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Gokudera knew from the start leaving those three alone in a locked room was a bad idea. A devious right hand man, a fiesty swordsman and an unconscious 14-year-old was never a good combination. The reverbration of the creaking of the old bed frames and the constant groans emitting from inside the room just further proved his theory. The words of their ten-years-later selves from the afternoon echoed in his head, 'We're going to teach you the art of making grandchildren!'

He's having an extremely bad feeling about this.

Ignoring the spillage from the glass of water in his hand, and the fact that the door was locked, he booted the door open. "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ASSHOLES!" He roared at the members inside. "I was just getting a glass of water for the idiot for one minute and you guys can't even control yourselves?"

It was only after the outburst that he noticed the innocent arm-wrestling match going on on the bed between Hayato and Takeshi.

Hayato, whose back was facing him, whipped his head around with a spiteful expression. "And there I was wondering why I had so little friends when I was younger," he complained with much sarcasm.

"I know you're angry at pretty much everything, Gokudera," Takeshi added, with a concerned grin in place, "But I didn't know arm-wrestling was one of them."

Gokudera, trying to hold back his bright scarlet face, opened his mouth, but no smart retort came out. So he snapped it back shut angrily.

Hayato gave an satisfied smirk, saying, "He thought we were having our late night exercises."

Takeshi blinked for a moment, before finally catching on to the metaphor. That's why he prefered having a universal term for that activity, it's easier to remember. "Haha!" He guffawed, "I didn't know 14-year-old Gokudera thought of that all the time!"

"No I don't! It's just that with you two concipiscent hyperactive DNA-sprinklers around everything became so damn warped!" Gokudera snarled. He took in a breath, and closed his eyes and massaged his temples in vexation, attempting to cool down.

"Ah, is this for me? Thanks!" All of a sudden Takeshi appeared in front of him, and casually helped himself to the glass of water.

"That's not for you, idiot!" Gokudera barked, and snatched the glass from the man. It has already touched his mouth, but since they're both the same person anyway, so Gokudera figured it would still be okay to let Yamamoto drink.

He promptly stomped over to where the bruised Yamamoto laid sleeping on the floor. He gave his shoulder a small kick (having been the one who landed him in this state), and ordered, "Baseball idiot, wake up. I've brought the water you've been whining for all day."

Yamamoto let out a little grunt, and fell back into his slumber. Gokudera groaned, and heaved his upper body up to prop him against the wall, before placing the glass in between his dry lips. Automatically, Yamamoto began downing the contents of the container. When he was done, Gokudera clumsily laid him back down again. He was still speculating whether or not Yamamoto really preferred sleeping on the floor, or if it was another trick by the two bored-to-the-brink-of-death adults to entertain themselves with.

Hayato, watching the scene, rested his chin in his palm, as he wondered, "How did I stand deceiving myself? I mean, it's obvious you like him. When will you ever get out of your denial, Small Gokudera?"

Gokudera clenched his fists so hard the cup was on the verge of shattering. "For the last time I do not like that idiot! I'm only doing this because I was the one who beat the living daylights out of him! And stop calling me that!"

"How about Little Gokudera?"


"Baby Gokudera?"

"Don't even dream about it!"

Yamamoto's slurring joined in. "Gokudera... I'm feeling very hot..."

"Shush! Can't you see I'm in an argument!" Gokudera snapped.

"Minuscule?" Hayato continued, finding the teasing especially entertaining.

"I said, n-"


"Hey! I didn't finish the last sente-"


"Oi! I-"


Gokudera, by this point, concluded that short, simple syllables were the only possible rebuttals with effect. "Go die."

Takeshi broke the series with his amused laughter, even though he didn't understand half of the relatively profound vocabulary. But hey, at least he knew the meaning of 'peewee', and it's funny! And thinking about peewee makes him think of pee, and thinking about pee makes him think of the hanging anatomy, and thinking about the hanging anatomy makes him think about the late night exercises, which led them back to...

