"Would Sam do this?" Mealanie asked pressing her lips against Freddie's.

Freddie looked around in shock.

"You SWORE we'd never do that again!"

"No I didn't."

"HA! So you admit your Sam?" Freddie asked.

"No I'm saying I didn't swear anyhting." The blond smiled. Freddie rolled his eyes, the caterer passed by carrying ham, Freddie smirked, and turned back to Mealanie.

"Ok. Carly told me that you hate ham Mealanie." Freddie said putting air quotes around 'Mealanie.' "So if your not Sam then I want to see you eat ham." Freddie said. Mealanie blushed.

"Um. No thank you." She smiled nervously. Freddie went over to get some ham that the club was serving, as Mealanie went and sat back on the couch. Freddie came and sat with her with a plate of ham.

"So if your not Sam, then you won't mind if I eat this in front of you right?" Freddie asked putting a piece of ham inside his mouth. Mealanie's mouth went dry.

"Not--- Not at all." She hesitated. Freddie continued to eat the ham, as Mealanie started to sweat. She couldn't take it anymore.

"GIMME THAT HAM!" She snatched the plate from Freddie's hand and engulfed all the ham on it.

"HA! I KNEW IT! YOUR SAM!" Freddie gloated. Sam stood up "Yeah so what?!" Freddie just smiled, but then his expression dropped.

"Wait. If your Sam, why did you kiss me?" Freddie asked.

"You wouldn't care." Sam said walking past him and out of the club. "Sam!" Freddie shouted following her out into the parking lot, he grabbed her by the wrist. She turned around.

"Sam! I wanna know the truth right now, why did you pretend to be your fake twin sister, and why did you kiss me?" Freddie asked.

"BECAUSE I LIKE YOU! OK?!" Sam shouted. And turned away from him.

"WAIT! Whoa! Woah! Back up! You what?"

"Do I need to spell this out for you?" Sam replied coldly.

"It would help."

"I.... like..... you....." Sam said as slow as she could. Freddie just stood there speechless.

"And if your too stupid to realize that then you must be the most dumbest person in the whole world." Sam said. Walking away.....


Next chapter soon.