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This is thoughts during an IM conversation.



I walked into my room and laid down on the bed. I guess I wasn't sad anymore. Just mad. I still didn't get what lead them to believe that I was a traitor. What the hell did I do? I was always there. No time the go off to the School and tell them where we were.

I logged onto my account on the chat room.

USERNAME: frequentflyer

PASSWORD: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hmmm. What chat room should I join today?

Maximum Ride Lovers!

Hmm. I had heard of my book and heard it was a great hit. All I wanted to know was how this James Patterson knew so much. STALKER! Sorry couldn't help myself. I joined that one.

Frequentflyer: Hey. Anyone here?

…: Yeah.

OMG!: I am!

BOMB$: Me 2!

Fartknocker: ME!

InYoUrMiNd: :P

InYoUrMiNd: frequentflyer, I like ur name!

Frequentflyer: thanks. Wat's up w/ urs? Its cool but how'd u think of it?

InYoUrMiNd: I'm good at reading ppl.

Frequentflyer: o. ok. Wat's up w/ urs …?

…: don't talk much

BOMB$: wat an undrstmnt

…: shut up I- JEFF

BOMB$: Nice one Fnick

Frequentflyer: wow u guys must rlly like MR if ur quotin it.

BOMB$: yeah…sure

FANGISMINE has joined chatroom.


OMG!: hey! *snickers* hey … don't u like her name?

…: ya. Ttly.


Frequentflyer: wat?

FANGISMINE: ugh! Age, sex, location.

FANGISMINE: 15, girl, San Francisco.

Frequentflyer: o. 16, girl, Arizona.

Fartknocker: 11, boy, NY

…: 16, boy, NY

OMG!: 13, girl, NY

BOMB$: 16, boy, NY

InYoUrMiNd: 8, girl, NY

FANGISMINE: y is there an 8 year old on a chatroom?

InYoUrMiNd: cuz … said I cud.

…: ya cuz u manipulated me w/ ur bambi eyes.

InYoUrMiNd: :D

Now this is just reminding me of the flock. With the bambi eyes and the screen names.

FANGISMINE: umm. Ok. So r all u ppl that r from NY together?

Fartknocker: yup. Were a family.

FANGISMINE: o. so how did u all get hooked on the books?

Fartknocker: well… the title kinda caught our eye. *snickers*

Frequentflyer: ya… same…I like the name Maximum Ride. I think it's cool and unique. *giggles*

OMG!: I'm a fan of Nudge. She's awesome. And, like, she loves shopping! I do to. We actually have a lot in common. Like, I'm mocha colored 2. *snickers*

BOMB$: I like Iggy. He's cool AND blind! AND makes bombs *snickers*

InYoUrMiNd: I like Angel. And Total! I would never forget him!

Fartknocker: Gazzy's awesome. Ttly. *rotflmao*

FANGISMINE: Fang is HOT. Max shouldn't end up w/ him. SHE ALREADY BROKE HIS HEART 2ce by running away!

Frequentflyer: I understand where she's coming from. She doesn't want the flock to split again. Last time it hurt her AND Fang. Who's to say they won't completely break if it happens again?

…: well I think she should give him a shot!

BOMB$: of course u do, nick. Of course u do.


…: srry we call each other by the names of who were most like

OMG!: *giggles*

Frequentflyer: umm… ok…

FANGISMINE: have u guys ever read fanfiction?

Frequentflyer: wat?

…: wat?

Frequentflyer: JINX!

…: JINX!

Frequentflyer: DAMN IT!



Frequentflyer: srry

…: srry

Frequentflyer: Grr

…: Grr

FANGISMINE: u guys r actin like Max and Fang!

Frequentflyer: WELL I'M NOT MAX!


Fartknocker: *snickers*

Frequentflyer: Grr

…: Grr

FANGISMINE: well. Fanfictions r where fans of books write different versions of the book. My fav r FAX ones.

Frequentflyer: wat the hell is that?

…: wat the hell is that?

Frequentflyer: Grr.

…: Grr.

FANGISMINE: how do u not know wat fax is? Where Fang and Max get together! Even though I want Fang, I know it'll never happen, but there's no doubt Fang and Max should get together.

Frequentflyer: …

…: …

FANGISMINE: wat I really don't like is Miggy. I mean Max and Iggy? Wat's up with that?

Frequentflyer: EW!


FANGISMINE: ya I know. Then the ones where Fang is gay? Ugh!

…: WAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! (A/N Imagine Fang's face here. Lol.)

FANGISMINE: and then where Fang and Iggy get together?


BOMB$: *throws up*

InYoUrMiNd: Fnick! LANGUAGE!


…: …I mean Nick…

Umm… that's a little weird. (A/N clueless clueless Max…)

Fartknocker: *lmao* nice one Nick

FANGISMINE: I wonder y JP hasn't written anything in over two years…

Frequentflyer: maybe Max was kicked out of the flock.

FANGISMINE: no. that couldn't happen! They love each other too much.

…: maybe the flock made a mistake. Maybe they thought she was a traitor.

Frequentflyer: if so, they shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

…: if that happened, maybe they're rlly srry. Especially Fang. Cuz he loves Max whether she knows it or not. I know cuz I'm a guy. We know these things.

That's when I pieced everything together. THAT'S THE FLOCK! UGH! I HATE THEM! I DON'T FUCKING CARE IF THEY'RE SORRY! Wait… Fang loves me? That's not possible… is it? WHATEVER! I'VE MOVED ON!

Frequentflyer: well. Maybe, if it's true, they can shove their apologies up their asses! Max wouldn't want to forgive them. I sure as hell wouldn't!

Frequentflyer: gtg. Bye.

I signed out quickly and went downstairs.

Oh. No.

There were Flyboys crowded around in the living room. One held Ella and another held my mom.

"Let. Them. Go." I growled. I haven't heard or seen these guys in over two years, but I always stayed in shape.

"Come with us and no harm will come to them." a flyboy droned.

"Fine just let them go!" I yelled. A flyboy grabbed me from behind and they let my family go. They shoved me out the door and into a van. It was pitch black and uncomfortable.

I hope you liked it! : P


Next chap will be 4 years later.