beat the living shit out of him. So when he heard a sound that he thought was reacting to Naruto, be it a girlish scream or something else, he would shout out the blonde's name in rage. Not two minutes ago, he felt Twilight Energy. And the only one who could use that other than Zant was either Suigetsu or the traitor, Midna.

Knowing where Suigetsu was, there was only one person who could use Twilight Magic. But since he concluded that Midna would be with Naruto, he got agitated again, and once again shouted out something relating to his train of thought...

"Fricken impulses..." The young man brooded. This was not going the way he wanted it to. He was supposed to find Naruto, kill him, and the drag Midna's ass back so Zant could torture her. Yet the odd man made NO attempts whatsoever to try and bring either to their knees. Zant clearly had the resources to do so, so why didn't he just freaking nuke them already?

A low glow surrounded Sasuke, the man twitching the more he thought about Zant. Why didn't he kill them already? How could they have eluded the King of Twilight for so long? How did they keep getting closer and closer to the Twilight Realm? HOW THE HELL DID ZANT ALWAYS INSPIRE THIS MUCH IRRITATION!?

"GOD DAMN FRICKEN IDIOT!" Sasuke shouted, a blaze of energy suddenly surrounding him. The Uchiha smashed his fist into the statue in front of him, completely obliterating the statue before glaring forward as he walked out of the room. Behind a pillar, a tall red-headed young man peered from his hiding spot, slowly walking over to the obliterated statue before beginning to shiver.

"He's a monster..." Gaara stated quietly, staring at the pieces of rubble that was once a proud statue. A small glint caught his ring-covered eyes however, and reaching in, Gaara found a scroll with a strange symbol on it.

It almost looked like a frog.

Opening the scroll up, Gaara's eyes widened considerably. "Th-this...Th-this is...!"

To them, I am a relic of the past, one they wish to eradicate.

There he is! It's that fox-boy! Stay away from him!

You do not understand true pain. Give up. Your death will bring peace to this world.

You don't understand a thing! Do you really think you can take on and erase everyone's hatred!? You're a fool!

The only ties I have are between me and my brother! The only ties I have left are the ties of hatred I have for him!

You were alone to begin with! What can you understand about me, HUNH!?

If that's true...If that's true, then why didn't you kill me, hunh? You could have done it right then and there! Are maybe you were just scared, hunh?


Know that your life was simply spared on a whim.

You weren't scared at all.

But that also means, that you could LOSE your life on a whim.

I was the one who was scared.

"Sasuke..." Naruto groaned, blinking as he stared up to the ceiling. "Ah!" The blond quickly sat up, finding himself in a lit room. He slowly put a hand to his head, taking deep breaths.

'Those images...they were images of hatred...' Naruto thought, sweat trickling down his forehead. 'Sasuke...I finally remember you...' Naruto held up the necklace shaped like a fan, the symbol of the Uchiha clan. Thoughts of the tragedies and shortcomings of the powerful clan washing through his mind. The decades of torment and pain. 'And Sasuke's still part of it...'

"About time you woke up you moron." A voice said to the side. Naruto's face brightened upon hearing the voice of his friend, and turning Naruto smiled cheekily to the imp.

"Sorry, lots of stuff going on up here..." The blonde pointed to his head before he blinked, taking another look at Midna. He noticed she seemed paler than usual. "You okay?"

"Of course I'm f-fine idiot..."Naruto blinked as Midna glared off into the corner. Putting a hand to the imp's forehead, Naruto found her burning up.

"Doesn't seem like it." Naruto looked around. "How long was I out anyway?"

"F-for about thirty m-m-minutes." Naruto snapped his head back. Midna didn't stutter. EVER. And the last time he checked, they were in a haunted desert temple.

"So..." Naruto stuttered, rubbing the back of his head. "Judging by the fact that I'm still alive, I'm guessing Sasuke hasn't found us yet?"

