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Chapter 1: Daydreaming


I woke up to the alarm clock down the hall ringing loudly. My best friend, Alice, was a morning person. A very early morning person she just had a little trouble actually getting out of the bed, but once she was awaken she was a crazy and all over the place.

Today was the day of the first game. Alice and Rosalie, who also slept in our apartment, were cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They had gone through about eight weeks of intense boot-camp like training just to make the squad. They were so excited to make it. Alice's mother just happened to be the head coach and Rosalie's, Co-coach. I knew both ladies very well and was allowed into each rehearsal and event that took place. I really just helped fix outfits before the games and did endless errands for everyone, but I got to see all the girls and support Alice and Rosalie.

Only few minutes later Alice came running into my room and bounced on my bed.

" Thanks." I muttered

" Your welcome!" she said

" Now get off me." I complained

She huffed but got off " Fine, but you have be to fast. We have to be there by seven sharp."

After Alice left my room I got up from my bed and went over to my closet. I put on a pair of jeans and a black band tee, knowing that Alice would kill me, then slipped on my battered converse from highschool. I threw my brown curly hair up in a pony tail, not bothering with it. I brushed my teeth and washed my face before walking out of my bedroom. When I got to the kitchen I noticed Alice at the stove.

"Alice, what on Earth are you doing?" I inquired.

"Making a pancake, I think…. And stop looking at me like that Rose. Like you could do any better!"

" Actually..." Rose started.

" Alice, you can't cook. Let me finish." I pushed her out of the way and she went to the table.

I made them both pancakes for breakfast and they ate quickly. When they finished I stood up from the table and grabbed my car keys.

" Alright, time to go. Ready?" I said.

"I'm ready to look at Emmett… Do you realize he's the hottest guy,ever." Rose replied as she grabbed her jacket from the coat hanger in the entryway.

"Hey, you know the rules." I quipped, snapping her out of her fantasy

Everyone knew about the rule, you couldn't date a football player if you were one of the cheerleaders. It was obvious that loosing focus was not good. Of course, I couldn't help but think about Edward Cullen. Most football players are something that girls fawn over, but he was the hottest in my opinion. Edward Cullen. He was everywhere, he shot commericals with sports drinks and many others. He was completely gorgeous with untidy, bronze colored hair and vibrant green eyes. He had muscles on his arms that made you want to run your hands over.

Rosalie loved Emmett McCarty who was all muscle. He was a little intimidating with all that muscle and was one of Edward's best friends on the team, along with Jasper Whitlock. Jasper was tall with blonde hair, muscular but not too scary looking, and as much as she wouldn't admit it, Alice seemed to prefer him. They were the best looking guys on the team, that's for sure.

We were all snapped out of our daydreams when I came back to my senses and told them it was six o' clock and we had to go. And with that we stepped out of the door, got into the car and headed to the stadium.

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