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I had the perfect life.

I had the perfect home, the perfect friends, and the perfect fiancée. Jake was, without a doubt, the best thing to happen to me in a long time. He was kind, caring, and made me laugh. He was my soul mate - I was sure. He had just moved to the reservation, to live with his father, from Seattle a few years ago. When he met me, he claims it was love at first sight, back then, I thought he was just a selfish pig-but he never gave up. He bought me flowers, chocolates; he treated me like I was the best damn thing in his world. I finally gave in, and that's when my life really began. I'd never been treated with such love; he's always been honest with me. Not to mention he was very handsome, he had broad arms, and bulging muscles. Hell, he was the poster child for 'the perfect guy'.

We met at my fathers' house for a Christmas party; he told me that, in my white dress, I looked like an angel. He made me blush at everything he said, he put me up on a ridiculous pedestal I could never live up to. He treated me like a queen - though Lord knows why, I was nothing special – fortunately for me, he disagreed.

From then on, he would come over every night for dinner, even when dinner exploded, he lied and said it was delicious. One night we had pizza, he had gone so far as to compliment my ordering skills; he was impossible. Even when my hair was in a messy ponytail and I was wearing an oversized T-Shirt, PJ pants ensemble, he swore I was the epitome of beauty. I'll never know what I did to deserve a man like him. He's a real gentleman, he even did the 'place the jacket on a puddle of water' thing, I never thought a man would do that for me. His eyes are always kind, and admiring. It almost seems too good to be true.

When he proposed - I had no choice. He said he wanted to have children together; he wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together, how could I possibly say no to that? I said yes before he'd even finished the sentence, I swore I was glowing from that moment on. He suggested a very small wedding, and not pulling out all the stops. I agreed completely, I wasn't one for a big extravaganza.

Right now, I was sitting in front of my vanity, applying eye shadow. I usually never put make up on-but Jake's birthday was a big occasion, at least, to me it was. After he's given me so much, I felt getting all dolled up was only a small treat I could give him, I sighed in contentment as I admired the wolf charm bracelet he'd given me. It was intricately made; he created it with his own two hands, the sweetheart. It was beautiful, and it expressed love in a way I'd never been shown.

I was unconditionally, and irrevocably, in love with him.


Lighting the candles, I let my gaze drift to the slightly open garage door, seeing a glimmer of paint. I'd spent an ungodly amount of money on Jake's birthday present; a motorcycle. It was black, shiny, and a BMW; this boy was spoiled beyond belief. I couldn't breathe when I found out the price, I swear I saw stars, but it just screamed 'Jacob'. So, I had to get it. I supposed it was worth it-you can't put a price on love. But, if you could, it would come to about seventeen thousand three hundred eighty five dollars and sixty two cents ($17,385.62). Just about.

I heard the door open, I expected to hear the casual 'Honey, I'm home', but it never came. I didn't hear the door close either. I listened harder, no footsteps.

"Jake?" I called out. "Jake is that you?" I yelled. I received no answer. There was a loud bang on the table, and I jumped a mile high. I turned to see Jake's hand, smacked on the table, and him grinning down at me devilishly. I let out a sigh.

"Jacob Black, you scared the living daylights out of me." I gasped, still regulating my breath.

"Sorry hun," he kissed my cheek and leaned off the table, his eyes were fixated on the cake. "That's a real pretty cake Bells, you always were an excellent cook." He admired it.

"I got it from the store, Genius." I laughed.

"Well you have good-"

"Don't even say it." I commanded playfully, while still lighting a candle. He came up behind me, and started breathing down my neck. "Can I help you Mr. Black?" I said turning around.

"Am I not allowed to look at you?" He asked innocently.

"No." I smacked his chest. Jake was always found a way to make me laugh. His face contorted and faux horror shadowed his eyes. I pecked his lips and went into the kitchen to get some chips.

"Hey Bells," Jake asked quietly from the entryway of the kitchen, I whirled around. "I'm goin to go pick up Quil and Embry, they need a ride."

