Justin pushed Max on his bed. He then took off Max's shirt with ease. Justin then proceded to take off his own. Max slipped off his jeans, as did Justin, and both boys were left in nothing but their boxers. Their boxers were off in a flash and Justin attacked Max's mouth. The Brothers were feeling around all over one anothers bodies. Justin slowly trailed his lips down to Max's nipples, first playing with them with his fingers, then started sucking them. Just then, Justin's dick was against Max's dick and Both boys moaned in pleasure.

"Aww Justin, suck my cock NOW" Justin teased Max a little and played with his balls first.

Justin's own dick started throbbing. Max, feeling Justin's throbbing dick on his thigh started stroking it.

"That's it Max" Justin moaned. Justin moved on to the tip of Max's dick and tasted his precum.

Justin then put Max's whole dick into his mouth.

"Ahhh Justin...i'm gonna...i'm gonna cum!" Max then cummed in Justins mouth and Justin swallowed most of it, but then kissed Max to let him taste himself.

Justin then ordered Max to turn around. Max obeyed and winced in pain as Justin inserted one finger in. Then two,then three....


Justin then inserted his dick into Max's tight hole. Max yelped in pain but his yelps became moans as Justin found a rythm. Justin also found Max's spot and Max went crazyy.

"Ohh shittt Max! Imma cum!"

Justin cummed inside of Max and both boys collapsed on the bed.


"Kissing lessons?" Max tried.

"I don't think soo bro. We're in DEEP shit."

Just then, they heard a knock on the door.

Both boys looked at each other in horror.