Logan lived a perfectly good life, he couldn't remember anything before the last 15 years or so, but he had a damn good life. At least, compared to some other sods he'd met on the road. He'd been settled in Mission City for about a week and was about ready to move on... somewhere closer to Alberta sounded good. Or maybe near the hot springs. He could use some relaxation.

The night things got thrown down, he hadn't known anything would be different. It had been a quiet night at the bar; no fights, no obnoxious drunkards, no women.

Except her.

He'd noticed the little cat watching him from a corner booth around eight... and she was still there after he finished shooting pool with a couple of the other truckers around eleven. She had business with him but he didn't quite feel in the mood.

Around midnight, when the few ugly whores that had managed to make some cash were counting their earning over sherries and the rest of the truckers had turned in for the night, Logan decided to see what the little cat wanted. Time to see if the kitty had claws.

He finished his beer and forked a couple canadian greens onto the counter for the barkeep. Then he picked up his jacket and made for the door. He sensed a quick presence behind him. Logan smirked.

The young woman emerged from the bar to an empty parking lot. She stepped away from the bar, heading towards the nearest truck.

Logan slid up behind her, taking the woman by surprise when he wrapped an arm around her waist and held a set of light metal claws to her back.

"Who are you, huh? Strayed after the wrong critter, little cat." He growled.

"Please, I won't hurt you!" The girl squeaked. She was younger than he thought. "I'm like you! I just want to talk!"

Logan dropped her and strode away, sheathing his claws. "I don't do talking. Tell the Professor I'm not interested."

"So you do remember! But h-he didn't send me." The girl said, following him. "I-I came looking for you myself!"

"Not interested. I don't remember a thing." Logan replied. They reached his truck and he began searching for the keys in his pockets. Where the hell were his keys?

"Looking for these?" The girl held up a set of keys attached to an all-too-familiar hula girl keychain.

"How the hell did you get those?" He asked, grabbing for the keys. She pulled them away.

"Don't make me stick one of my handy-dandy steak knives in your hand, kid..." Logan threatened.

"Take me with you for a bit. We'll talk, i'll tell you my proposition, then you can drop me off if you don't take it."

"You get a ride to the next town. If you're still talkin' then, you're gonna be talkin' to a snowdrift, little cat." Logan growled, succeeding in taking the car keys from her. "Get in."

Under the weak cabin lights of the truck, the girl turned out to be even younger than Logan had thought the second time, maybe sixteen... She had long brown curls halfway stuffed into a trucker's cap, a heart shaped face that looked more like it should belong to a southern actress than a canadian runaway, and baggy clothes covering almost every square inch of skin. Logan didn't blame her for that, it was cold enough to freeze a rat's ass outside.

"You got a name, little cat?" He asked after a while.

"No, that works fine for now." She didn't have any trace of an accent to mark where she was from, but she looked somewhat familiar to him.

"Alright, none of that bullshit. I want the full who, what, when, where, and why."

The girl sighed, but didn't answer immediately.

"You hear me? Start Talkin'."

She turned to look at him, fixing him in a clear blue stare.

"I ran away from the institute. Something is going on in the world and they refuse to do anything about it."

"They?" Logan asked.

"They? What do you mean 'They'? Don't you remember from your time at the school?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the fucking phone. I don't know what school you're talking about. Does this have anything to do with the professor?"

"Professor Xavier? Well, yeah. He runs the school. I thought you said you remembered?"

"You said I remembered. I remember nothing."

"But you know the Professor?"



"I have these dreams sometimes and he's there. Him and some other guys that I don't know."

The girl sat back in her seat and sighed. "I didn't realize it was this bad..."

"What is bad? And who are you?!" Logan thundered, punching the brakes. The truck ground to a halt.

"You tell me who you are and what you want, or you're hiking back to Mission. Start talking." Logan said dangerously.

"I"m a mutant, just like you. I ran away from the school to come find you because I think you can help me. Something is happening to mutants all over the country, they're... changing. Losing their powers. And I think the government is involved, but I can't prove it. I just know that you're the key to helping me fix it."

Logan stared at her for a full minute, digesting what she said. He didn't quite see how he fit into this weird mess that was going on down south.

"What are your powers?" He asked, changing the subject. The girl sighed.

"I don't like showing people. Sometimes I get destructive. I mean, it makes sense... With my sister and all."


"Jean? You know her. Or at least, you probably did."

A memory wiggled in the back of Logan's brain... He could remember red hair and...

"Oh, fuck!" The girl said. Logan turned his attention to the road just in time to see a large shape smash into the windshield, shattering the glass. A large hairy paw reached in through the broken glass and seized the girl by the front of her coat, beginning to haul her right out of her seat and through the broken window.

"Oh no you don't!" Logan growled, unleashing the claws on his right hand and bringing them down on the assailant's arm. THe mutant howled, pushing itself backwards away from the blades.

Logan saw his opportunity, punching the gas. The truck tires ground on the icy road, then found purchase and shot off like a racecar, dragging their assailant down the front of the truck then down under the tires. The truck lurched twice, then they were speeding down the road unharmed.

"Whoa." The girl said, straightening her askew trucker hat. "That went well."

"What the hell even was that thing?!" Logan yelled, looking behind them. Frigid air rushed in the broken windshield.

"I don't know... But it's been following me since yesterday morning. Part of the reason I caught up to you so quick."

Logan glared at the girl. He could tell his peace and quiet in the Canadian wilderness was going to be delayed. Once you got into shit with mutants, you didn't get out of it easily.

Lights of town appeared up ahead and Logan pressed on the gas.

"We'll shack up here for the night, Cat. We'll get a new truck and some food and you can tell me what the hell is going on."