Storm set the jet down in Bobby's front yard, narrowly missing several policemen. The ramp lowered, and Rose, Logan and Bobby lept from the porch and ran for the ship. Rose skidded to a halt when she didn't hear an extra set of footsteps behind them.

"John?" She asked, turning around with wide eyes. John shook his head, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Hasta la vista, little lady" And with that, he vaulted over the porch rail and escaped into the neighbor's yard.

Rose whirled back to the ship, trying to ignore her hyperactive mind. She could feel her powers were about to do something bad, and if she didn't release them in some way... It might be catastrophic.

"Rose!" Bobby yelled from the top of the ramp. Rose ran super speed in an effort to release the energy in her system, but two and half seconds of running does very little to exhaust you. Grabbing Bobby's arm, Rose flung herself into the jet, crumpling to the floor. As Storm began to lift off, Rose suddenly felt very warm. This was bad.

Bobby was attempting to get into a seat when he caught sight of Rose, who was now leaning against the wall, breathing hard. Bobby darted over and picked Rose up, almost thrown over as the jet hit a thermal.

"Watch it!" as well as quite a few colorful curses could be heard as Logan attempted to situate himself in the front by Storm and Jean. "Damn plane, I hate flying!" Was half-yelled a minute later.

Bobby staggered to the seats lining the far wall, sitting Rose in one and taking the seat next to her. With shaky hands, Rose buckled herself in, leaning back against the cool metal wall as her blood pulsed quickly. Bobby clicked his buckle and looked up to see a pair of yellow eyes watching him.

"Whoa.." He mumbled, taking in the mutant in front of him.

"Guten tag" The mutant said in a heavy german accent, raising a hand in greeting. A very BLUE hand. Indeed, this new mutant was bright blue, built like a goblin.

"H-hi" Bobby stuttered. "I'm Bobby" The mutant's tail flicked around.

"Kurt" The goblin replied with a nod. Bobby somehow managed to tear his gaze from the german mutant to look at Rose, who's wide eyes were glowing slightly.

"Oh no" Bobby said. "Storm! We have to touch down soon!"

"Why?" Jean asked, swiveling her chair to look back.

"Rose is going to have a blowout of her powers, she might destroy the jet!" Bobby tried hard not to yell.

"Anything else you forgot to mention?" Storm screeched, too busy flying to look back and glare at Bobby.

"Sorta.. She-" Bobby was cut off by Storm.

"No time, we have company!" Several alarms began to go off, signaling an incoming plane. Kurt began to mumble prayers in german fervently to himself. Copious amounts of swearing could be heard from Logan's direction, some words that Bobby had never heard of.

"Two US jets, coming in from the west" Jean said, tapping buttons. Bobby fought the urge to have a complete hyperventilation. What was going on? Why this? WHY NOW? He grabbed Rose's hand, not caring at all in that moment whether it killed him. He wanted to be near her if they were going to go down in a plume of smoke and fire.

Rose's gaze flicked to Bobby's, her eyes filled with half alarm, half gratitude. Without warning, the jet pitched to the side, throwing both of the young mutants to the ground. Rose screamed as the jet dropped a little.

"Jean! two incoming missiles, stop them!" Storm cried, jerking the steering system. Jean gasped. One of the dots on the monitor went out, indicating Jean's successful removal of one missile.

"Jean!" Storm screamed as the other missile approached quickly. Jean was rooted to her chair, unmoving and breathing hard.

"I-" She started through gritted teeth, then gasped.

A large explosion rocked the jet, tearing off the top as well as left wing and sending the metal bird plummeted to terra firma. Everyone screamed.

Bobby reached to Rose and took her hand again, bridging the gap that had been made between them by their upheaval to the belly of the jet. He caught Rose's eyes and brought her gloved hand to his lips, not wanting to take his eyes off her.

"I love you" He shouted over the rushing of the air as they dropped.

"I love you too" Rose dry-sobbed, grasping Bobby's hand tightly as he pulled it to his chest. Vertigo overtook them, and it was all Bobby could do not to scream in uncomfort. The ground was rushing at them at a sickening angle.

"I'm sorry" Bobby said, trying to sum up all his feelings as he closed his eyes, waiting for death. Rose squeezed his hand again, and he felt a sense of peace overcome him.

Then, they stopped, and everyone took a tumble to the front of the jet.

Bobby peered out of the jet, right into the eyes...

Of Magneto.