When the A-Listers get reunited on Smackdown, nothing seems to go as smoothly as it should. Melina is still angry over John leaving her on RAW because she was no longer just arm candy, and John cant seem to be able to get over his jealously when shes around other Superstars..

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It was a almost normal Monday night for the RAW Superstars and Divas. Almost being the key word in that sentence. It was the 2009 WWE Draft, which meant that every single Superstar and Diva in WWE and ECW where currently backstage of that arena. Every single one. That's a lot of people if you think about it.. A lot of people. All of them running around backstage in a fluster to get to their right locker rooms or to the curtain because their match is next. Not forgetting the tech people that always ran around like headless chickens for just about no reason and the small cluster of Divas that always complained about loosing their matches.. Kelly Kelly and Maria just to name a few. Yeah, it wasn't exactly normal to see all of these people all forced together in such a small space backstage. Not something that anyone was use to.. Luckily it was just once a year though, or everyone would - to put it in easy terms- be, well.. Fucked. Especially since everyone tended to stick with the people they liked most, bitching about the others secretly behind the backs. Well, maybe that was the blond divas more than everyone else. But, no one really seemed to care about them as much as the blonds would have liked. Everyone sat in their locker rooms, most of the people talking among themselves as they kept one eye on the monitor in front of them.. Who would get the next draft pick? Smackdown or RAW..


Melina Nava Perez stood out on the apron of the ring apron, next to Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly. The one so nice they had to name her twice! Melina almost snorted with laughter at that fault, rolling her eyes. The moment Kelly turns nice will be the day that i start wearing skirts out to the ring again. Melina shook her head to herself of that thought, quickly getting her mind back into the match. She brushed her dark black hair from out of her hazel eyes, quickly standing onto the second rope and leaning over to tag herself in and tag out Mickie as she continued to get beat down by Natalya.
"C'mon Mickie!" She yelled to her best friend, stretching her arm over to tag herself into the match.
Melina scrunched up her nose faintly and sighed as Mickie got close to tagging herself out, Natalya brought her down again. She widened her eyes, stretching her arm out as far as it could go as she continued to cheer her friend on. She watched with wide eyes as the Smackdown Divas got the pin, quickly jumping into the ring and running over to Mickie's side.
"Micks, are you okay?" She asked quietly as she crouched down beside the light brunette.
Mickie simply groaned quietly in response, closing her eyes and leaning her head onto Melina's leg as the pain ran throughout the back of her head and along her back. Herself, Mickie and Kelly all looked up as they heard the noise which meant that someone had been drafted to Smackdown. Melina widened her eyes as she saw her picture visible on the screen above them.. No fucking way. She quickly stood up, grabbing her Womans Champion and smirking over at Natalya, Maryse and Michelle.
"Oh, you better watch out. Because, im coming!" She yelled at them as they all quickly left the ring.
She patted her belt and smirked wider than she was, watching them before quickly crouching down beside Mickie and helping her up off of the mat..


John Hennigan aka John Morrison stood backstage with Mike Mizanin, The Miz. The two ECW Superstars continued to watch CM Punk vs Matt Hardy on the monitor in front of them. The self proclaimed Shaman of Sexy rolled his eyes to himself as he watched the younger Hardy, Jeff, run out and attack his brother, earning a draft pick for Smackdown. Man, obvious much?! John couldn't help but to snigger quietly to himself at his thoughts, causing his tag team partner -until the end of the night- to look at him with raised eyebrows.
"Whats so funny dude?" Mike asked with a frown.
John just shook his head and chuckled again quietly.
"Nothing Mike." He said with a lopsided smile.
Mike tilted his head to the side and raised his eyebrows before simply shrugging and turning his attention back to the monitor in front of the pair once again. John pushed his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans, his sunglasses covering his eyes. Even though he wouldn't admit it out loud, John was actually dreading the match against Mike and Kofi. It would be the end of the best tag team of the 21st century. How could Vince do this to them?! Because Vince is an old guy who thinks of nothing other than the Divas when with his wife. John snorted out a laugh, smirking at his thoughts once again before shaking his head.
"Dude.. What the hell is so funny?!" Mike suddenly exclaimed with an annoyed tone.
John shook his head again.
"Nothing.. Just, brilliant thoughts." He replied with a cocky smirk.
Mike raised his eyebrows once again before rolling his eyes. He never would understand what ran through Johns mind..
"Hey guys!"
John and Mike both turned at the sound of a divas voice, coming face to face with a ever perky Mickie James and a silent Melina who seemed to find her ring attire extremely interesting all of a sudden.
"Hey Mickie." Mike said with a smile.
John never understood how Mike managed to get along so well with Mickie.. He was surprised he didn't get pissed off with her always so bubbly attitude.
"Hey Mickie." John mumbled with a simple nod.
Melina smiled at Mike, acting like John wasn't even standing there.
"Hey Mike.." She said quietly, before walking over and hugging him.
John narrowed his eyes under his sunglasses, a wave of jealousy filling his body. Wait! The Shaman of Sexy never got jealous! Never!
"Hows things Mel?" Mike asked as he finally let the dark haired beauty go.
"All is good.. All is good." She said with a confirmed nod before narrowing her eyes at John.
"Hennigan." She said coldly, her smile dissolving into a frown.
"Melina." John mumbled.
Mickie and Mike exchanged gazes before shrugging, wanting to see how this would turn out..
"Found any sluts willing to sleep with you lately?" Melina asked with a fake laugh.
John frowned and rolled his eyes. She was so lucky that he wasn't in a bad mood.
"Hey, at least i have people willing to sleep with me.. I mean, who wouldn't want me?!"
Melina rolled her eyes.
"Pfft. I'm way hotter than you will ever be Hennigan. Who would actually want to take a chance with the Paparazzi Princess though?"
I would. Woahh. Where the hell did that come from?!
"I bet Jesse would."
Smart comeback John. He smirked to himself.
Melina narrowed her eyes again.
"Fuck you John!"
"I already have!"
Melina froze, growling lowly.
"Go burn in hell." She snarled before turning on her heel and storming off to the locker rooms.
John watched her through his blacked out shades, before shaking his head to himself.
What the hell just happened? Did he just get.. Jealous?!