Chapter 28


I was nervous, ridiculously nervous. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror fiddling with my hair, my shirt, anything I could to keep my hands busy for the most part. I'd changed clothes 4 times before finally deciding on a pair of dark blue hip huggers and a lightweight white see thru blouse on top of a dark blue spaghetti strap tank top. My eyes looked their normal deep brown thanks to the colored contacts placed there, my makeup was done and I looked like...well me. Charlie should never know the difference. Carlisle had called and told him the day after I woke up that I was awake and well, it was simply a miracle. That had been 4 days ago. Carlisle had managed to convince him to stay for the rest of his work conference and not come rushing home, which I was VERY thankful for.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Jasper, Edward, and Alice had taken me out yesterday, trying to get me used to being around humans. I had done well really and Jasper had only had to remind me to control myself once. I had managed pretty much all day before I told them we really needed to go. As soon as we'd gotten back to the house I took off the forest without a word and attacked the first thing I came across. Sometimes I never felt more free than when I was in the forest, especially when I was running through it with Jasper.

"Bella?" Jasper's voice startled me and I nearly sent him flying across the hall. Thankfully I only pushed him back a few feet. The protective shield was sometimes hard to control and if I got startled or something of the sort I tended to send things flying.

"Sorry," I apologized embarrassed. My control hadn't continued to stay as easy as it had been at first. Sometimes I couldn't get the 'walls' to come up and had to take to the forest on my own because the simplest feelings or even thoughts were so overwhelming it bordered on excruciating pain. I also tended to send things and other vampires flying at those times in trying to get the walls up. I knew when I ended up like that it killed Jasper because I couldn't be around him at all. His empath abilities mixed with the lack of my 'mind wall' was unbearable for both of us. The 'mind wall' is what Carlisle had come to call my ability. The empathy, mind reading, and telekinsis were all related to that 'wall' and my control, or lack of control, of that wall.

"It's ok," Jasper's voice was soothing and his hands running over my arms helped calm my nerves. "He's on his way and should be here in about 10 minutes." I nodded my head, my eyes connecting with his in the mirror. We stared into the reflection, into eachother's eyes, unmoving and unflinching for a few minutes until Jasper spoke again. "There's no reason to be nervous my Belle. He's your father, he loves you." He ended his statement with a kiss on my cheek. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I know Jazz but...but what if I kill him?" Jasper immediately let out a loud bellowing laugh.

"Bella, really?" He lifted me up and sat me on the bathroom counter. "You and I both know I wouldn't let you do that," he said and rubbed my cheek softly with his thumb. "You're not gonna kill him Belle. It'll be ok, you may be a newborn but you can't take on all 7 of us." I couldn't help but start to laugh. He was right and we both knew my fears held no real possibility.

"Thank you baby, I guess I just needed to hear it." I leaned up and placed a kiss on his gorgeous lips.

"Anytime my love," he replied. I hopped down from the counter and hand in hand Jasper and I walked down the stairs.

"Well finally!" Emmet bellowed with a big grin when we walked into the living room. "What'd you guys do decide to..."

"Oh shut it Emmett, you'd have heard her if I did" Jasper interruped. I laughed as did everyone else. I sat down on the couch, tossed my legs over Alice's, and leaned back against Jasper. The white couch was huge and the 4 of us, Alice, Edward, Jasper, and I tended to sit just like this taking up the whole thing. I looked around the room everyone was here except for Carlisle and Esme, which meant they were probably somewhere near the door waiting on Charlie. Rose was on her phone doing something, Emmett was playing video games, Edward sat on the couch reading a book, Alice was simply laying there, now looking at me, though I had a suspicion she had been reading with Edward.

"Don't worry Bella, everything will be ok." Alice reassured with a quick squeeze to my calf. I nodded my head and smiled back. I was still nervous but I was quickly relaxing, feeling almost excited to see my father. I had a sneaking suspicion Jasper had a little something to do with that. I had full control of myself today, thankfully my control had been improving and everybody worked to help me improve that control. Emmet helped me most when it came to the 'physical', the telekinesis. He'd finally managed to send me flying a few times after I had kicked his ass the first time.

The mind reading everybody helped with. Different thoughts were 'sent' to me and I'd say them aloud. It was like a game of telephone that could end in some hilarious and slightly crazy times. Edward would specifically help alot as we would carry on conversations in out heads reading eachothers minds. This helped alot in my control as specific parts of 'the wall' had to stay up and others down. This was sometimes the hardest thing to do.

The empathy was normally something I did with Jasper and only Jasper, it wasn't something we worked on exactly. I would forever feel the things others felt, how much I felt of that was up to me. Influencing was always fun tho, mostly cause I could get Jasper so incredibly horny he would literally attack me at times. We had broke one of Esme's favorite wardrobes from the 1820's. Needless to say she was beyond pissed and Jasper and I had gotten quite the tongue lashing. There was no calming her down either, that was one rule. You didn't use your power when it came to something like a 'parent' being pissed off at you.

Jasper didn't feel nearly as bad as I did about it. He'd said it wasn't the first thing like that that had been broke in this house, normally it was Emmet and Rosalie breaking things though. Then he proceeded to tell me the story about one time when they all came home from school to find multiple pieces of furniture broke and Carlisle and Esme at it on the couch, which the small legs that kept it off the floor had broke and the couch was toppled backwards. I had accidently caught glances of his memories from this and seeing them as parents, ended up wishing I hadn't. Jasper and I had laughed solid for almost 10 minutes after that.

My life was amazing, truly amazing. I heard the knock on the door a that brought me out of all of my thoughts. My Dad was here...

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