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Rogue awoke bright and early. She found herself still wrapped in Remy arms; he was still breathing deeply into her neck. 'Fast asleep' she thought with a smile. For a moment she closed her eyes and revealed in the feeling of being held in someone's arms. She loved the feel of his skin on hers but she pulled herself away- knowing she couldn't lay there in his arms all day. Well ok, she could have if she really wanted to but she decided, when her stomach growled loudly, that she'd make them a big breakfast; eggs, bacon, sausage - the works. Then she could surprise him with breakfast in bed. Maybe he might then consider stopping in bed for the rest of the day, wrapped in each other's arms. As she silently slipped out of his room and padded along the hallway quietly she wondered what had put her in such a good mood. She was never in this good a mood; ever. She happily put it down to sleeping wrapped in a gorgeous man's arms most of the night. She opened the fridge and starting collecting the ingredients for the breakfast she had planned. Behind her she heard the kitchen door swing open and she turned expecting to see a sleep Remy wandering in, hopefully still half naked, but instead she was greeted by Blindspot followed in by Mystique who was wearing a smug grin.

"Morning," Rogue said cautiously.

"Good morning, dear." Her mother smiled with a false sweetness. "Mind if we have a quick word?"

Remy woke slowly. He blinked in the dull light of his room. His head pounded and his throat felt as dry as sandpaper. He reached across the bed for Rogue; hoping to bury his face in her soft hair for at least a few more hours but he soon realised she was no longer lying next to him. He sat himself up and looked around the room. She was not there. He swung his legs over the side of his bed and rubbed his face. It was peculiar to him to wake up feeling so groggy. He was usually a morning person, always waking with a great mood, and rarely found himself feeling this slow when he woke up; even when he had a hangover he didn't really suffer. He knew it was something to do with the energy creating nature of his powers and realised it was something he had taken for granted until now. 'Must have had more to drink than I thought' he thought to himself and threw on some clothes.

He closed the door to his bedroom behind him as he left and went straight to Rogues rooms that lay further down the hall. He knocked twice but there was no answer. He opened the door and stuck his head into the room; it looked exactly as he had left it last night – bedding thrown back and glass covering everything. So she hadn't come back here. That meant the next logical place for her to go would be the kitchen for breakfast. Remy stomach growled hungrily and he decided that breakfast was a fantastic idea. He quickly made his way to the kitchen- the smell of bacon growing stronger with each step. He smiled to himself hoping that she had made some for him too. He opened the kitchen door and found Rogue with her back to him. She was leaning over a frying pan cooking what could only be the delicious stuff that was bacon. Remy stepped up behind her, with his chin resting on her shoulder, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Smells good," he murmured into her neck. She stiffened almost instantly then turned and shoved him away harshly.

"What the hell do ya think you're doing swamp rat!" She snapped with a glare. Remy was so surprised all he could do was stare as she turned back to the sizzling bacon. She angrily lifted each piece with a fork and all but slammed it onto a slice of bread that lay waiting at the side of the cooker. She slapped on another slice of bread, covered in ketchup, and then pushed past him as she stormed out of the kitchen with her breakfast. All Remy could do was watch in confusion as he tried to figure out what he'd done wrong.

"Something the matter, Gambit?" Mystique smirked at him from where she stood leaning against the door frame. Then it clicked in his head; though it took longer than it should have, he noticed.

"You had her memory wiped again." He stated, his own angry tension now building up.

"You should have stayed away from her," was all the response she gave him before walking away – the twisted smirk still plastered across her face. Remy waited until she was out of ear shot then slammed his hands on top of the kitchen table angrily.

"Merde!" He hissed. He breathed deeply and quickly trying to vent his anger. Finally making a decision he stormed out of the kitchen smashing the door against the wall as he went. He thundered down the hall and threw Rogue's door open without bothering to knock.

"What the hell has gotten into you? Ya gawd damn psychopath!" Rogue shouted at him in outrage from where she sat on her bed, half way through eating her bacon sandwich. Ignoring her he took a backpack out of her wardrobe and starting throwing her clothes in it. Careful to avoiding the glass she had brushed onto the floor; Rogue jumped up and grabbed the bag, trying to stop him.

