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Chapter 28

Listening In

The blood that had rushed down my throat from the moose had been heavenly, truly heavenly. I sat on a fallen tree trunk with Jasper, the both of us completely calm.

"You're a natural you know, it's not many that could take down a full grown bull like that and not even blink an eye." I laughed at his words and had I still been human I probably would've blushed. Jasper nuzzled my neck and gently nipped at the scar there, the one left from him turning me. I was so completely at ease, I loved this, loved the peace between us.

"So Jazz, my powers, I mean obviously I have some but what do you think they are exactly?" I asked.

"Well, from what you've said, I'm pretty sure you're an empath but you can control it, you can turn it on and off, almost like a switch. Unlike me you can choose to feel other's feelings. I think you're a mind reader too, and it's also something you control like the flip of a switch. It's your…I don't know how to put it. You have this sort of…shield. You can block others from you, you can even block me from your feelings now. It also has like an impact of sorts. I'm not really sure about it all, we'll have to do some testing with it to figure out exactly what it is," He answered me. I was a little stunned, when I was doing all of that earlier it hadn't seemed like much but then when Jasper put it into words like he had it seemed kinda…well huge. I was pulled from my thoughts when the most arousing and appetizing smell entered my nostrils.

"Oh my god," I moaned out my voice sounded like Jasper should be making love to me and not just smelling something. My mouth watered or well pooled with venom, it burned but the smell was simply heavenly. I stood up but it was at that same moment Jasper had his arms around me.

"Isabella that's a human," he whispered in my ear and suddenly something inside of me snapped. I looked at Jasper for only a second and then took off running, in the opposite direction of the smell. I attacked the first animal I came across, a large mountain lion, and quickly drained it. I could still smell the sweetness of the human blood, but it wasn't nearly as appetizing as it had been a few moments earlier. Jasper stood about 10 feet away from me and the waves of shock rolling off of him were impossible to ignore.

"What?" I asked gently and stood back up from my crouched position.

"Bell…" it was the only thing he could seem to get out and even it was nearly a stutter.

"Jazz?" I stood in front of him and placed my hands on his chest. I was completely calm, more worried about what exactly was wrong with Jasper than the human blood I could still smell. He stood silent, slowly shaking his head. I decided if he wasn't going to talk then I'd find out myself, 'flipping the switch' as Jasper put it, I tuned into his thoughts. A human…she's a newborn, she should've gone after that human like a baby to its mother's breast. She ran in the opposite direction, she fed, she…she stands here still perfectly fine! What the hell is this!

I understood why he was so stunned now and it did make sense. "Jazz, why don't we go home?" I suggested. He seemed to finally snap out of it.

"Ok, ya sounds good," he replied.

"Race ya?" I laughed and took off running, avoiding the trees and even leaping huge distances.

"Hey not fair you cheater!" Jasper yelled but I was already way ahead of him. I laughed and kept running, taking in the smells and sights. Everything seemed so new to me and yet so familiar. My brain seemed to process everything around me faster, for the first time in my life I was actually graceful. The green of each tree, the cloudy light breaking through the leaves in small spots was no longer green to me, but grey, shady and dark. The tree trunks were a much darker brown, the moss on them much more vibrant, I could even see the shades of yellow in it, all the while I was still running full speed for the Cullens.

"You keep running you're gonna run past home," I heard Jasper say. I came to a sliding stop and indeed I was standing right next to the garage. I turned around and Jasper was standing directly behind me.

"Guess I wasn't paying much attention about where I was at," I replied and shrugged. Jasper grinned and kissed me gently.

"It's ok, it's all new to you. There's a lot to explore. We need to go in though, I need to talk to Carlisle." I nodded in agreement and walked in with him. "Stay here I'm going to talk to Carlisle and I'll be back."

"Ok," I smiled. God my voice still sounded so different and odd to my own ears.

"How you feeling?" Rose asked. I looked at her momentarily before answering.

"Actually I feel great," I answered. It was true. I did feel great. I wasn't thirsty, I was alive, atleast closer to it than I could've been; I felt great. I sat down and looked around at each of my new family members. My eyes first landed on Edward. Hmm…I could read minds but he'd never been able to read my mind, if I concentrated enough could I bring down that shield of sorts that had always been around my mind and let him read my thoughts if I wanted him to? I looked at Edward, who was carrying on a conversation with Alice. I didn't bother with what they were talking about I was more interested in trying to find out if I could actually do this. After a few moments I felt as though maybe I had it and concentrated solely on Edward.

'Can you hear me?' If I had still been human I would've never even seen his head snap up.

'How the hell? I mean ya I hear you' I couldn't help the grin.

'I don't really know. I'm figuring out how to control it actually. I can read minds, when I choose to and choose whether or not I want someone else able to be in my mind. I chose to let you in and it just seemed to work.'

'Well now aren't you just one powerful little sister' he said in his mind but the laughter was out loud. Everyone else looked at him like he was nuts but we continued our silent conversation.