"S-S-so far..." Midna still refused to look at the blonde, causing Naruto to turn to her in wonder. Slowly standing up, Naruto checked his sword on his back to make sure he still had his weapons. He had lost them once, and he wasn't too keen on losing them again. A small clacking sound emenated from around the corner, causing the blonde to brandish his sword and shield, holding his shield in front of his body, his eyes zeroing in on the corner. Midna was behind him in an instant, quivering lightly. Naruto kept his eyes firmly focused on the wall, waiting for something to show up. He could feel every muscle in his body tensing, but nothing appeared from the source of the sound.

"I guess it was nothing." Naruto sighed as he sheathed his weapons.

"Yup, it was probably just a mouse."

"Yeah, just a-" Naruto's eyes shrank, quickly spinning his head around to see a young boy standing behind him, grinning brightly. "Who the hell are you!?" Naruto shouted as he jumped away, pulling his sword and shield out.

"What? Who am I? Hmm...how could I put this for a dunce like you..." The boy put a finger to his silver hair, pondering the question for a moment before snapping his eyes open. "Ah! I got it!" He suddenly turned to Naruto, smiling darkly and reavealing sharp, jagged teeth, resembling a shark's, glistening from the light of a nearby torch. He suddenly disappeared, Twilight Squares appearing where he once was. Naruto gasped as he felt a weight against his back. "I'm Sasuke Uchiha's right hand man, fourth from the top of Lord Zant's heirarchy." Naruto spun around, swinging his sword, only to come face to face with nothing. "I'm a kick-ass dude who loves talking down to people," The voice came from down the hall, Naruto glaring at the boy before he disappeared again. "I love picking on weaklings like you," Naruto gasped as the voice came from above him, the blonde looking up and seeing the boy sitting on the ceiling. "And overall, I'm extremely jealous of that harem-toting prick." The silver-haired boy grinned again before disappearing, suddenly in Naruto's face. "I'm Suigetsu, and I'll be your killer tonight." He grinned, rocketing a fist into Naruto's stomach causing the blonde to double over, hacking up spitle before Suigetsu backhanded the blonde down the brick hallway.

Naruto wheezed as he stood up, readying his sword and shield, only to be blasted back by suigetsu's foot. Boots skidding against the floor, Naruto glared up at the boy, pulling up a hand and making a handsign. Chakra blasted from his feet, the blonde disappeared in a blur before smashing Suigetsu in the side of the face with his foot. Landing on the ground, Naruto blurred over to the still airborn boy, slamming him in the back with the hilt of his sword and sending him through the ceiling. Jumping through the hole, Naruto spun horizontally, sending an ax-kick to the boy's face and causing the boy to smash into a wall to the side. Landing near the center of the room, Naruto panted, watching the motionless body that lay squashed beneath the weight of the pillar. Breathing a sigh of relief, Naruto lowered his arms, only to be smashed across the room and into a wall. The blonde swordsman grunted as he tried to stand up, Suigetsu sitting in the middle of the room next to a large sword.

"Not bad. Not bad at all. Though you shouldn't lower your guard until the enemy's head is cut off...like this." Suigetsu swung his right hand across his throat, his head falling to the ground as Naruto's eyes widened.

"Wh-what the-?"

"Yeah, that's what you should do to normal enemies...but I'm not exactly normal, am I?" The head suddenly started bouncing over to Naruto, the blonde paling with each hop the head made towards him. By the time Suigetsu's head was in front of Naruto, the blonde was practically melded into the wall from his frantic backpedaling.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?" He shouted, pointing an accusing finger at the head.

"What? You never seen a bouncing head before?" Suigetsu seemed offended.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?" The blonde shouted again, waving his accusing finger frantically at the head.

"Yeah, I heard that before. What of it?"


"Seriously? That's it? Give me more to go on here!" Suigetsu growled at the horrified blonde.






"NO MORE! WHINING! GET OVER THERE AND KICK HIS ASS!" The imp bellowed, ripping the blonde from the wall and punting him back towards the center of the room.

Naruto stared at the head for a second, swallowing heavily as he slowly raised a sword to it. Suigetsu stared at the blonde for a moment and then sighed.

"I really shouldn't do this, but what the hell." Suigetsu looked up at Naruto, a light suddenly appearing from the bottom of Suigetsu's face, masking it in shadow. "BOO!"