"What are you doing? Get out of mah room!" She shouted at him. He dropped the bag and took hold of her shoulders.

"We are getting out of here. I'm talking y' home, chere."

"Are you crazy? Ah'm not going anywhere with you!"

"Rogue, dey been messing with yo're head. Yo're just gonna have to trust me. Professor X can fix yo're memories when I get you back to the mansion."

"Ah am not going back to the X-Men and Ah am not going anywhere with you." She hissed stubbornly.

"Y' can go willingly or I'm gonna throw y' over m' shoulder and carry ya" He seethed back, showing he was in no mood to argue. She didn't respond; choosing instead to glare at him in stony silence, but when Remy turned to grab more of her clothes she leapt for the door. He managed to grab hold of her bare arm which caused her to narrow her eyes at him in anger and suspicious. She then launched herself at him as she tried to kick and punch her way free of his grasp. However, they were evenly matched and Remy quickly dropped her bag and blocked her attacks while trying to pin her down. They each got in a few blows at each other – Rogue's doing the most harm as she intended to hurt him while he was doing everything possible not to hurt her. The room, however, quickly saw most of the damage of their scuffle. Rogue threw a punch at Remy but he quickly sidestepped and used her momentum to spin her around. He then lifted her up from behind whilst trying to keep her arms pinned but she kicked out violently, sending the lamp flying into the wall where it smashed into pieces. She pressed her feet against her bed-side drawers to push him backwards. The force caused the drawers to knock over - throwing her alarm and other bits across the floor. The momentum of the push caused Remy to stumble back with her still pinned in his arms; they crashed into the wardrobe doors which caved in on impact. Remy, finally got the upper hand, and used the broken wardrobe to throw them both back towards her bed where he pinned her underneath him, but from this position he had no way of getting her up and out of the base. If he let go she'd attack him again, but he didn't have to worry about the dilemma for very long because, unknown to him, Mystique had entered the room –after hearing their scuffle - and hit the back of his neck with enough force to knock him out cold.

Remy woke up a few hours later. A florescent light flickered annoyingly above him. The back of his neck and head ached from where he'd been knocked out. He sat up and cracked his neck hoping to relieve some of the pain while his eyes took in his surroundings; too bright lights, bare metal cot-bed and floor, and - of course – electrified metal bars that stopped mutants from escaping Magneto's prison cells. Remy sighed loudly and strode towards the bars of his prison. He pressed his forehead against the cool metal; knowing it would only electrocute him if he tried to escape. The room beyond the bars appeared to be empty. There was no-one sitting at the control desk and no-one pacing in front of the cells out of boredom. This was not unusual. The acolytes didn't feel the need to keep watch of the prisoners 24hours a day as the alarms would go off all through the base if they managed to escape their cells. Even if they did they wouldn't make it out of the base; Magneto had designed it like a rat maze so that anyone who wasn't familiar with its layout would get lost very quickly.

"Logan, you still dere?" Remy called out to the man he knew should still be in the cell to his right.

"Well it's about damn time, was beginning to think you weren't going to wake up." Wolverine replied gruffly. Remy heard him as he got up from his metal cot and came to stand next to his own metal bars. "Who'd you piss off?"

"Dunno, dey knocked me out from behind, but M' guessing it was Mystique." Remy grumbled as he searched his pockets for something he could use to escape. Empty. He swore loudly and looked up to see his coat and pocket contents sitting on the desk by the control station.

"Heh, guessing you just noticed they took your stuff. Took 'em ten minutes to search you. You're not such a master criminal without your toys, eh bub." He heard wolverine laugh.

"I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, mon ami. Rogue's on her own now."

"The kid can handle herself. Besides, apart from whatever fucked up damage they did to her head, she's one of you guys now so I doubt they'll hurt her; which buys me sometime to figure out a way outta here."

"In case you didn't notice, M' locked up in here wit' you so I don't t'ink M' on dere team no more. And we ain't got as much time as you t'ink."

"What do you mean?" Wolverine growled.