"Oh yeah, Hayato, we forgot to impart the art of making grandchildren."

...Exactly what Gokudera wanted to avoid.

Gokudera crossed his arm to feign authority, and insisted, "Never! No way in hell you're going to turn us into senseless creatures whose mating season is virtually everyday like you. We have our dignity thank you very much."

Hayato pulled on a doubtful expression and commented, "What makes you think so when we've made you guys kiss?" He pointed his index finger as though reciting a word of wisdom. "Kissing, is the essence of foreplay."

Yamamoto's suffering moans entered their conversation again. "Gokudera... Why is it so hot...? Even... Even when I've taken off my shirt... It's still... So hot..."

Gokudera waved his hand as an indication of dismissal, impatient. "Hang on I'll get you ice later! I'm discussing matters that concerns life and death!" Then he turned back to face the two men. "That's only because you forced us! I'm not going to fall for your trick again! Foreplay my ass!"

Takeshi chuckled, "I'll be more than willing to."

"DON'T COME NEAR ME!" Gokudera roared, having realised what he had just said. He made a mental note to put more thoughts into the phrasing of his profanities, especially with retards like these.

"That's what you said when Takeshi kissed you," Hayato paused to shoot Takeshi a death glare that said 'You're so dead when we go back', and looked at Gokudera again, "Or are you indicating?"

Gokudera scrunched up his face in chagrin, yelling, "No, no, no, no, no!" The more he thought about what became of him ten years later, the more frustration and dejection it brought him.

"Go-Gokudera... I... I'm dying... My body's... burning..." Yamamoto's weak and frail voice punctuated the conversation. But was immediately ignored in the heat of the debate, pun not intended.

Takeshi raised an eyebrow at Hayato, suggesting, "Looks like we'll have use physical means again."

Gokudera instantly threatened, "If you dare come near me your manhood is going to be replaced by a dynamite."

"Easy for you to say, it's my butt damn it," Hayato called out from the side.

Gokudera gritted his teeth, getting more and more annoyed with the situation. Before he could say something Takeshi cut in, "Oh don't worry, I won't do what I did to you in the afternoon." And he flashed the smile; the crafty smile which Gokudera knew hid daggers behind it.

Suddenly an arm was slung around his shoulder from the back, making him jump. "Gokudera..." Yamamoto's raspy voice fanned down the pores of his neck. "I... I can't stand it anymore... It's too... It's too hot..."

Cold sweat formed on Gokudera's forehead. "Wh-What are you talking about? You're not going to...!" He flipped his head back towards Takeshi, "What did you do to him??"

"I spiked his drink."

"You did wha- AH!" But before Gokudera could lash out at the man again he was slammed onto the floor and promptly pinned down by the topless teen. Staring at the lusty eyes of a drowsy and reddening Yamamoto, instincts told him to start trashing about savagely. "Let me go! You don't know what you're doing! Oi!" However, it was all futile because for some reason, the supposedly-injured teen had an unbelievably strong grip on him, and remained as sturdy as a rock.

"Your skin is so smooth... Gokudera... Can I... touch it...?"

And that would be the cue for the two adults to leave the youngsters to fend for themselves. Afterall, it's the thrill of not knowing what to do that makes the First Time exciting. They left the rioting edgy teen and the hormonal Japanese alone, and snuck out of the room, remembering to lock the door. Sounds of the endeavour persisted as Hayato leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette.

"Aren't you supposed to be unconscious? Hey let go!"

"Stop resisting, Gokudera... I can't stand it anymore..."

"Stop resisting?! My virginity is at stake here and you tell me to stop resisting?! Who's the one who brought you water just now, huh? Where's your sense of gratitude? Get the fuck off me!!"

"... Don't blame me, for doing this then..."




A contented smirk tugged at the ends of Hayato's lips as he eyed his slightly surprised partner. "Told you that was my inspiration for inventing Sistema C.A.I."

As it seemed, the world ten years later really lacked entertainment.

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