"KYAAAAAAAHHH!" Naruto squealed, latching onto Midna, who merely glared at Suigetsu.

"You're an ass..."


"What was that? ...I could have sworn he said..." The blonde began to grind his teeth, veins appearing along his temples.

"Oh man, thanks shorty, I needed that. Now, since you gave me such a good laugh, I'll tell you what, I'll kill you quickly!" Suigetsu laughed as he plopped his head back onto his neck before grabbing a large sword that stood in the middle of the room.

"He said it again...he said it again..." Midna noticed Naruto's grip had tightened, the blonde suddenly letting go of the imp before walking over to Suigetsu, who ripped the sword out of the ground, the sealing tags that kept the sword in the ground burning up in blue flames.

"And now, me and my Kabukiri Houcho, the Executioner's blade, will slice your head clean off! Though unlike mine, YOURS won't plop back on!" Suigetsu cackled before he suddenly felt a hand on his face. "Eh?"



The blonde clenched his hand tightly, his fingertips forming into claws and a red, corrosive aura surrounding the blonde. A large explosion surrounded the blonde, though when the dust cleared Naruto stood with his fox cloak, Suigetsu standing a few feet away from the blonde, staring at him in horror.

"Wha, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?" Suigetsu shouted, staring at the blonde in shock. Five seconds ago, the kid was pissing himself! Where the hell did this power come from!?

"Oooohh, NOW I get it!" Midna stated, smacking a fist onto her open palm. Suigetsu shot a glare from the imp to the demonic blonde in front of him, who was currently forming a strange purple sphere in his hand. "Naruto is usually a really patient guy when it comes to insults about him being stupid and an idiot, mostly cuz he doesn't really care about that stuff. But if you diss his Ramen or his height, he goes all demon-mode! And he's only gone like this a couple times, but each time he was really pissed off about something. So rage must be the trigger!"

"WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT TELL ME ABOUT THIS GUY!?" Suigetsu roared at the imp, Naruto rocketing towards him even faster than before, slamming the Vermillion Rasengan into his stomach, Suigetsu being flung away and into a wall. Midna smirked at the Twilight that was just nuked into the wall.

"It means that, since you made fun of his height, this is your fault."

"FUCK IT ALL TO HELL!" Suigetsu roared, jumping up from the rubble, Naruto glaring at him even more. The silver-haired Twili glared at Naruto in fury. That was a powerful blow, and if he wasn't the sorcerer he was, he would've been dead right there. Whatever the hell happened to the blonde-pisser, it was bad. VERY bad. It was almost as if...

"I'm going to kill you..."Naruto growled quietly, his red, slit eyes locking onto him.

'Oh shit...' Suigetsu gasped, glaring at the blonde while tightening his grip on the Executioner's Blade. 'He's like Sasuke, when he transforms...' Suigetsu swallowed as Naruto leapt at him, rage still in his eyes. 'Now I know why Sasuke was worried about him...it's not that he's strong...it's that his potential to BECOME strong is so freaking huge!' Suigetsu swung the giant blade at the fox-boy, Naruto catching the blade in his clawed hands. Continuing his swing, Suigetsu flung Naruto back across the room before rushing at the blonde, swinging the giant, heavy blade at the fox. 'If he can learn to control power like this at will, especially if this was just him getting pissed off at HEIGHT, then if it can be stronger the more mad he gets, then Sasuke, maybe even Lord ZANT will have trouble with him!' The Fox nimbly dodged the heavy swings from the Twili, Naruto catching sight of something.

"You..." Naruto suddenly stopped, standing up and staring at Suigetsu. "Something's not right...why are you like this?" Naruto glared at the silver-haired boy. Suigetsu grinned darkly, slamming the sword into the ground.

"So, you noticed eh?"

"YOU'RE JUST AN ILLUSION!" Naruto roared, the Suigetsu disappearing into thin air. The blonde looked around, catching sight that Midna was gone as well. "DAMMIT!" Naruto clapped his hands together, squeazing his eyes shut tightly. "Remember what Pervy-sage about Genjutsu...to stop an illusion, you must stop your chakra from moving!" The blonde bit his lip as hard as he could, hoping the pain would help calm him down.