"Sabretooth attacked her last night. I don't know why, but he ain't playing by Magnetos rules right now, so de sooner we get out of here de better."

"I'm all fucking ears Cajun, in case you haven't noticed there isn't a way out of these damn cells." Wolverine complained loudly and – as if to demonstrate - he swiped his claws against the bars as Remy had watched him do many times before when he'd been guarding him a few days ago. Even from his cell Remy could see the explosive effect as the electric bars lit up and threw Logan into the back wall of his cells. Remy rolled his eyes and walked back away from the bars of his cell. The electric light hummed above him.

"You can't force you way out of dese cells. I helped Magneto put them in myself. Dere designed to contain any mutant; deir powers get reflected back of the bars so no, before you ask, I can't blow my way out."

"You better tell me you do know how to get us out of here; because if you don't, and she gets hurt, I'm going to rip you into little Cajun pieces and feed you to your gawd damn swamp crocs!"

"Mon ami, you really t'ink Remy would build a prison and not give himself a way out in case he ever got locked up himself? It's hurtful how little you t'ink of me." Remy tsked at Wolverine loud enough for him to hear then reached up to the light and swiftly removed the only metal disk that was not welded in place. He walked back to the bars and with one hand reached through, holding the metal disk gently between his fingers. "When I open my cell we need to move fast. Someone could come down here at any time, see we escaped, and sound de alarm. We need to find Rogue and get out quick."

"You don't need to tell me twice, let's go already."

"Dere's one more t'ing; dey changed her memory again. She don't trust me no more. Dat's how I ended up here- I was trying to get her out but she fought against me."

"We're going to have to knock her out. You saw what happen last time I tried to talk to her, if she freaks out when she sees you too… well, it's just safer and easier if we knock her out."

After a few moments of reluctant silence Remy agreed. He lifted the disk up between his thumb and forefinger and took his aim carefully.

"You're going to try and break us out with that? I thought you said your powers won't work through the bars?"

"Dey won't! Now if you don't mind, I only got one shot at dis!" Remy snapped back and took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He took aim once more and threw the small disk with a trained flick of his wrist. It soured threw the air with a precise spin and collided with a button on the console. A buzz sounded above Remy's cell door and it swung open with a click. Remy strode out confidently with a smug grin plastering his face. He quickly retrieved his coat and loaded his belongings back into his pockets. "Now before I let you out swear you not going to attack me."

Logan threw himself at the bars in anger. "Stop fucking around gumbo and let me out! We need to get Rogue out of here."

"I can get Rogue out myself. M' not stupid, I know yo're mad at me for bringing her here, and for de whole thing y' saw in my room de other night. I need to know you're not going back-stab me."

"We got unfinished business Gambit, but it can wait till I know she's safe at the mansion; that good enough for you?!"

"It'll have to do." Remy pressed the buzzer to release Logan's door and watched the shorter man warily as he stormed out of his cell. But before either man could say anything the door behind them swung open. Colossus stood in the door way, frozen in shock, his eyes darting between the two prisoners who had escaped their cells.

Eventually his eyes came to rest on Remy. "You know I do not wish to fight you my friend, but you must return to your cell; willingly or by force." Piotr continued to hold Remy's gaze but made no move to attack. Logan watched, while in a heartbeat, the two silently conveyed messages to each other with their eyes alone. Then suddenly Colossus armoured up and threw a punch at Remy, but his footing was way off and even his aim was poor – Logan knew him to be a very good fighter when he wanted to be, and apparently a very bad one also when he wanted to be – Remy easily side stepped the attack and kicked out at the back of the Russians knees. Colossus stumbled forward and Remy continued his attack sending his friend flying towards Logan who quickly flipped him over and threw him into an empty cell; slamming the door closed behind him.

"Sorry, mon ami, but we're on a rescue mission." Remy bowed his head as Piotr jumped up and started shouting angrily at him in russian. Remy was not well versed in Russian but Piotr had taught him enough to know that he wasn't actually mad, unless you counted telling Remy to hurry up with his recue. So with a smile he and Logan tore out of the room and went in search of Rogue.


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