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Had anyone ever been more relieved than I was? No, I think not.

Never in my dreams had I imagined that Edward—the man whom I'd known for a week—would abandon his own escape to come for me. Well, actually, I'd secretly hoped… but I never dreamed it would come true.

Edward took Jacob by the forearms and thrust him roughly to the ground.

In an instant, Edward was in front of me. I didn't even register that Jacob was recovering from the blow.

"You came back for me." Was all I could whisper. Edward's eyes were pained as he appraised my face.

"Oh my God…" He whimpered, taking my face in his hands. Suddenly his eyes were burning with hatred. He sighed. "Bella, I'll always come back for you. And sometimes I might take you myself." He joked wryly.

I placed my hand over his cheek. I held my breath; if I was going to say this, I'd better say it now. "…I love you." I whispered. Edward's eyes widened and he swallowed hard; his eyes got kind of glassy, but I figured that was just a side effect of my severe head trauma. He bent down and pressed his lips tenderly to mine.

"As I love you." He whispered back, stroking my cheek.

Jacob, eyes flaming, entered in a fighting crouch. I shakily stood; trying my best to support my weight, but the room was spinning from all the punches I had taken.

I watched in horror as Jacob leapt at Edward; but my horror was in vain because Edward, lithe as a cat, dodged his attack like it was nothing. However, Jacob was fast, and before Edward could move again, Jacob leapt—like a wolf attacking. I knew that the most dangerous dance I'd ever seen was happening before my very eyes. Edward would dodge Jacob, Jacob would get a hit in, then Edward would, only to be followed by Edward dodging Jacob once more. The cycle kept repeating itself, again and again.

The part of my brain that wasn't going crazy worrying about Edward, was going crazy worrying about the police. If they came in and saw the brawl, they would assume the worst. That Jacob had found Edward kicking the living daylight out of me and now they were fighting.

I felt the blood trickling down from my head. Would Jacob claim me to be mentally unstable because of my head injuries if I told the truth? Would he kill me in the night and say it was because of my injuries so I couldn't reveal the truth?

Edward slammed Jacob into the wall, and Jacob's eyes looked unfocused for a moment. He went limp, but then soon started recovering.

"Edward." I whispered, unable to speak much louder. I felt unconsciousness starting to take over and I needed to see his face one last time. His attention was off Jacob the instant I spoke, but that proved to be devastating. Jacob leapt up and forced Edward onto his back with something horribly glistening in the light. A knife.

"No! Jacob, please, don't." I whispered, reaching out to either stop Jacob or help Edward. Jacob paused, looking at me with some kind of humor in his eyes.

"What? You don't want me to hurt your boyfriend's pretty face?" He said it cynically, but I just nodded, feelings tears stream down my face. I wasn't crying because of the physical pain anymore—the thought of Edward dying because he'd come back for me was too unbearable for words.

"Jacob, you can't kill him. That will prove your guilt." I told him, feeling more confident.

"There's a magic phrase that will get you out of anything. Self Defence." Jacob grinned evilly, keeping his hands around Edward's collarbone to make sure he stayed in place.

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him defiantly. "I won't say it was self defence. I will never say that, I will see to it that you are behind bars. If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too."

"No, Bella!" Edward cried, but Jacob pressed his thumbs deeper into his neck. Jacob pursed his lips, clearly uncomfortable with the idea of killing us both. I never broke my gaze with him.

I realized then with perfect clarity what I had to do, despite my pounding head. It all made sense now. My whole life, I had been a terrible liar. My lies were so bad, they didn't even count as lies. Now, to save the man I evidently loved, I would have to put on the best acting performance of my life. But not for Jacob. I realized, that I would do anything—say anything— as long as it kept Edward alive and out of jail. Perhaps that was sick. Perhaps I was sick. But I'd never felt so loved while I was healthy. My life would cease to mean much without Edward.

I propped myself up even more. "If you let Edward go, and you let him escape, and never accuse him of a crime again," I let out a shaky breath. Edward's eyes widened. "I will go with you." I said shakily.

That stopped Jacob. His eyes widened, but then they narrowed, suspiciously. "You're bluffing."

I shook my head vehemently. And then cursed doing so because my head suddenly pounded with a renewed intensity. "I'm not. As long as you keep Edward out of this, I will go with you, say whatever you tell me to, and this whole thing goes away. It never leaves this place." I whispered this with as much conviction as I could muster. Jacob's head perked up.

"And if you go back on your word, I will use all of my resources to find, and kill him. And then I'll kill you." Jacob snarled, loving this new option.

I took that as a victory.

I nodded, more gently this time, aware of the pounding agony contained within. "Yes, Jacob. You have my word that I will never utter anything."

Jacob smiled wickedly at me, then turned to Edward, whose eyes were so wide, I was afraid they'd pop out of his head. "Looks like this is your lucky day, Cullen." He got up off of him and grabbed him up by the shirt. He pointed out the window. "Go South so that no one will cross your path; they haven't gotten that far yet."