"Kay." I answered; he gave me a quick hug before leaving the house. I let out a long breath. I'd hoped it would be just the two of us; I really wanted some time together. I let it go and made myself busy with setting the table, for more than two people now, I had a feeling the whole reservation was going to be over tonight.

Not a minute later the door opened and closed, again, no generic greeting, or any footsteps; I groaned and ignored it. I wasn't going to fall for it again, how stupid does he think I am?

"Jake, I'm not an idiot, I know it's you." I laughed and started down the hall, "Why are you back so fast? Did the boys get a ride?" I asked rounding the corner, when I finally saw who had really come in the door, I dropped the plate I was holding; it broke against the floor into dozens of pieces. A man, dressed in black-ski mask included, stood in a crouched position, holding an aluminum bat, and matches. My mind raced and I tried to think about what to do in the event of an attack, I couldn't think. Couldn't move. Couldn't breathe. The world just stopped as I stared into those merciless green eyes. Which were…shocked? His stance loosened, emotion prominent in his eyes, had he not planned for someone to be here?

I heard him curse under his breath and stomp toward me, "Who are you?" He growled, his eyes blazing. What?

"Who are you?" I breathed, my voice breaking on the 'you,' absolutely no power or confidence in the phrase. Perfect. I prayed Jacob would come home, with Quil and Embry, they'd save me. My eyes bored into the door, hoping that my savior would come; maybe I could run out of it if he were distracted. The attacker followed my gaze and grabbed my arm, I heard him mutter 'thought he was alone, damn it'. He?

I didn't have time to think before he released me and held up the bat.

"Change of plans." He growled, and the last thing I remember was the bat coming down on top of my head and the smell of rust and salt.


I watched as two little children chased after each other in a big backyard, they had brown hairand black eyes. One was a girl the other a boy, I couldn't see them clearly though, I just knew they were mine. Mine. That had a nice ring to it. I looked to my right and there Jacob sat, time had weathered his features. He didn't look at me, it seemed like he was looking all around him, waiting for something to come. I tried to ask him what the matter was, but I couldn't find my voice. I gasped and grabbed my throat, I looked back at the children, they were still there, but they changed. They're hair was no longer black, it was…lighter, even metallic looking and they had my eyes. I turned to look at who sat beside me, but their face was shrouded, I could tell it was not Jacob. I leaned in closer to try to get a better picture, but I was suddenly…cold and wet? And my head was pounding, I groaned in pain. I seriously needed an aspirin.

My eyes snapped open, and I stared up at a low wooden ceiling. My hair was dripping with icy water, and I was shivering. Where the hell was I? I tried to get up, but my ankles and wrists were tied together. Panic began to set in as I squirmed under the ropes, oh God, this can't be happening to me; I looked up and saw the man from the house hovering over me holding an empty bucket, that was dripping. I supposed that was what the water was, I started gasping and crying as I tried unsuccessfully loosening the ropes-oh why won't they budge? My head throbbed horribly, aching. I remembered that damn bat he'd used.

This wasn't happening to me, it couldn't be. I had the perfect life waiting ahead of me, I had so much, and now it's all gone. Been taken away from me in a heartbeat. Sobs ripped through my chest as I sat pathetically on the hard wooden floor, I was helpless.

"Stop crying." The man said kneeling by the fireplace now, getting a fire going, I wondered why he hadn't put a gag on me; I prayed he was just sloppy. I screamed as loud as I possibly could, as long as I could. He didn't even seem fazed.

"Please, somebody help me!" I screamed desperately, he didn't even turn to look at me.

"Nobody is coming, nobody can hear you, we're in the middle of nowhere," He turned around, taking off his ski mask in the same instant. "And if by the off chance you manage to escape, you'll die in the wilderness before anyone finds you." He glared at me, his green eyes blazing. I didn't know what I'd expected in a captor, but certainly not this. His face was utterly gorgeous, I loathed admitting it, but he was very attractive. Bella, think! He was a kidnapper, and he'll do Lord knows what to me. I shivered in fear. He is evil.