It worked, as the blonde's eyes snapped open, only to find himself on the floor and hear the clanging of metal nearby. Getting up, he saw Midna and Suigetsu going at it, the imp using a strange spear while Suigetsu used the cursed sword. Midna was losing ground quickly, being pressed back.

"YOU'RE DONE FOR, TRAITOR!" Suigetsu cackled, swinging the Kabukiri Houcho down at Midna.


Naruto stood in front of the wheezing Imp, glaring at Suigetsu from underneath his Hylian Shield.

"YOU!" Suigetsu growled in fury. Catching something out of the corner of his eye, the silver-haired swordsman jumped back, a second Naruto slamming his sword into the ground where he was mere moments ago. "How did you break the spell!? You were supposed to be disposed of by now!" He growled. Naruto stood up slowly, glaring at the Twili. Midna gasped behind him, bopping Naruto on the back of the head.

"You sure took your time..."She wheezed.

"Sorry Midna, I didn't catch it at first." Naruto glared at Suigetsu. "Before I answer your question, I want you to answer mine. When did you cast the illusion!?" The Twili smirked, deciding to comply with his question.

"When I smacked you away from the sword. Did you really think I could just plop my head off?" Midna stared first at Suigetsu, then at Naruto in confusion.

"Wait, what? Cutting your head off? What are you talking about?"

"Now for my question." Suigetsu held his sword out towards Naruto, the blonde clunking his sword against his shield, readying for his strike. "How did you break the spell?" Naruto grinned as he disappeared, Suigetsu turning to the side and blocking Naruto's slice.

"Ninja don't reveal their techniques to the enemy." The blonde grinned as he pushed the Twili sorcerer back.

"Oi! I answered your question!" Suigetsu growled. Naruto pouted to the silver-haired boy.

"No, I just asked when, you asked how. There's a difference you see." Naruto grinned, Suigetsu dodging out of the way of a clone's downward swing. The Twili was getting pissed off, as was visible from the bulging veins on the side of his head.

"Listen punk, you're really starting to get on my nerves!" Suigetsu slammed the sword on the ground, his body being covered by flames as Suigetsu's temper flared. "I think I've played around with you two enough...Time to end this!" The ground began to pulse underneath Naruto's feet, causing the blonde to stumble for a moment. Looking back at Suigetsu, Naruto saw that the Twili was growing into a hulking form, muscles pulsing all around him. He looked like a giant, beefed up Goron! "AND THIS TIME I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" Suigetsu roared as he took a giant step forward, his foot leaving an imprint in the ground.

"SUIGETSU! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT HERE NOW!" A voice suddenly echoed throughout the temple, stopping the hulk in his tracks.

"What? You've got to be kidding me! I was just about to rip this ass a new one!" Suigetsu cursed, glaring at Naruto. "You're lucky. He saved your ass BIG time...wether he meant to or not."


"Dammit." Suigetsu grumbled, the hulking mass reverting back to it's original form. "I was just getting into it too..." Suigetsu glared at Naruto as he was taken apart into black squares, disappearing from the blonde's sight. The swordsman stared at the Twili's previous spot before walking over to it, noting the sword and the giant footprint in the ground.

"If he had gone any further into the ground, he would have gone through the floor..." Naruto stated quietly, staring at the giant footprint.

"Well, you beat him, so there's nothing to it..." Midna shrugged off the ordeal, dusting herself off.

"No..." Naruto started, the imp turning towards him. The blonde clenched his fist tightly. "If it wasn't for Sasuke...that guy would have..." Sweat trickled down Naruto's face. He was having trouble with him, and Suigetsu was just playing with him...he was just getting serious when Sasuke had called him...

"I...I have to get stronger...much stronger..." Naruto clenched his fist tightly. "If I'm ever going to stand a chance against Sasuke, or even Zant, I have to get much stronger than what I am now..." Naruto stared at his left hand, watching as the Triforce pulsed on the top of his hand. "I...I need to see them again...all of them."

"All of who?"