'So what do you think?'

"What do I think about what Bella?'

'Me? All of this? I'm a little worried to even see how I look, I haven't looked in a mirror yet.'

'You're gorgeous Bell, the only vampire woman I've seen more gorgeous than you lil sis is my Alice.' I smiled at his answer.

'So is there anything else you can do?'

'I could throw you across the room if I wanted to, I think.' My laughter and his were both internal.

'You wanna test that little theory there Ms Big Shot?'

'I'm a new born, I could probably take on Emmett.' I answered and stood up.

'Oh you need put in your place little Miss Cocky,' he stood up too 'but not in here Esme will kill us.'

"Alright what the hell are you two doing?" Emmett finally asked. Alice giggled from the couch.

"This is gonna be good," she said.

"What is?" Rose asked.

"Let's go outside and you'll see," Alice replied.

'Miss Cocky huh? I just think you don't want to admit you're gonna lose.'

'I've got nearly a hundred years of experience on you little girl, prepare to be put in your place.' I laughed at his answer and we took places in front of each other.

"What are they gonna do, battle?" Emmett asked.

"Well in a way, they're also testing Bella's skills. She determined to kick Edward's ass and Edward is determined to put her in her place," Alice replied giggling.

"Oh Edward's gonna get it." Rose laughed. I giggled at her response and then surprising Edward I brought my walls back up, leaving him unable to read my thoughts again.

"Oh you evil little witch!" he exclaimed and I cracked up laughing. "Fine, ready?" He was almost pouting.

"Go," I replied. He came running towards me, unable to read my mind, he was unable to know my plan. I had even been fair and blocked out everyone's thoughts. Hmmm, I could use brute strength but that wasnt the real point of all this. I raised my hand in the same stop position and tried thinking of what I'd done to make Jasper going flying across the room. Just then Edward tackled me to the ground and we both landed hard, shaking the ground, and then before I even realized it he was flying backwards and hit a tree with a loud crack.

"Holy shit!" Emmett yelled laughing. I immeadetly started to feel horrible for what I'd done, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

"Don't feel bad Bella, he's fine! Find out how you trigger it." Alice said. I jumped back up to my feet and Edward was charging again. I really didn't feel like landing on the ground again…hmm what to do. I stood there and imagined him flying back. A fraction of a second later he indeed went flying backwards.

"Oh ya!" I yelled and Rose and Alice both started laughing.

"You are one strong little vampire sis!" Edward said with a laugh from the other side of the yard. I opened my mouth to reply but stopped short, I could hear something, it was like wind but there was more to it at the same time. I turned around to find Emmett flying towards me. I didn't even have to think about it before he was flat on his back.

"Damn she's good." Rose commented but I could sense someone coming towards me again. I didn't even turn around and I sent Edward flying backwards before he was within arms length of me.

"It's amazing you can control it all like that," Alice added.

"She's a very special vampire indeed," Carlisle said from the porch. "We won't even have to fake her death, somehow she can control herself around humans even. The shield that seemed to protect her mind while she was human seems to have multiplied and is within her control, so much that she can channel that same energy to physically protect her. I think with some practice she'll be able to even expand it to protect those around her. The mind reading, the empathy, it's all part of that. Somehow even as young as she is she's able to control it like she is. Being able to control herself around humans I think has to do with her problem with blood when she was human. Really she's truly extrodinary." I stood in the middle of the yard, blushing if I could have at Carlisle's speech.

"So…I just miraculously recover?" I asked.

"Ya...that's about the only explanation," Jasper replied, he was still standing on the porch. It was quiet for a few and then everyone but Jasper made their way inside. I still stood in the middle of the front yard. You would think things between Jasper and I would be hotter than ever but somehow things were different. I watched him walk down the few steps and come to stand in front of me. Gently he took one of my hands in his. I smiled almost embarrassed and looked down at the gound; gently his warm marble fingers lifted my chin. I looked into his deep butterscotch eyes. Carefully I dropped the walls again, cautious not to over whelm us both. Slowly it became a little more normal except I could feel his feelings without him projecting them.

"Is it…different or…odd now that I'm…not human?" I asked bashfully. Jasper smiled and ran a thumb over my cheek.

"It's different yes, I'm used to you being so hot to me, used to hearing your heartbeat. It doesn't make me love you any less though Bell. You're here, you're with me, and you'll forever be with me now. I love you so much and I'm…a part of me still thinks I should be protecting you but then I saw you out here, kicking Edward's and Emmett's ass without even trying. You were amazing by the way. It just, took me a few to get used to it all," Jasper grinned and pulled me closer.

"What is that grin about Mr. Whitlock?" I asked with a matching smile on my face.

"Well you know…" his hands were on my hips gently swaying the both of us back and forth. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Hey move it somewhere else, I don't want to have to see this through Jasper's thoughts!" Edward yelled out the window.

