The Smoke and the Sword

Chapter 1

It was a cool and foggy morning at a harbor town. Marine officers were cleaning and preparing their ship for voyage. Commodore Smoker was at a local bar having a drink and smoking cigars.

"Commodore!" Tashigi yelled as she ran into the bar, almost tripping over her own shoes.

"What is it Tashigi?" Smoker said as he inhaled a mouth full of cigar smoke.

"Admiral Aokiji and his fleet have just reported seeing the Straw Hat pirates moving on their way to Alabasta!" Tashigi said as fast as she could.

"Alabasta?!" That's right next to us!" Smoker said almost choking on the cigar smoke.

"I know! Our fleet is prepared and ready to sail." Tashigi said as she pushed up her glasses.

Smoker downed the rest of his booze, got up and said, "Let's go get that Straw Hat, Tashigi!"

Smoker was in the captain's room smoking two cigars, trying to calm his nerves before this fight. He inhaled the distinct taste of cigar smoke and strategized how to defeat Luffy and his crew. He exhaled when he had won the fight in his head. He closed his eyes and deeply inhaled again. Exhale. Inhale. Burn. Burn? The Commodore opened his eyes and saw that his cigars had burned down to the bottom and the cherry had burned his lip. "Damnit!" The logia yelled as he slammed one fist on the table as his other hand reached up to his soft lips to touch the burn. It wasn't that bad. It hadn't left a mark, it just burned. So he yelled for her, "Tashigi!"

And as if she had been standing right outside the door waiting for him to beckon her, she was there. "Yes Commodore Smoker?" Tashigi said panting and barely out of breath.

"I burned my lip and I need more cigars, so do something about it." The superior marine officer said.

"Ummm… Well… I have cigars right here," Tashigi said as she pulled out a box of cigars she kept just in case this kind of thing happened, "But I don't know what to do about your lip."

"Tashigi!" The Devil Fruit user said to the swordswoman "Get over here." Smoker's white gloved hand waved her over to himself. Tashigi swallowed hard and slowly moved over to Smoker's side. The Commodore spun in his chair to face her and said calmly, "Kiss it."

"W-what?" Tashigi said almost immediately hyperventilating.

"If you kiss it, you'll make it feel better." Smoker whispered to Tashigi with his bottom lip pushed out. Tashigi's heart skipped a beat as she just stood there nervous as hell. Smoker realized his cute act wasn't working, so… "Tashigi! I order you to kiss me!" Smoker was serious and very commanding in a sadist kind of way. Tashigi gasped a giant breath and her glasses nearly fell off, but she grabbed them and pushed them to her face.

"O-order…?" Tashigi quietly asked her commanding officer under her breath.

"Yes!" Smoker boasted with a playful angry look on his face. Tashigi couldn't tell the difference. But because she was a masochist, she was getting extremely wet from Smoker's commanding anger.

"Yes… Sir…" Tashigi whispered as she leaned in towards the man that had yelled at her and made her hotter than anyone else had. The swordswoman put her hand on the left side of Smoker's face, then she let her thumb graze across the logia's soft lips. Smoker winced as Tashigi's thumb touched the burn. Tashigi loved it. She closed her eyes as she bent down to kiss the Commodore. She gently pressed her lips up to his lips that tasted like smoke. Tashigi quickly inhaled from the overwhelming joy of finally getting to kiss Smoker. When they separated, Smoker let out a mouth full of smoke in the shape of a heart.

"That was good Tashigi; now give me your sword." Smoker ordered.

"What? Why?" Tashigi nervously asked.

"Because I said so!" Smoker snapped back with his hand held out. This made Tashigi go crazy with desire inside. She grabbed her sword and put it in Smoker's hand. "Turn around!" He commanded. Tashigi did as she was told. Smoker then whipped his belt off and stood up from his chair. Tashigi was extremely nervous and curious. The marine captain's left hand firmly pushed the back of Tashigi's head so that she was now bent over Smoker's desk. Her heart was racing faster than it ever had. Smoker raised his hand with the belt, the brought it down. The thin belt smacked across Tashigi's cute, firm ass. Tashigi screamed, it was a half surprised and a half pleasured scream. Smoker loved hearing his lower officer scream, so he smacked her ass again, and again. All of a sudden, Tashigi felt the sheath of her sword moving in between her legs and pressing up against her wet vagina. She moaned as the wooden sword cover was rubbing up against her and as the belt was striking her ass.

Tashigi couldn't take more of this, so she got up and tackled Smoker on to the ground. She pressed herself on top of him while she passionately made out with him. She grabbed his hair and pulled it as she was biting his lower lip. She trailed her hand down from his gray hair, to his shoulder, down his chest, and towards where his belt buckle used to be. Right when her hand was about to finally touch his hard, throbbing, cock, a cloud of smoke appeared under her. Tashigi quickly sat up and looked at Smoker standing next to her.

"Why did you do that?" Tashigi asked slightly hurt.

"Commodore Smoker! We are at Alabasta and we can see Straw Hat's ship sailing off!" A marine officer said as he opened the door to the captain's room, saluting.

"So we're too late?" Smoker asked.

"Yes sir, unfortunately. But Admiral Aokiji and his fleet should be here within the hour, and he wants us to wait for him." The still saluting officer said to the captain.

"Then we'll wait. You're excused." The Commodore said as he looked at Tashigi from the corner of his eye. When the officer left, Tashigi got up from the ground.

"Did he see me?" Tashigi asked as she pushed up her glasses.

"No. The desk hid you." Smoker said with a grin on his face. "Now get back on the ground! We only have an hour until Aokiji gets here."

End of Chapter 1