Naruto looked up to the ceiling in contemplation. "I'm going to re-visit all of my teachers. But first, I need to see Pervy Sage and my Dad again..." Naruto turned to Midna, the imp staring at him in confusion. "You'll need to meet them too." He grinned, nodding. "But not right now. We need to find the Mirror of Twilight First, right?" The imp smirked, glad to finally be back on track.

"It's about time you remembered. Come on, let's find a way out of this creepy temple, now that Sasuke's gone." Midna grinned before returning to Naruto's shadow. The blonde stared at the Master Sword, pulsing with power. Grinning, the blonde sheathed the Legendary Blade before running off back into the temple.

Suigetsu glared at his Master's disciple, hating him with all his might. He wanted to just smash his face into the dirt SOOOO badly, kinda like how that Naru-dork did to his illusion. He had no idea how he got out of the illusion, as no one had ever been able to escape from his illusions unless he let them, and he didn't have any intention of letting Naruto out. So how did the little turd get out? If Suigetsu could give an answer, he'd say it was the impatient ass-hole in front of him, Sasuke Uchiha. The prissy little pimp had been taken in by Zant three years or so ago, and now he was just bossing everyone around like a little piss-ass. If he hadn't already beaten the shit out of Suigetsu before, without breaking a sweat at that, the Twili would have gone ape-shit on him by now. But knowing that he was not only tired from using his Bump Up, but he just didn't want to deal with the freaky old ladies at the hospital. So Suigetsu just settled for mentally stabbing the Uchiha with numerous curse words.

"What is it? I was just getting re-acquainted with my favorite buddy..." Suigetsu growled to the Uchiha. Sasuke snorted as he turned to the silver-haired Twili.

"Karin fucked up." Sasuke hissed as he glared at the temple below them. Suigetsu stared at Sasuke in shock.

"Wait...you mean..."

"Zant wants us back. Immediately, apparently. Looks like we get an early Christmas Present." Sasuke snorted.

"Twenty lashes?" Suigetsu winced.

"I'm betting on thirty." The silver-haired Twili slumped. If it was just twenty lashes, it wouldn't be so bad. No, when he and Sasuke (And Zant for that matter) said that they were getting a certain number of lashes, they meant MINUTES of lashing. Of course, Zant never went with just a few lashes a minute. It was a game, maybe even a challenge for the psychotic emperor to see how many lashes he could get in a minute. His current record was 167 lashes in a minute, which was his highest score apparently, though thankfully he didn't always get that high. So in a sense, Twenty minutes of lashing, which, if each minute hit about 142 lashes, then that meant...yeah, it was painful to say the least. "Great. Next time Karin wants to be useful, screw her in a bed..." Suigetsu sighed. Sasuke merely snorted again before grinning.

"But before I leave, I have to make sure that the blonde little spat doesn't have too much fun down there." Sasuke chuckled as an orange sphere appeared in his hand. "Make sure you give him a nice big surprise when he sees you." The Uchiha smirked as he dropped the sphere towards the sand before turning around, Suigetsu already having made a portal back to the Twilight Realm.

The sphere continued to fall until it hit the sand, only for the orb to sink into the ground before coming upon some old and rather large bones. Merging into the bones, the eyes of the bones began to glow orange, only for the glow to disappear into the depths of the sand.

Merry Christmas! (okay, so I'm a little late...)

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Sorry for those of you who didn't quite understand the illusion thing with Naruto and Suigetsu. In this story, Suigetsu is a melee fighter, though he is a sorcerer who likes to screw around with people's minds. In a different perspective, Zant's insanity is rubbing off on him. Maybe it was all the lashes he got from the Twili. Anyway, when Suigetsu smacked Naruto away from the Cursed Sword, he put Naruto under an illusion, or a curse if you will. Naruto was fighting something that would scare him shitless, and since he's gotten some sleep, he needs something that would really scare him. For those of you who watch some fillers for Naruto Shippuden, you know Yamato loves scaring Naruto. For those of you who DON'T watch a lot of fillers (if any) go to youtube and type in "Yamato trolls Naruto" and laugh at Naruto's scream.

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