"You are despicable, you criminal." I spat as he turned back to the fire, his form stiffened, and then he began to shake with rage. He whipped around, hell burning in his eyes, all directed to me. The phrase 'if looks could kill' came to mind. I didn't think looks would be the thing to kill me in this situation. I recoiled at his glare, fear setting in. He strode over to me so fast I barely had time to register his actions before I had a blade held to my neck, and his face was inches from mine, his nostrils were flaring, his eyes burned into mine.

"Don't ever call me that. Ever. I am not a criminal." He snarled, how was he not a criminal? He broke into my house, assaulted me and kidnapped me. Before I blurted that out, I slammed my mouth shut and just nodded in submission. Best not push him. His eyes held anger and desperation, why did that word throw him off the deep end? He removed the knife from my neck and marched back over to the fireplace, without another word.

Oh please Jake, come for me. I prayed to the atmosphere, why Lord why? Why did you do this to me? I sobbed some more, I knew it didn't help, but I felt so defeated, so helpless. This guy was a psycho, he flipped at the word criminal - note to self: never say that word ever again.

"What are you to him?" He growled.

"What?" I gasped, trying to calm my sobs. He turned, his eyes still blazing.

"I said, 'what are you to him'?" He snarled. His eyes, which had been so expressive inside my house, were filled with a strange emotion. Hatred, pure and absolute hatred.

"Who?" I asked, he wasn't making any sense.

"Jacob, Jacob Black, you were in his house, what are you to him?" He repeated, getting impatient, coming closer to me.

"Excuse me?" I gaped, what did Jake have to do with any of this? What does this despicable man have to do with my pure, sweet, loving fiancée? Jacob would never hurt a fly, never mind kidnap an innocent woman from her own home and keep her imprisoned against her will miles away from anywhere. The kidnapper closed his eyes and breathed for a minute before reopening them.

"Just answer the damn question." He said in a low voice.

"He's my fiancée." I blurted out. His eyes went hard and cold, his face turned to stone. He turned back to the fire, and tended to it.

"Figures." He murmured.

"What are you to him?" I asked, without giving myself permission.

He didn't turn this time, he just said, "I don't think you're in the position to be asking me questions." I held my tongue.

Oh Jacob, please come for me. I begged in my mind, hoping somehow he'd know. I hope that there was some evidence back at the house, the police would come eventually. Charlie told me that the most important thing to do in a situation like this is to do whatever you can to stay alive. Stay alive, stay alive. I chanted to myself. Make him think someone is coming for you.

"Jacob will come for me." I threatened in a low voice. To my intense surprise, he laughed, cold and hysterical. He said nothing more about the subject. He turned his head and grazed up and down my bodice, I shrank into myself.

"Nice dress by the way." He stated calmly before getting up and leaving the room; I didn't move a muscle as he breezed out of the room. I let out a long breathe as he left, I looked down at myself, I didn't realize I was still shaking, I wasn't sure if it was from the cold water, or fear. Tears still streamed down my cheeks, I bet I looked like hell.

Why did this happen to me? Jake just left for two minutes, who could have guessed that a psycho would break into the house, on that day, in that two-minute interval? Why did fate hate me? What did I do? What? I'm sorry for whatever I did to deserve this; I'll go to church every Sunday, I'll pray before meals and before bed. Just please; let me make it out of this intact. Please…

I heard his footsteps as he came into the room, I felt something being thrown on me, and I flinched. It took me a second to realize it was a quilt, I rocked and it fell off my head and onto the floor. Great. I was in no position to pick it up. I groaned as I tried to pick it up with my teeth-unsuccessfully. I saw him roll his eyes, he got up and kneeled next to me, I cringed and tried to avoid his touch. However, that was in vain, but his touch wasn't rough and cold, it was gentle and warm. He pulled the quilt over my shoulders, and as soon as his fingers were here, they were gone.

I was suddenly very tired, I was grateful for the escape from my personal hell, and this evil man; I lay down on my side and curled up into a ball under the blanket, and slowly cried myself to sleep.

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