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Skipping School

Hakuba had not been one to skip school. Actually, he had quite enjoyed school. At least, until he moved to Japan. (A monolouge).

Before I moved to Japan I was able to honestly say that yes, I enjoy school, thank you very much. I'll admit that there are some pluses to my transfer. For example, here I am allowed to drink tea in class. No, it's not a cultural thing, and no, it is not Japan-wide. It's just that none the teachers in my school exorcise any control over the class.

Wait! Before you go trying to bring me back to England for good because of that, let me explain! I promise that the teachers teach the class, and I still get the same level of education. It's just… Kuroba Kaito.

Who, you ask? Well, Kuroba Kaito is an uncontrollable seventeen-year-old magician. He's in my class. He finds it absolutely hilarious to pull the most random… pranks, for lack of a better word, in class. No matter what is happening.

I know you're going to tell me something about how "it's not an educationally-stimulating environment if somebody is pulling pranks all the time" and "why are the teachers putting their foot down" or even "you can't expect that I'll let you stay in a classroom with such disturbances", but again, give me a moment to explain.

Kuroba is only disruptive to people who aren't used to his antics, which I am. He's good practice for KID too, now that I think of that, but that's not my point here. Because the entire class can easily see past Kuroba running around the room, hanging from the ceiling, and vaulting over his peers heads, (even when Aoko-san is chasing after him with a mop), there is no reason to worry about my education. The teacher will still continue to teach, even if he envelopes the entire classroom in smoke and turns our hair purple.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. Kuroba Kaito's pranks. While they are not in any way harmful my learning, they are extremely annoying.

I know it seems like a complete contradiction, but hear me out, okay. Kuroba takes it upon himself to make me his target for as many jokes and magic tricks as possible. And today I was not in the mood to be a target.

While we (including the teacher) can easily ignore his actions, it doesn't mean we like them, and we have all grown so used to Kaito's clowning around that we know what kind of smile means we're in for a tough day. Today he had that smile on his face that screams "You'll regret coming to school today" (heck, his mischievous aura could be felt on the other side of the school,) and I was not in the mood for that kind of day. There was a KID heist last night at two AM last night, after all!

Actually, most of the class followed my example when they saw the grin on Kaito's face. Our poor teacher had to explain to the principal why exactly there were less than ten students in her class that day.

Kaito Kuroba, the magician-who-will-soon-cause-me-to-loose-my-sanity-and-possibly-commit-murder, was planning something today.

And that, my dear father, is why I decided to skip school today for the first time in my life.