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Handsome Beast's Bliss: Chapter 10

Main Goal

I Have a Secret...

No one knows who I am, but I know everything about them...

I want to bring someone dear to me back...but I may have found something better then bring her back into my arms

...hehe how cruel of me indeed...

Behind the school building and passed the Garden Akatsuki lead Yuuki into a smaller building

"Akatsuki I never knew it was a building back here..."

Yuuki was at awe

The whole place was covered with green emeralds like the ones she found in her pond at the Day Garden

'How he know...'

In the center of the place sat a black marble table

on that table was a variety of food

"Any type of food you name it, we'll serve it...Kaname order it for you"

Yuuki gasped "For me? You must be joking..."

"No I'm not"

Akatsuki was taken back a bit by Yuuki reactions

"Yuuki it's for your birthday..."

Yuuki couldn't believe what she was hearing

"Kaname-sama...never-we never did anything like this for my birthday..."

'Must be different..?'

"Wait a sec"

Akatsuki walked into a room and pulled out a lovely red dress with black high heels

"Wha-For me?"

Akatsuki chuckled

"Well its surely not for me"

Yuuki blushed "Thank you, but where do I..."

Akatsuki pointed to the room he just came from


"Be right back"

Yuuki grabbed everything from Akatsuki and walked pass him into the room

'Her scent smells of sweet strawberries...'

Akatsuki fangs prolonged

"Dammit...still remembering such humanly things...'


The room Yuuki was in felt so warm yet she couldn't help but feel someone watching her

"It couldn't be..."

Regardless of what she felt she undressed herself and began to fit on the dress

"I wished I did my hair and make-up"

As if commanded a female vampire appeared out of the shadows

"Hello Ms. Kurosu, my orders are to get you ready for your birthday and the return of Sir Kuran"

Yuuki observed the women

She looked to be in her 50s yet very beautiful

"Whats your name?"

Yuuki almost jumped out of her skin as the lady's cold hands touched her hands



The old lady giggled

'Hmm...shes different'

The vampire had a softness to her, she didn't seem blood thirsty as she gracefully pulled Yuuki to a seat near a big mirror

"My Name is Mai"



Kaname was in his office talking with Adio, Shika and Rima

"Adio. I sent Akatsuki to bring Yuuki here...actually they're here now, I want you to meet up with Akatsuki"

"Yes Sir" Adio left out the room

"Shiki. Rima what do you have?"

[Senri Shiki]

He works as a model alongside Rima Touya.

When the Night Class is given orders to hunt down a vampire, Shiki is usually the one Kuran send out to hunt them. He has a whip-like weapon which develops from his blood.

Shiki possesses a personality similar to Rima Touya. He is usually impassive, and often detached to the rest of the vampires except for Rima. He rarely expresses emotion, and may seem like he doesn't care about his surrondings. Because of his reserved nature, he keeps to himself, and never has much to say.

His height is 178 cm (5'10") and has a pale, but flawless complexion like other Night Class vampires. He has thick, dark red hair. His eyes are pale blue in color and as a vampire, his pale complexion makes it easy for him to sunburn which is often said by Rima and he is seen walking under an umbrella in the daytime with Rima.


The room was hardly lit with two huge candles hanging on the wall behind them

The only thing they could see was the shimmer from Kaname's reddish brown eyes with a hint of yellow

Shika spoke up

"As you know Marik Aokage was hired by someone to take down another vampire a decade ago, but something happened to his partner and cut the deal yet he never left and stayed in this town"

Rima placed a photo of Marik on Kaname's desk

[Rima Touya]

Rima works alongside Shiki as a model. As a vampire, Rima possesses lightning and electricity-based powers. She is roommates with Ruka Souen

She usually has an indifferent or disinterested expression on her face. As a vampire, she gets sunburned easily and can be seen walking under an umbrella with Shiki during the day.

Rima has a pale, creamy skin tone that resembles the tone of most of the Night Class. There is much debate about her height, but most people believe she stands at a total height of 5'4 and has a petite, slender, perfectly proportioned body. She is one of the youngest in the Night Class.

Her hair is a yellow-orange shade, and could be described as "Pin-Straight." When left alone it will hang just below her shoulders in layered locks of gold. Rima often uses black ribbon to tie it up into pigtails high on each side of her head, the only part that is left alone is the bangs that fall just above her eyes.

Her eyes are big and blue, although her eye color is a peculiar one, sitting somewhere between a light periwinkle and a clear cerulean. They take up the better part of her face; the fact that they are over sized only enhances her beauty. Glossy and calm, her eyes play a major factor in her aloof, uncaring appearance.

The bangs are not straight across her forehead as many would picture from a model of Rima's stature, but instead lay across her forehead in choppy fragments that have a fringe that falls right between her eyes.


"We believe that someone told him that your in charge of his partner dying and hes been taking action recently...I guess he knew he had to study you and get as much on you as possible"

"Good...I believe that someone I know very well wants Marik to take Yuuki and bring her with him, then once he brings her away from me Marik life will end..."

There was a slight pause and the air around them became thick and heavy

"Sir, We saw him before. Rima and I...I remember on a photo shoot a man that had a red scar going over his eye and a different impulse, I could tell he was a pure blood..."

"He is...Kinda...A rare kind of Pure Blood...You can say he made a better deal with the Devil then us Pure Bloods did"

"...With this meeting I guess I can say that the person who hired him is the person who killed his partner and told him about you to clear himself...He must have tried to kill Marik, but couldn't and suggested that you would if he threatened someone close to you..."

"So it seems...I want both of you to go ahead home, but first head to the Day Dorm Takuma should be there waiting for you"


Zero grabbed his things and headed outside with Yagari behind him

"Kid wait..."

From the cast light Takuma Ichijo stepped forward

"Before you leave, Kuran would like for you to know he will be leaving as well tonight...He won't return until summer ends...Which is mostly for all vampires who rarely go out"

Zero hands was flinching

Takuma bright green eyes stared a Zero's cold icy clue ones

"Wow aren't we looking more like a killer these days"

Takuma reached into his large coat and slowly pulled out a small book


He tossed it at Zero who grabbed it

Bright green eyes meet colder icy blue ones

" The Black Lagoon...I figured you can relate to it...being a killing machine and all"

Zero attempted to pull out his gun, but was stopped when a car pulled up

"This is us kid, just take the damn thing with you...keep you at ease"

Zero simply shakes his head

"When did I become sooo nice...Here"

Zero tossed a small black box at Takuma

"Give that to Yuuki for me...I can't see her off..."

Takuma only smiled and turned away from the two

"Master...I guess you didn't have to do, since you tried to keep me away from her from the start"

Yagari hopped into the car "Yeah yeah get you ass in here"

"4 months..."

Zero and Yagari drove off threw the night


Takuma watched as Zero and Yagari drove away

"Can't believe Zero took my book...for a second I thought he was going to kill me"

Takuma cheered alittle

"Shouldn't Rima and Senri be here soon...?"

Takuma turned around to find Rima and Shiki walking towards him

"Well...My dearies you finished your talk with Kuran...Well both of ya'll belongings are awaiting you in your own cars, so whenever you feel you want to leave you can. I'm pretty sure you know everything I just wanted to see you two off myself"

Rima and Shiki nodded and turned around to return

Takuma looked like he was about to bust into tears

"Wait! No goodbyes or I'll miss you?"

Bluntly Rima said "No"

but Shiki grabbed her by the hand and together they formed a hug with Takuma

Takuma sniffed "I'll miss you guys"

They both said

"We know..."


End of Chapter 10: Main Goal

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