"Shut up Cullen!" I yelled back and Jasper laughed. He grabbed my hand slung me over his back and took off running.

"It's been forever since we've done this." I whispered in his ear. I was able to see everything just as easily as he did.

"I know," he replied and pulled me tighter. I laid my head on his shoulder and watched the trees zoon by. It was quiet, comfortable between us. I finally looked up again when he came to a stop and Jasper had sat me back on my feet. We were once again up at out little clearing in the forest; standing next to the small glittering and bubbling stream. It was simply magnificent. It was a normal, cloudy, and grey Forks day but I could now see the slightest bit of light; the way it hit the clear water, made it sparkle like glitter; I could see the thousand tiny rainbows it made even. Our little piece of heaven on earth was even more gorgeous than ever. Jasper gently rested his hands on my hips and his chin on the top of my head.

"It's amazing, how beautiful the world is when I'm looking through your eyes," my voice was just above a whisper.

"No, you're seeing the world through eyes now Isabella." I wasn't sure his answer was even loud enough for a human to hear. I spun in his arms and wrapped my own around his neck; my Jasper has never been more gorgeous, it was almost overwhelming how beautiful he was.

"Can I kiss you?" Jasper's voice and eyes were both serious in his question and I almost laughed but that would've have ruined this moment.

"You really have ask?" I replied. He didn't say another word and he didn't hesitate, his lips were instantly on me. Once again I was intoxicated by this man, the way he smelled, the way he tasted, all of it. His hands tangled in my hair, his tongue traced my lips, I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him closer. I deepened our kiss even further, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt absentmindedly, I wanted to just lose myself in his kiss. I hadn't even realized his hands had moved until he hooked a finger in a belt on each side of me and brought my hips flush with his. I could feel his arousal and couldn't help but to moan against his lips. I found his blonde waves, never had they felt as much like golden silk as they did now. His fingertips ran over my shoulders, his thumbs traced my collarbone, he moved further, grabbed my breasts, gently my nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. God maybe he really would be the death of me. Then I heard more than felt him rip my shirt straight down the front.

"Jasper!" I scolded lightly as he pushed it off my shoulders.

"Couldn't help myself," he smirked and then attached his lips to my neck sucking gently.

"Oh god Jasper ," I groaned gripped the back of his shirt in my fists. I was sure he could smell my arousal and I was getting wetter by the moment and it wouldn't be long before I soaked through my panties and my jeans. Jasper gently nipped at my collar bone and I let out a scream, my hands gently pulling on his shirt. With only that small tug it ripped almost completely. Jasper immediately started to laugh, deep bursting laughter.

"Oops?" I shrugged and giggled.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to your own strength with a little time." He said and pulled his shirt offbefore kissing my cheek, down to my neck, to my collar bone, he stopped briefly. I glanced down in time to see him gently kiss the scar on my chest. I shivered at the touch, the small patch of skin even more sensitive than the rest. My shiver didn't throw his concentration in the slightest. He unsnapped my bra, pulled it off, and captured one nipple between his lips and the other between his fingers, all in one fluid motion.

"Ohh you really are a sex god aren't you?" I moaned out. Jasper chuckled and switched sides. I ran my hands down his smooth, perfect marble chest. I didn't stop until I reached the waist of his jeans, until I felt the cold metal of the button against my fingertips. I easily flicked it open and had his zipper down in less than a second but that was all the further I got before I felt Jasper's strong hands on my own, clasping them in his. I looked at him curiously, questioning him with just my eyes.

"Bells, no, please, this is about you, not me, I want to worship you." Could this man be any more amazing? I gave a short nod, telling him I would let him do as he pleased. He grabbed an old quilt off the ground (where exactly had that come from? Oh whatever isn't wasn't worth questioning) and spread it out under the willow tree. He, easily as always, picked me up and then lay me on the quilt. I smiled up at him as he stood , simply gazing at me. I lay there, my hair splayed around my head, my arms relaxed at my side, one leg down and the bent at the knee. After a few moments I watched him push his jeans over his hips and step out of them. His hard cock sprang free immeadetly and I moaned softly. It wasn't long before he was kneeled on the blanket with me, between my legs. He swiftly undid my jeans and then pulled them and my thong down together. He grabbed one leg and began to massage starting at my foot. His fingers were hard as stone yet soft against my smooth skin. I may have been a vampire but it didn't mean that I was unresponsive to a good massage. His hands worked up my calves and to my thighs, massaging and then sometimes nothing more than his fingertips barely grazing my skin, tantalizing and teasing. He worked up to my hip his fingers so temptingly close to where I wanted them, to where I was now dripping wet. However with a smirk sent my way he then moved to the other leg and back down to my foot. I groaned, it had taken him only a few minutes with the first leg and with those few minutes he had managed to work me up so much it was taking all my self control to be still to allow Jasper to do as he wanted. Oh yes, this vampire was going to drive me insane.