Edward stood there, unmoving, mouth agape, looking so pale I was afraid he'd pass out.

"Edward," I muttered. His eyes snapped to mine. I was struck with sorrow to find his eyes rimmed red. "Go." I whimpered, as Jacob yanked me up roughly.

He shook his head fervently. "No." He choked. He walked over to me and placed his hands around my face. "I can't let you do this."

I retorted quickly, as to not let Jacob think that this would fail. "Yes, you can." I said hotly, as I pressed my lips to his for the last time. I would never be able to feel their silkiness on mine again. "Please, Edward for me?"

His eyebrows were set over his tear-filled, green eyes. He looked completely torn.

Jacob grew impatient. "Come on, Romeo, get out of here before I decide to go back on the plan." He snarled, grabbing me roughly.

"Please?" I whimpered frantically. Edward needed his justice. If I was to sacrifice myself for that, then I would gladly take that fate.

Edward's mouth was in a hard line. His eyes never left mine as he turned to the window. With one last fleeting look at me, he whispered, "I love you."

Then he was gone.


"…Excuse me?"


The man cocked an eyebrow, clearly stunned. "What do you mean, no?"

I sighed in frustration. "No, I don't want to press charges, and that's final."

The police officer stroked his beard, and then slyly perused my medical chart. "Perhaps we should as you this when you are more…stable."

I grunted, frustrated. I hated being in a hospital. People thought that just because you were in a bed, that meant you were mentally unstable. "Doctor Cullen said that I don't have a concussion or any brain damage. I didn't want to press charges yesterday, I don't to press them today, and I won't want to press them tomorrow." I said with finality. The officer looked taken aback.

"Charlie's not going to like that."

"I can handle my own father." I replied icily.

Now, I wasn't normally this grumpy. But the police kept bombarding me with the same questions twenty times, because to them, my answers were so ridiculous, I must be clinically insane. Did the man kidnap you? Yes. Do you want to press charges? Absolutely not. Well, I supposed that sounded a bit crazy. I talked to a therapist a few times, trying to get me to believe that I just had a case of Stockholm Syndrome. I knew the truth though.

"Isabella Swan?" A kind nurse asked from the doorway. "Is this a bad time?"

"Ah no, I was just leaving." The officer muttered, a little put out from my lack of cooperation.

"Yes?" I asked the nurse, hoping it wasn't time for my sedation.

"You have a visitor." She grinned. I knew by that grin, just exactly who it was.

"Hi, love." Edward greeted, standing in the doorway with a brilliant smile on his face. The nurse looked at him and then giggled like a school girl. Edward acknowledged her kindly.

"Hey there." I greeted him, brightening my day instantly. He strode over to my bedside and pecked me chastely on the lips.

"How have things been since I left?" He inquired, with a teasing glint in his gorgeous green eyes.

"The whole hour? It has royally sucked." I laughed, elated to find that enough of my injuries had healed so that laughing didn't hurt so much anymore. Edward beamed when he noticed that too. He took my hand in his and kissed it tenderly.

"I talked to my father; he says he can spring you from this place early, if you're good." He smiled devilishly.

"That's great!" I replied, utterly and completely jazzed to be leaving.

Things had turned out better than I had ever thought.

Instead of leaving, like I'd asked Edward to, he ran ahead and turned himself in to the police. He confessed to kidnapping me and the police had had him in custody. When they asked about my injuries, I said they were all from Jacob; at first they hadn't believed me, accusing me of being 'mentally unstable' (if you ask me, these words had been repeated far too many times in the past two weeks).

Then, some astonishing new evidence arose.

Jacob had, had much more fun than either Edward or I knew. Some robbery and sexual assault charges had caught up with from other states he'd been in—some as far away as Texas! With all this evidence, it wasn't hard for the police to decide to believe me and put Jacob behind bars until his trials. Soon after, the police came to my door apologising for not taking my accusations seriously sooner. They had also asked if I wanted to press charges against Edward (merely a formality- boy were they shocked when I'd declined). Since I'd told them that no charges were to be pressed, they had asked me, and re-asked me about the charges about twenty times, assuming I'd eventually 'come to my senses' and change my answer.

As for the crime he was framed for, some new evidence arose regarding that case. Leah, the poor girl who was raped, stepped forward and presented her baby boy, who was born as a result of that dreadful act, to the police and got a paternity test. To say the least, they were astonished to find that Edward was not the father. I could only smile smugly as they released him from the Forks jail.

I'd been in the hospital for the past month, and I was so anxious to leave, I felt like I was waiting for Christmas.

The times that Edward was not with me, he was with his family—talking to them more, reconciling some old feuds. They even invited me over to their house for dinner after I got out of the hospital.

Finally everything seemed to have fallen in to place. I put my fiancée in jail, I made my kidnapper my new boyfriend, and I was no longer the gullible Swan girl everyone knew. As far as I was concerned, things were absolutely perfect.

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